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subject: ARE UFO`S REAL?

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1/12/2005 10:45:18 PM

Interesting , the library books all used to say the world was flat too.

Thats the problem with education . Things that are in books today will be proven wrong tommorrow. Its happened so much in the past its not funny.

I mean how many schools still teach relativity and that light speed is constant.
When in fact scientists have proven a few years ago that light speed is variable depending on the medium it passes through.

2/21/2005 1:29:14 PM

What no one ever addresses when discussing interplanetary travel is time perception. We think of space travel in terms of our perception of time and we always assume that aliens would be using the FASTEST mode of travel. What if they took their time getting here? What if they had the technology to sustain life on a spacecraft for thousands of years? Would they still need to break the so called "unbreakable laws of physics"???

3/20/2005 11:41:46 AM

Sometimes people...especially people in advanced study of science get so caught up in our own greatness that they think anything BEYOND what we NOW KNOW is IMPOSSIBLE. It was not too long ago that "current" advanced science told us that airplanes would certainly break apart if they exceeded the speed of sound. Other geniuses of THEIR time in history ridiculed the idea of a spherical Earth. "Any sane man can see you will fall off the side of a ball".

So I look at today's "expert opinions" on what is CURRENTLY considered "impossible" with the knowlege that history is rock solid proof that "current impossibilies" become ridiculous limitations in future times.

4/7/2005 3:37:42 PM

I believe that alien piloted UFOs approach the speed of light during interstellar travel. If the Lawrence transformations are correct, then the greater the craft's velocity, the slower time passes for those onboard. A craft could travel a distance of 5 lightyears and experience merely months of elapsed time. Even this degree of time dilation would seem to indicate some limits to their regular sphere of travel. While they're gone from home, for what seems like only a few months, time on their homeworld passes at a regular pace. Being in the same galaxy as we, their time will pass at approximately the same rate as ours. So if they were 5 lightyears away a round trip with no layover would cause them to be gone from home for 10 years. The limiting factor might be, "How long can they be gone before their homeworld no longer supports their mission. That limit might be 20 years, or more or less; but I believe the time gone from their homeworld is the limiting factor to how far they travel. This implies they are much closer than most people would believe. Ironically, one of the stars so similar to our sun that it might support life, is in the binary closest to our sun.

6/30/2005 2:13:06 PM

Is your name really John L. Mccowen?
Have you ever heard of the McQwen's?The McCuan's?The McCune's?

8/12/2005 4:41:50 AM

i think they are real but USA is hiding it. i am not a rocket scientist i am a normal girl that lives in Croatia far far away from NASA and those people i think that people should stop fooling themselves that we are alone cause we are not

9/13/2005 3:41:47 AM

Are you seriously telling us that hallucinations can manifest on Radar? This does not make scientific sense...

The Belguim Government have acknowledged the reality of the UFO phenomenon. During the late 80's, their airspace was invaded by a mass of UFO sightings - mostly of triangular objects. In one incident, that was captured by Radar, a UFO was recorded changing from incredible speeds. These speeds could not be matched by the Belguim Airforce aircraft. The defence general publicly released those Radar tapes showing many of these incidents with an open and honest attitude with the public - welcoming the public to provide any help/ideas.

The single above incident indicates that it was not hallucinations nor was it the planet Venus...they were genuine UFO sightings that had a defence significance. Its difficult to sweep these under the carpet and say "UFO's dont exist and are all hoaxes".
Where they come from is somewhat of a debate.
Could they have been experimental aircraft? If so, they did not belong to the Belguim authorities. Careful consideration has already taken place as to whose aircraft it could have been...and its already concluded that its not the US or any other known government.

With regards to reaching beyond the galaxy and travelling to the stars...As you say, you cannot travel to the nearest star in a short time...even travelling at lightspeed it would take over 4 years to get there...

500 years ago it was laughable to suggest you are going to travel around the globe in a 1 day...since after a week of walking with a rucksack on your back...you would only get to a few hundred km distance. This was before they had invented - Cars - Jet Engines etc.

100 years ago it was conceived that the human body will not be able to withstand travelling at more than 100Mph because the forces would disintegrate you. Todays astronauts have to travel at 7 mps speed to reach earths escape velocity.

With this mode of thinking...you are making the classic mistake that scientists make even today. You are making judgements about what can and cannot be done...based on our currently level of HUMAN technological achievment and knowledge about the Universe.

9/13/2005 2:11:59 PM

yes, UFO's are real they have existed even before man was created on earth. there is proof everywhere even as the earliest records of history theres proof of what they could not explain. http://www.ufoartwork.com/
Here is a question for you. Explain the origin of man.

William Fox
2/9/2006 10:13:43 PM

I am the president of a society at Wittenberg University, in Springfield OH. The Society for Extraordinary Phenomena. If anyone is interested in other sources of information apropos the UFO and Abduction Phenomena, as well as other aspects of the paranormal, you are welcome to visit the site and post on our forum. We are a group of professors and students with an academic interest in such phenomena. the website forum is:
-William Fox

9/4/2007 1:34:21 PM

Why would you use such crap arguments. Since when have there been photos and videos of bigfoot, santa claus and the Noch Less Monster etc. I find this insulting. You are basically saying that all people who believe in UFO's are stupid. They are real because I have seen them and photographes them!!!

  Replies 11 - 20 (out of 20 total)

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