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Rick Sobie
1/24/2004 3:55:38 PM

Occams Razor

Often we hear about Occams Razor, and the probability that life
exists in the universe/multiverse other than just on earth.

We hear people state the statistics are such, that given the
number of stars, and planets based on all we know
regarding the laws of physics, life must exist elsewhere.

So consider this.

Our laws of physic dictate that life must exist elsewhere.

Statistics, and probability dictate that it is fact. Iif we believe our laws
of physics, laws which we have spent hundreds of years testing in all
manner of ways, and which have always proven to be true in all
circumstances, then life does exist out there.
Probability theory is one of the most accurate dependable
scientific disciplines we have. We might be wrong about gravity,
we might be wrong about protons, but we stake our lives
every day on the belief that what goes up, must come down,
due to probability theory.

To believe otherwise, is to believe that all we know about science,
the universe and years of scientific study to determine truth,
is misguided and without basis in fact. That we are somehow deluding
ourselves that science is capable of determining truth at all.

Is Fermi's paradox a true paradox in your opinion?

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Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 12:59:18 PM

I wanted to add something to this, that I had been thinking about regarding proof
as this is UFOevidence.org

When it comes to probability and truth...

People are always asking what is truth.

And we tend to scientifically describe truth as facts, yet the Heisenberg Uncertainty
Principle and quantum fluctuations tell us that we cannot be absolutely
certain about anything.

As Hawking stated in Brief History of Time, monkeys might type Shakespear
and water might run uphill according to the laws of physics.

So all we have, as truth, is probability.

Therefore probability is truth.

And probably, out of 75,000 UFO reports a year, at least one is of
extraterrestrial origin, and one is all you need, to make they claim,
they are here.

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 1:08:50 PM


I think there are a lot more out of these 75,000 that are "real". But even
if ALL 75,000 were unsolvable, the debunkers and non-believers and
nay-sayers will still want the PROOF they all squeal about. As I have said
before, and I will say again until I turn the proverbial blue in the face, just
once, just once, would you people give me an inkling of proof they DON'T
exist, and we are all a bunch of attention seeking, mass hallucinating,
mindless fools? aarrrghhhhh!

Bobby Blue Sky

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 1:28:27 PM

You are right. It can be frustrating especially when you have had some
form of contact yourself. I have battled with the debunkers till I was
blue in the face and came to realize that people have preconcieved notions and
tend to tow the party line, and will - even when presented with the proof -
deny its existence.

Here is all the proof anyone should need...

Examine Tycho crater on the moon.

At the Navy.mil website are pictures of Tycho crater taken by Clementine
the NASA space vehicle from a few years ago.

Notice, that the Navy states, that when viewed with the infrared camera,
the floor of Tycho crater, is made of regular polygons which are independant
of the topology, of the crater itself.


Tycho crater, is not a natural object.

In fact if you remember Arthur C. Clark and 2001 the movie, they found
an obelisque there. Perhaps he was trying to draw attention to this fact.

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 1:43:44 PM


To put this picture into a clearer scale for most people, a nautical mile is
1.15 statute miles. A statute mile is what we normally consider as 5,280
feet. So, a nautical mile equals 6072 feet.

415 nautical miles = 477.25 statute miles

750 nautical miles= 862.50 statute miles

900 nautical miles= 1035 statute miles

950 nautical miles= 1092.50 statute miles


1000 nautical miles= 1150 statute miles.

Most folks can't relate to nautical miles, so I just threw this in if you don't mind.

Bobby Blue Sky

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 1:48:16 PM

Here is a close up hi res image of the center of Tycho crater from the same site.http://www.cmf.nrl.navy.mil/clementine/select_img/hires.html

It is not a natural object but looks more like it was transformed by perhaps
a mining operation or else it is a tunnel to an underground facility,
perhaps now abandoned, and they used some strange process to
do the excavation.

