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subject: opinion about visitors?

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6/8/2006 11:42:46 AM

i believe they may have come from another dimension, time travel is extremely complex because of the time paradox.

if we all came from the same dimension, and someone when back in time to prevent the formation of the universe. then nothing would have come into being. and the result is a void. forever. nothing existed, nothing ever did. nothing will ever be. kinda quite.

however if there were mutiple dimensions link togather, all connected somehow (quntum physics, dont ask me how it works) and we can somehow travel from one dimension to another (philidialphie experiment, maybe), the physics laws in one dimension maybe different for another. travelling 1 mile in one dimension, maybe the equivalent of travelling a 100 light years in another,

time dilation may also occur.(some abductes claimed they spent 3 hours on an alien space craft, but was only gone for 3 mintues on earth.)

this may make exploring not just our universe but maybe countless others easier as well. (science fiction tale of "warp space", "hyper space", "hyper jumps", "star gates" etc). the problem will then be finding these "dimensions" or dimension inbetweens links.

8/16/2006 7:40:27 PM

i believe we don't need to be conditioned about anything we're not so fragile we can't handle something that is true and that is happening. and by the way why travel billions of miles to put crop circles in a field that no one knows about or mutilate cattle.If they ever did try to communicate with us and they are as everyone seems to believe more advanced than us they would probally find a different means than destroying livestock and playing with grass, and by the way people can make crop circles and people can kill cows. i dont' care how advanced the circles may seem we build sky scrapers, we built flying machines, we've done far more impressive things than that. I believe that it's not impossible to have something out there other than us, we are all the time finding out new things even here on earth it's not stupid to say there is a such thing as ufos but people aren't gonna believe unless they see it and not one or two i'm talking masses or they find something besides what there is, and if they are worth seeing they'll know this and they won't leave grass burns or crop circles or mutilated cows, because honestly whats that impression gonna leave. if people dont believe they have there reasons grass and cows dont do it for them i dont blame them.

yeah i know thats a huge run on sentence so what!

  Replies 21 - 22 (out of 22 total)

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