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1/22/2004 7:01:48 AM

How bout this....

There are many thoughts to how we got here i'm sure we all have our own thoughts,i could imagine that a higher inteligance "aliens" or what ever u call them created usas an experiment and put us on this planet,study us all the time ie- ufo's sightings...... and watch us all the time.The alien abduction could be to study us futher and look at how our minds work obviously, i mean how do we know any thing for sure-we don't , just heaps of proof and not enough evidance to go public or that the goverment WONT go public which i think is the case at the moment. One thing that makes me think is IF we HAVE made contact like so many people swear by and that there are ET 's in area 51 right now working with our technology, then is that the reason the goverment havent gone public because they KNOW there is NO THREAT because we are working with them.Ronald Regan mentioned years ago in a national speech that it would be amazing how many races and countries would pull together if we were threatend from OTHER BEINGS FROM OUTERSPACE!! That told me something- they must now definatly KNOW that there was a chance of a threat... is there still a threat-who knows

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subject: How bout this....

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1/22/2004 12:15:53 PM

Well at that time when Reagan said that i understood it that way:

If there in general would be a thread to complete mankind from outside, this would unite us. But that doesn't mean that there is necessarely a threat from outside.

If aliens would have wanted to invade us, they would most likely have done so long ago. They have been here for many thousands of years according to evidence found even in cave paintings.

Of course, for single individuals here on earth they ARE A THREAT, just read abduction accounts, but not for mankind as a whole, i'd say.


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