Infrared means heat, and the polygon structure of the floor of the crater,
shown clearly on the previous post, is probably from the roof of
a large facility. Perhaps still partly radiocative from the engineering

The underground facility itself, appears to be rectangular in shape.

So technically Tycho itself is a natural crater, but it is a facade covering
an underground building or faciity of some kind.

Of imense proportions.

So why are we sending robots to Mars and not to Tycho crater?

Someone knows something they are not telling us.

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 2:12:03 PM

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for the conversion. I suppose I should have said 'of Biblical proportions'
rather than of 'immense' proportions. ;)

So what do you think is there?

It is just too darn coiincidental, that Arthur C. would make a movie and
have them finding an obelisque there.

He is a scientific insider.

In any real world scenario with any rational thinking scientists at the helm
at NASA we should have sent in robots to explore this amazing thing
long ago.

So what gives? I mean seriously, this is the Navy's site, and they know
about it, and they mention the polygons, and a third grader would know
regular polygons on the floor of the crater radiating heat must be worth

I can think of a thousand horror film scenarios.

- The moon is a space ship.

- There are nanobots on the moon and they were accidentally brought
back to earth with the Appollo missions.
-They are still there and we don't want to mess with them because as
we have heard, they warned us off the moon.
-We have never been to space past the VAn Allen Belts.

etc etc etc

Isn't the truth, much better than speculation?

I wonder if anyone wrote a book it yet. Why aren't people pressuring
NASA, writing congress?

My guess is Europe and China are on their way there to investigate.
Within a couple years.

What happened to the good ol US of A and leading the charge?

Bush has even been promoting NASA and talking about new missions
but have you ever seen anyone discuss this before?


An unmanned mission could be put together dirt cheap. The publicity
would boost NASA and provide more funding.

Something doesn't jive.

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 2:40:33 PM

I will give you my best guess as to what is there.

But keep in mind that it might be completely wrong but without the facts
from NASA guessing is all we can do.

Now I know the title of this thread is Occams Razor, and this theory
is perhaps too fantastic to be real, but the moon as spaceship
is even more fantstic and therefore gets the razor.

According to Steve, the MIB who called Art Bell in 1997 on 9/11
he stated that a race from Linulos, contacted members of the American
and Soviet governments and gave them technology to create the
cold war standoff, based on their best case scenario computer
projections as to how to avoid nuclear winter.

Perhaps Linulos is their name for the moon.

So why are they there and not here?

They have been observing us and doing scientific study of our civilization
in the usual look but try not to touch too much Star Trek fashion.

Steve also said that they do not look that much different from us.

So they are not the Greys. They are probably members of some federation.

Else why interfere with the neanderthal -like humans on terra firma at all,
why not just take over and be done with it. Advanced as they are,
just like we moved in and took over North America from the indians
and the Spanish in South Amrica.

The absolute worst case scenario, the horror of horrors, would be that
the moon itself, is a porthole, and peeking through the darkened surface
are mile high aliens, looking at us, in our fish bowl.

There are movies to be made here folks.

The funny scenario, would be that there are bases on the moon,
and the inhabitants from elsewhere are the Goombas, who look
like Larry of the Three Stooges, and they travel back and forth
unnoticed, mixing in and progressing our civilization woop woop woop
style laregly through Hollywood.

As a matter of fact, as a person who studied the archtypes of humanity
for very many years, there are no known human archtypes that fit
Jimmy Durante or Larry of the Three Stooges or many other Hollywood
stars and personalities of that era.

Once they were gone, there were no more like them either.

And Hanna Barbara, was part of the dribbling of information with programs
such as the Jetsons.


Art Bell - Steve - MIB-TimeTraveler - (09-11-97).mp3
available through Kazaa Lite or similar

Notice 9/11 and the reference to The Supreme Commandant AKA
the Supreme Being, aka the creator.

