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subject: Evidence of lakes on Mars?

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Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 6:34:01 PM

I personally haven't looked up terraforming research. Just what is this?
Would you please explain in detail to all of us just what it is? We need a
few new subjects in this forum we aren't aware of yet.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 6:47:50 PM

Terraforming research is far less interesting than say oh I don't know, time travel,
telepathy, talking to angels and hyperdimensional physics.

But syncronicitously speaking, terraforming research is also less interesting than terraforming in practice.
Which I suppose is the point that dimensionalstar was bringing to our attention.

Let us suppose that they are indeed in the process of terraforming Mars,
as I mentioned telepathically about an hour ago, do you think there
might be fine for terraforming a planet without a license?

p.s. Would that be considered a double blind test? Do you think Randi owes
us a million dollars?


Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 6:58:36 PM

Actually I have heard of terraforming before. I think it is all about
colonizing a planet such as Mars, and starting a civilization there,
along with the polution, garbage, trash, crime, trailer courts and all
the rest to make it look more like EARTH.

I was just asking, when someone asks a forum about a certain subject,
why they don't elaborate on the subject, instead of just asking if someone
had heard of it. Maybe a whole lot of people don't know what the subject
is about, so why not throw another hotdog on the grill and get it sizzling.
Know what I mean?

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 7:19:29 PM

Hi Bobby,

I was being bitterly sarcastic. Due to the same reasons that you and
Richard C. have stated regarding your opinions of NASA.
The links were part of that sarcasm. You missed nothing.
It was the Spirit rover, or rover Spirit, sitting in the largest expanse
of nothingness you could imagine, gazing out over a vast plain,
in low res, black and white. The depends were a slight exaggeration but
after reading the account on the ground at NASA about how exhillerating
the images were, tears began streaming down my cheeks as I shared
in their elation. (Perhaps I should use a bitterly sarcastic emoticon
but I don't have a clue what that might look like)

Sure they are terraforming mars as we speak. But to not inform the public
is a crime.

Throwing hotdogs on the fire. That reminds me of one of those wonderful
old radio broadcasts X-minus 1 about a hotdog stand on Mars.

Where the guy gets all set up at his hotdog stand with his bubble gum
chewing wife by his side, and how he is all stocked up on
condiments and perched right there on the Mars interstate just
waiting for the hordes of hungry tourists to arrive from earth.

Just like in good ol Amerrrka he has his trusty 45 by his side as well,
in case those pesky Martian aliens try anything funny.

In fact he is forced to shoot one of them for approaching the hotdog stand
and trying to have a conversation with him, and then shoots a couple more
as they too, come over the hill to give him some vital information,
and then a high speed chase ensues as he flees when yet more attempt to
tell him something, but finally runs out of bullets and the Martians approach
and well its a long story, but then the earth blows up, and as bad luck would
have it, his business is on the rocks, becuase Martians don't like hotdogs.

There is a lesson to be had there somewhere I am sure.

Oh the audacity, and the gall of some people, to invade other planets
with rovers, spreading biological weapons like germs and bacterium,
without regard for Martian life.

Mankind never ceases to amazer me.

At least we are on course as we go forth to colonize the universe
one ball of dirt at a time.

Did you get to vote on that? I missed the vote on that. Can we get a recount?
I demand a recount. I wanted pink water, and purple rain, like the song.

1/26/2004 7:25:13 PM

Ever look up terraforming research?

Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 7:31:02 PM

I sort of gathered what you were referring to about the old people and
their depends. I went to the front page of Yahoo, and there is a link you
can click on, towards the top of the page on the right, and it will take you
to a site where you can see the new pictures of Mars. Nothing is too
spectacular, although nice to look at. You can download different picture
sizes, and some take a while, but worth the wait, if you have a stoneage
computer like mine. The pictures were taken late afternoon, Mars time,
and don't show a lot more than the other Rover. Just Mars. No Entities
have come into view yet, not even a shadow, and no signs of crescent
wrenches, screwdrivers or hammers laying around, no flags Martian style,
no smoke from the BBQ. Nothing!

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 7:46:32 PM

I have seen quite a bit of Mars actually in the past as I too have combed the
NASA images looking for anomalies.

Like the glass tubes and the Inca City ruins etc, but I have yet to see
the fortress, rail launcher or shuttle that Steve MIB mentioned.

I have no clue whatsoever what he was talking about there unless he was
referring to the Inca City ruins anomalie.

Dimensionalstar, are you trying to suggest that they might be just researching terraforming?

I watched a show on the tube a while back where they had done that reseacrh
and were already planning the work I think.

At any rate, the rovers bring with them life from earth in the form of microbes,
and even if they have not been seeding the planet, they are terraforming.

But it looks to me, given the change in imagery from a couple years ago,
that changes are taking place there, and the process of terraforming is underway.

I had mentioned that I was in support of depositing an ark there, in fact it is
our responsibility to do so. With genetic records and samples from earth
and a collective history of earth in case screw up here on earth.

The mission I thought we could put together was to convert a nuclear
sub and use a water filled inner hull to protect the astronaughts from
cosmic radiation on the long journey and then on arrival, the sub would
serve as a lifeboat for future missions due to its nuclear power

All you need is power, and you can make or convert whatever else
you need.

Still that gets into the weaponizing of space area, and some people don't like
the idea. However, sometimes you have to do things people don't

They could cut up the sub, and reassemble it modified at the space station.

What do you think? Sound doable?

Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 7:53:39 PM

It might take a parachute the size of Kansas to set a sub down on Mars,
filled with people and water.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 8:03:58 PM

Thats a good point about the landing.

You would have two crews, the Russians are planning on going anyway
in a combined effort with I think the European Space Agency and private
I read their plan on Pravda or somewhere but I can't remember it exactly.

At any rate, you take two subs, one to get back, getting back is also
important. ;)

The one you drop on Mars in the first mission.

It lands with the same air bag strategy, and parachutes and some backup
floatation reverse propulsion thingies attached by wires to give it
lift, which are disposable to aid in reducing the speed of descent.

Just prior to hitting the explosive bolts sever the wires.

The first mission is just there and back. No human landing.

The next one you have a life raft that being the ark you deposited.

You could do an unmanned remote first mission to deposit the ark,
but maybe a redundant system would be adequate, that is to
send a smaller raft, that would sustain life for a one year period.
But keep in mind the plan is to go within a couple years according
to the Russians et al.

George was for the big push and NASA was promoting nucear propulsion
to reduce the journey time but I am not sure what the decision was.

1/29/2004 8:57:25 AM

how would ther be water if their are no lakes or rivers around that planet.

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