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chalieandmesha@ yahoo.com
10/4/2004 10:00:42 PM

opinion about visitors?

Let me share a few of my thoughts. At least so that I can get them off of my mind, but I'd like some feedback if you feel so inclined.

My newest thoughts about visitors, especially the ones that I've seen, is that they are HERE TO MONITOR A PROBLEM. What if some of the crop circles really denote a specific situation here on earth which needs to be overseen by wise visitors. Like the Chinees language, one symbol denotes a specific situation.

Could they show themselves in the sky in a spectical like fashion to keep a goverment from doing something? as if to say that "hey, we are not letting you do that"? Why this makes sence to me is that what I saw, in retrospect, seems very powerful!

My second thought is that in addition to that is that I am beginning to believe they live here, or somebody else does. That perhaps they are like UN Peacekeepers by their occupation alone. How awsome the technology must have been in the shell I saw. It seemed to blast-off like a spaceship at NASA, gaining accereration as it flew upwards.

Here's another thought. Perhaps were not the sole reason that they're here. Perhaps they have come here to check-out the other visitors that are comming here? And likewise some of the other visitors are doing the same.

Here's a third idea, I'll build a website for messages to them from us. what do yall think?

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10/4/2004 10:42:07 PM

would be better to add 'earth speaks' to this
forum as another forum, like 'debate forum'...
good post.

10/5/2004 3:51:45 AM

Essentially all the aliens are doing now is slowly getting us used to them, without openly revealing their existence. Crop circles, cattle mutilations, fleeting appearances and abductions all suggest an alien presence without providing definitive proof of it. I believe the aliens did demand that the US government maintain secrecy at the time of Roswell; the crash was intended to contact the government and initiate this policy at the very beginning of the modern UFO era. But other than ensuring that government UFO policy is consistent with the modus operandi of the ETs i.e. not openly revealing their existence yet, the aliens aren't interfering in our affairs. They obviously aren't peacekeepers-how could they be while they avoid open contact?

10/5/2004 11:43:59 AM

no,greys don't care about our insignifant problems.

10/5/2004 11:57:03 AM

exactly. they have the option of picking what
planet they want to farm humans on.

Scott Elliot
10/5/2004 12:53:29 PM

Have you heard of Hybrids? If you do some research you may learn about some theories relating to alien/human abductions. Also if you watch the disclosure project.com video you will see individuals have come forward verifying that ETs are already living amongst us. So some of your theories could be correct on why they are visiting us. I personally believe some elite group (if it is the gov) has already establish relationships with ETs for some time. I believe even Mr Cooper who passed away was quoted by saying he actually saw a UFO land at a gov base right in front of him. ( I posted this quote last week)

10/5/2004 2:40:59 PM

youre on a path of discovery, good work.
greys are not the only hybrid type.

10/6/2004 12:30:36 PM

I think Tim makes some pretty decent points; it's not too far fetched to think that we are being slowly conditioned to accept the idea that we're not alone afterall. But I wouldn't want to speculate on any discussions involving timetables and/or who might guide such an effort.

I might comment too that having already demonstrated the ability to overfly sensitive areas, both here and abroad, seemingly at will, "they" have already made their presence known. And their apparent ability to neutralize missile codes, if one were to accept these reports, only fuels my belief that they are keenly interested in our affairs. Enough to where people in the right places took notice, long ago.

10/7/2004 3:25:58 AM

Sure aliens have secretly made their presence known, to the government. That was inevitable. If the aliens want to get us slowly used to them without revealing themselves openly too soon, they had to ensure the cooperation of the government from the very start. The government is the one part of society that was bound to know the truth. If a UFO appeared the public could be fooled into thinking it was just Venus or a meteor. The government, with its jets and radar, knew better. Therefore the aliens had to reassure the government that no attack was coming and that it must keep the phenomenon secret. That was essential to make sure the government kept quiet, since the very start-Roswell. The rest of society or society in general, was to be gradually conditioned over many years.

Of course I've heard of hybrids but that is probably an alien show. The aliens, like the government, constantly lie and deceive us about their nature. The idea is to sow confusion to prevent any definitive resolution of the phenomenon, and therefore forestall any final conclusions leading to an overhaul of the status quo. It is too early for that.

10/7/2004 9:38:24 AM

Now let me get this straight... the same government that so many of you feel is run by blithering idiots is somehow capable of planning and executing what has got to be considered the biggest and most complex covert operation in the history of mankind. They've somehow been able to maintain this charade for decades now, without one significant slip-up. Will some one PLEASE tell me how this is possible?

The fact of the matter, plain and simple, is that it is NOT possible. I've worked with enough government types to be pretty confident that they are not a race of supermen. They have flaws and foibles just like the rest of us. I submit to you that there is not a single example of anything approaching the scale or longevity of this alleged UFO/government conspiracy to give us even the slightest reason to believe it is possible, much less true.

(And please don't throw the ENIGMA story at me again - it would be like comparing a grain of sand to a mountain.)

The only thing that sounds remotely like it could have a basis in fact is the idea that the military and intelligence agencies of various countries around the world are actually helping to propagate UFO lore, simply because it provides a handy cover for any real covert operations they may have up their sleeves. There is evidence that the Soviets did this to cover a series of rocket launches a few decades back. It backfired but it certainly proves that governments are capable of thinking along these lines. And it is important to note that, despite the Soviets best efforts to maintain their cover story, the actual nature of events became evident very quickly.

Bottom line, until Donald Rumsfeld comes forward and says HE'S got an alien handprint on his pillow case, I respectfully decline to put any stock in government conspiracy theories (sorry, CJ).


10/9/2004 8:05:46 AM

You seem to presume that any operation along these lines, even as significant as this, would have to be carried out in such an extensive fashion that every cockroach in government would be privvy to it. I would offer that seeds could be planted, in any number of ways, in order to accomodate a particular agenda. And not necessarily only for reasons that you remotely consider.

I wouldn't doubt your having worked with government types, but it might be fair to presume that these associations weren't on par with those who are truly privvy to the most closely guarded inner subjects and/or projects. Two distinct and separate 'animals' I would think.

And please, don't try to separate government from charade. There's plenty of examples where they go hand-in-hand, especially on UFO matters. And that's a real funny, referring to Donald Rumsfield.

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