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 2:49:01 PM

Although Arthur C. Clarke has written tons of books on Science Fiction,
he is one of the biggest non-believers of all time. He has stated over and
over and over, that he doesn't believe in life elsewhere, that UFO's are
part of this mass stupidity, and that Aliens don't exist, which runs along
the line of some of the people in this forum. Everyone to their own beliefs,
I guess.

And if you remember, China put a person in Earth orbit just last October, and
have plans to send a man to the moon sometime in the future, which is probably
one of the reasons that Bush wants to gear up for a Moon base, as a stopping
off place for venturing further out into space, on to Mars and possibly beyond.

Bush wants to be there first, as we did with competing with Russia, although
they put the first "Sputnik" into space.

And I have always believed that when the day comes for official declaration
of the reality of UFO's, Aliens and them visiting here, that, a third world, rogue
country will get on TV and radio and announce to us this is actually happening,
and it won't come from the US, Canada, Europe or Russia. It will be by someone
that doesn't care about all of the smokescreens anymore, and decides to announce
to all, and they don't care about the consequences of it. Let the so-called stampedes
begin in the street, and when the dust settles, well, we will see who is left standing.

Bobby Blue Sky

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 2:59:02 PM


I have heard of the Nanobots. I have also heard the stories or theories of
the Moon being a type of huge spaceship. I have also heard the theories
of the moon being hollow. I have also heard the theories that the moon was
put there long ago by ancient civilizations, and that it didn't naturally occur
when the solar system was formed long ago. The moon according to story,
was brought here from far away, for whatever reason, sinister I suspect.

Bobby Blue Sky

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 4:23:48 PM

Hi Bobby,

If you examine the full 57 MB image of Tycho crater, you will see that it
looks like a paper moon. Clearly, something vast and possibly right wing
is going on here.

To such an extent, that I am almost to the point where I am begginning to feel
like Donald Sutherland, expecting at any moment to have someone on the street
point at me, and make some horrible alien noise, pointing me out as the
last of the Mohicans or similar - if you saw the movie. Body snatchers
or similar I think.

I mean seriously, we hear arguments galore over is there water on Mars,
for years, then one day we get a photo from NASA showing a whitened
North Pole. Covered with snow. For miles. Hundreds if not thousands
of miles in all directions.

Then there is Tycho crater. And again, examine the large tif file.

Are they farming on the moon?

Clearly, you can see rectangles, in the dirt and over the rock, covering
hundreds of miles, in a regular pattern, to the point where it looks
like it is made of paper.

Who is zooming who here?

Is it a battle planet? Perhaps they are not craters, but direct hits when the
shields were down.

As far as Arthur C. goes, I know that he is a well known non believer,
but so was Carl Sagan.

I came to believe after reading his books, and seeing Contact,
that through innuendo and other insider echoes of secret
information I have come to be aware of over the years, that Carl,
had an implant. He could not tell anything but what he told
publicly, without getting zapped.

Arthur C. probably knows about the need to preserve the timelines,
and is doing his best, to keep the information of the future timetravellers
intervention a secret, so as to preserve the present timeline.

However, these people are not very bright.

Although with all this effort, they were able to stave off the nuclear holocost
that drove the Japanese underground to evolve into the Grey race,
they merely postponed it.

As you can see, if you examine http://www.johntitor.com
you will see that the nuclear holocost, occurred, in 2015

What they should be doing instead, is making amends by improving the
karma. Only by changing direction towards clean energy,
and restoriing freedom, justice, and democracy, will the earth

Implanting people, and depriving people of their free will, will
get this planet toasted, without a doubt.

Leaving no bodies to reincarnate into.

That my friend is the worst of the worst case scenarios and where
we appear to be heading. To devastation which will last 2 million years.

With people waiting in line to reincarnate for that length of time,
with some races living underground evolving into other life forms
such as the Greys.

We are supposed to go forth and populate the universe.

This is our universe. One of countless in the multiverse.

That is the conclusion I have arrived at after years of study.

I know Steve, I know John, I know David, these are not earthlings.

These people work for God.

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