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3/19/2009 8:48:13 PM

Witness Believes We Are Not Alone

I have seen a series of UFO events, one most serious that happened to me on 8/22/06 (I saw what looks like the main photo here at this site)Since that date, I saw a Bigfoot 2 times, collected track photos, heard the screams (scariest thing I ever heard) and am now a serious hunter in one of the areas with the most sightings (Blue Mountains-Walla Walla County, Washington). This event on 8/22/06...made me dedicate my research and time to this mystery. I blog alot at Bigfoot-lives forum and really think that these two sites could use the friendship. I really enjoy what I have found here so far. I am a Believer in God...but I suspect intervention on levels we do not understand..but are near solving. Thanks for keeping the sight a friendly place. Thanks for keeping it real.

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