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1/26/2004 7:51:25 AM

Visitors from TIME

I dont really want to start this whole debate on proving this or that, i really want to keep this simple. Any half open minded person who has researched this amazing area will honestly know, behind it all that extra terrestriall intelligence is real very real. The evidence is mind blowing and UNDENIABLE! However we all have the right to draw our own conclusions, its so hard for the general skeptic and puplic alike to get near the truth when governments and by that i mean the U.S Govenrment primarily are helbent from denying us with the truth! They (U.S Government) have pyshical evidence in their possesion but still deny us this breathtaking fact which would excite and amaze those oblivious to the wonders of the Universe in which we live.

If any of you really wish to get to the point of knowledge where everything just wont add up its possible, the Roswell episode if researched well enough will leave one in very little doubt of the cover up, why cover up? Exactly you cover up when you are guilty of withholding something. The TRUTH. Another terrific case to study is the Belgian UFO Saga, if you look at the photos video footage the behaviour of the craft the 9000 witnesses doctors policemen lawyers etc to the Head of the Belgian air force conceeding that it had to be an extra terrrestrail aircraft you will begin to understand.

The fact of the matter is we are dealing with visitors from time and what frightens me the most is that no more than 1000 people i estimate understand the true intelligence of these beings! its quite scary. They undoubtably have the technology to travel from parts of the universe we can only dream of, and to the abduction phenomona, well i believe they do abduct people and experiment on us, but what really really scares me is the power and understanding they have over humans, its really scary. However they obviously mean no harm and are curious just like we would if we had the power to discover a beauiful planet radiant with life.

Look at us, our smartest NASA, they can barely send a robot to Mars for a few days 300 million miles away, and then look at what they have on us. Its scary but fascinating. I just wish the U.S government were not such a bunch of .............

I hope this has opened your mind some what


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Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 8:41:15 AM

Hi Gary,

The only place I know of where you can actually listen to time travellers
at any time, is through old Art Bell show archives.

You can find many of them on kazaa lite.

There were a number of time travellers who have called into Art Bell
to his time traveller line or his area 51 line. There are some dubious and
bogus calls from people claiming to have time travelled as well.

Also he occasionally has guests like Dr. Anderson who sound very credible
and who claim to be doing time experiments and have changed the flow
rate of time in the laboratory.

But John Titor takes the cake.

To see his GE time machine complete with operational manual...

And to read the full story...

Apparently someone claimed to have heard a game show announcer mention John on TV. The host said something to the affect of "In Titor's world, I'm way ahead of you...but in your world, I'm not far behind"

So he is widely known.

But I also think that much of the cover-up can be explained away if you
accept that people in the know, also find, that they have to keep it secret
in order to not change the timeline. Or so they say. But on closer scrutiny,
why try to preserve the timeline, if it leads to nuclear war in 2015?

If you worked at CERN, would you still persue it? (Time travel starts there
according to John)

1/26/2004 6:13:16 PM

Two controversial stories out there concerning visitors from the future...

and www.wingmakers.com

Unfortunately the later of the two the website was altered about 3 years ago. They are after all just stories, but present interesting concepts.

Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 6:24:39 PM

If you have looked at the postings from Rick, you would see that he has
shown some good links on John already.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 8:38:08 PM

Re: links already

Perhaps he is caught in a time vortex or I have slipped into Titor time

What is it with these time travellers anyways? Do they not just out and speak
English in the future?

One thing I believe though, is that their sense of humor appears to
not have evolved much from our timeline. Same old jokes, same old
"oh I have an idea, lets post the same thing he plans to post, and use
the same wording basically and then after he posts before he reads mine,
he will feel like a dufus"

I don't know about you, but they get _me every time.
(Can I get a time stamp please?)

Listen John, sometime when you aren't too busy drop by for a chat,
Oh Hi John.

I haven't seen the second link dimensional star I will check it out.

Hey Doc,

just kidding.


Anyone seen David BTW?

David if you are out there, how about dropping by. We could use
a few more interesting people on this forum. I would go and invite some
people myself on usenet but that usually ends up as a disaster
for some reason.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 9:28:04 PM


Awesome site dimensionalstar thanks!

I just went through the glossary and that alone rang some bells for me.

The writing style the content, is humbling as a matter of fact.

It has the look and feel of something Lee might have written,
if anyone out there has ever made contact with Lee.

I am going to go through it in detail.

I'll be bock.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 9:40:16 PM

re I'm Bock

But just for a sec...

