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1/8/2005 11:55:08 PM

Crop circle deformations may be reproducable with microwave excited ion plasma vortices.

"Biochemical Traumatology as a Potent Tool for Identifying Actual Stresses Elicited by Unidentified Sources: Evidence for Plant Metabolic Disorders in Correlataion With a UFO Landing" by Michel C. Bounias,

and from

it seems to me that the characteristic of relatively changed amino acid content of damaged plant & human tissues exposed to near proximity of possible UFO propulsion/braking system energy fields would be reproduced with the use of microwaves.

The similarities between the UFO related trauma cases and the medical problems cited under microwave exposures, along with the physics of electromagnetic coupling in microwave excited ion plasma vortices and their potential implications for aerial vehicle propulsion/braking systems have suggested to me that part of the behavior of plants in crop circles relates to the stability of various amino acids under exposure to a microwave field of energy or an ion plasma vortex induced by microwaves.

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