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sirus VII
1/23/2004 3:20:53 PM

i'm intrigued

well you u.f.o searching madcaps , this is something to blow your mind -i've just recieved full evidence of f a very strong source that we are on collision course with meteor'asteroid by 2006-any thoughts about our survival plan.thats just 2 years to go-and the governments know about it-remember always you heard it here first.

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Robert L. Sharp
1/23/2004 3:40:50 PM

sirus VII,
Ler her rip. I am old enough, if it happens it happens. I am ready to go out in
a giant dustball.
Seriously though, I don't think this is the place where we all heard about it.
There has been talk of this happening in the future, but just when, who knows?
There have been other Asteroids that have zoomed by only a few hundred
thousand miles from Earth, and that is very close in space mileage.
I guess we have a couple of years for our governments to figure out a solution
to it, if it is actually on a collision course with Earth. Maybe by that time, the
Aliens and our government will come to an agreement, and our visitors will
possibly have a remedy for this, unless they are just going to float above us
in space and watch the carnage. Maybe they are waiting for something like this
to happen, and when the dust settles, the Earth will be theirs.

1/23/2004 7:37:56 PM

Hmmmm....could this be Wormwood...the Death Star. I recall reading something about Nostradamas prediction of a collision with earth I believe in 2012.

1/23/2004 8:06:07 PM

History repeats itself so it's just a matter of time before the big one targets earth again.
The following is somewhat interesting...


Robert L. Sharp
1/23/2004 8:26:55 PM

??????? What did you mean?

Robert L. Sharp
1/23/2004 8:39:10 PM

This Nostradamus character is another one I would take with a grain of salt.
A lot of people who have really studied the Quatrains he wrote, have proven
that he NEVER predicted ANYTHING. It is always after the fact, when something
dramatic happens, that people say, "Wow, look what he predicted". Nothing
he ever said predicted the future. Some say he might have been good at warning
us of things that COULD happen in the future, but never once did he give a date for something, so people could say, "Watch out, this or that is going to happen next
week or next month or next year or 15 years from now", because Nastradamus
said so. It is always after something happens, that people are amazed at what
they think he somehow predicted. It's never happened. I think he sniffed a little
bit too of that powerful ink they had back in those days. I didn't invent this. I have
seen the show on this guy a hundred times, and am only repeating what the
studied ones believe.

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