Before I go over and read that wing site I wanted to show my cards
in case anyone shows up while I'm gone.

I've got 4, red, David, Hoagland, and have launched the following attack on
battlestar Kaku of MKaku.org (He has yet to return fire...)


But as for Fermi's paradox, there are 75,000 UFO reports per year.

Based on statistical analysis of the size of the universe and the number of stars
and the percentage which should have hospitable planets to support life,
and according to probability = truth, they are indeed here if just one of those
reports is indeed a factual report.

Here is a disk from another time and place Mr Kaku if you are listening...

Here are the documents which describe in detail the efforts to save the life
of J-rod an EBE housed at S4
Some of the story behind it

Here is a General Electric time machine from 2036

Here is a Bell Ranger Helicopter on a heiroglyph from the Temple at Karnac
as well as a relief of a Saturn 5 rocket in a temple at Kush


And here is Dr. Kaku on Art BEll saying things such as "We physicists believe"

Well what you mean we white man ;-)

In the off chance that you truly do not know that the Fermi Paradox is only a
paradox to a blind man, I appologize that no one took the time to bring you
into the loop.

Now then, (checking list once again) selfAdjoint... selfAdjoint, Hmmm isn't
that strange, you wouldn't by chance be from France would you?

Rick of the ooha wooha MuHaBeans

I just wanted to add that perhaps Michio, you might make some comments on the above items as although I have thoroughly enjoyed your interviews on Art Bell over the
years, I came away feeling as though until we can actuially scoop out,
a portion of the sun itself, and bring it back to earth, we will never be able to
rise above the standard model.

And we both know that 10 dimensional fishing is much more exciting than
say normal fishing.

And I am not suggesting that your views on time travel for instance
have been less interesting than the images sent back from the Mars rover Spirit,
of which I can only repeat the words of Squyres: "It looks like nothing that I’ve ever seen in
my life. Holly smokes. I’ve got nothing else to say. I just want to look. I’ve got no words for this."

But all in all I do wonder who is mindin' those switches in the bunkers some days
if you know what I mean.

One can only hope that aliens have indeed landed taken over and asumed control
otherwise, one might indeed fear for their lives in these oh so troubling days
as we sit perched on the edge, living in fear, of this, this, potential global
nuclear catastrophe, which you have so eloquently brought to our attention,
and which you and your mentors, friends and associates, have created.

In closing, I would just like to say, thankyou again, for at least venturing onto
the Art Bell show, and sharing with us, your expertise and giving us the
prospective from the top of the heap as it were.

Oh, one more thing, and I don't know if you take requests at all,
but I would love to hear your explanation of the Hutchison Effect.
Your 10 dimensional explanation would suffice if the standard
model is insufficient for your needs.


(It will you something to ponder until I return)

Robert L. Sharp
1/27/2004 7:50:35 AM

Who the hell is this David you and others keep talking about?
If his last name is Trusty, he had a few too many bubblies the other night.

Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 8:38:24 AM

David is a God. One of the Gods of the heirarchy of Gods.

He looks like a man.

He is a man.

But he is a God.

The lord king high God of the universe, is the sole source of power in
the universe. He has archtypes, individual expressions of himself, which
are the Gods. They are individuals, just like any other person.

Zeus, is a god.

He too is an archtype of The Supreme Being.

Zeus is the King of the Gods.

As Zeus would say, "I just point, Chupee does all the shootin'"

Of course Zeus does not actually shoot, but if he excersizes his power in
any way only Chupee can decide whether or not it is effectual
or if nothing will happen at all.

Can God make a box so large he cannot lift it?

There is no box, that Chupee can not lift.

Chupee is the lord king high God of the universe's name.

He sits on level 1.

Zeus is presently on level 2 with his wife Bea.

Each God responsible for a level of existence/consciousness/reality
and each level a different life experience in the multiverse of spirit.

Just as there is a physical multiverse, there is a spiritual multiverse.

This is the true religion of God.

You see, God, has a God, and his name is Chupee.

He is and does everything.

1/28/2004 5:05:01 AM

hey rick i have to say that i find john titor a total fake, no disresppect to the area of time travel, i referred to aliens as beings from a present civilisation way ahead of our time not such visitors from the future.

Riuck Sobie
1/28/2004 2:27:44 PM

Well unless you met John or knew him of course you would be sceptical.

Have you seen the images of his time machine complete with manual?

Do you know that the physics behind it is doable?

Can you explain this...


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