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Sirius Is Serious
1/12/2005 7:29:05 PM


Check out the theory of J.Dale Adekugbe on http://ufo-explained.com/ufo_explained.doc
If it makes any sense then do chk out the Author's credentials, if you must.

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subject: UFO's EXPLAINED ?

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William Fox
2/9/2006 10:16:18 PM

I am the president of a society at Wittenberg University, in Springfield OH. The Society for Extraordinary Phenomena. If anyone is interested in other sources of information apropos the UFO and Abduction Phenomena, as well as other aspects of the paranormal, you are welcome to visit the site and post on our forum. We are a group of professors and students with an academic interest in such phenomena. the website forum is:
-William Fox

  Replies 1 - 1 (out of 1 total)

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