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subject: Occams Razor

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Lan Fleming
1/25/2004 4:27:05 PM

Robert [[Although Arthur C. Clarke has written tons of books on Science Fiction,
he is one of the biggest non-believers of all time. He has stated over and
over and over, that he doesn't believe in life elsewhere, that UFO's are
part of this mass stupidity, and that Aliens don't exist, which runs along
the line of some of the people in this forum. Everyone to their own beliefs,
I guess. ]]

You're right about Clarke's views on _intelligent_ life, but he's been a big proponent of lower life forms on Mars for several years. He's even said that he thinks it's stupid to deny the evidence for it! Predictably, the same sort of people who don't miind when Clarke calls "UFO believers" stupid complain that he's being mean when he says the same thing about people who deny there's any evidence of life on Mars. If it weren't for double standards, some people wouldn't have any standards at all.

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 5:42:20 PM

Hi Lan,

Re Arthur C....

If you look at 2001, you will also see that after they find the obelisque,
they launch a mission to Jupiter, and follow the radio signal,
into a wormhole.

Now it was only recently, that people discovered, that between
planets, right where the balance point is, is a zone that has
a form of neutral gravity.

If you were to consider the gravitational field as a shell around a planet,
then between the moons gravitational shell, and the earth,
where these two shells meet, is a form of neutral zone, a balance point
called a langragian point.

Now when Arthur C. wrote 2001 I am not sure that scientists knew,
that the best location of finding a local wormhole, would be at a
lagrangian point.

Yet, the ship to Jupiter, follows the obelisque, through a wormhole,
at a lagrangian point near jupiter.


It would appear as if, there are those people here, who know advanced
physics and advanced technology beyond what even NASA knows.

Case in point: NASA recently put forward the idea of placing a stationary
space station at one of the Lagrangian points between the earth
and the moon.

Which is lunacy. (Pardon the pun)

As this is right where a craft would come through from a wormhole.

Bang. Right into the space station.

Now Arthur C. is no dummy scientifically speaking. He predicted satellites
and knew about wormholes at langragian points. All before NASA knew
themselves. In fact I am still not sure they know.

Arthur C. is a frickin alien.

  Replies 11 - 12 (out of 12 total)

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