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subject: Visitors from TIME

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Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 2:32:17 PM

Again sorry cutting and pasting links in this message system does not work.

Here is the link again.


re: Rick Sobie
1/29/2004 1:57:12 AM

its not for me to explain is it? why didnt he predict 9/11? look i could tell you im back from the dead and present some great formulas to prove it! would u believe me? i hope not!!

Rick Sobie
1/29/2004 3:29:27 AM

Well about 9/11 imagine the responsibility of changing a dramitic event on earth
that will impact 6 billion people.

Let us suppose for a minute that you believed in karma, that might mean that
someone might have to take that responsibility and well suffer consequences.

Just one explanation.

Another might be that he thought they had it coming, seeing as how his entire
life was spent fighting against these sorts of people and he surely suffered
greatly all his life at their hands. He grew up in the civil war and never went
to high school and fought against them - that same establishment - all his life.
In the trenches. Hand to hand combat. Guerilla warfare. In the good ol US of A.

Now would you help them out in his case?

Thats another possible reason.

Thirdly, he said he was not permitted to change things on a large scale
simply because his teachers had taught him to follow protocol
and as a member of the military he followed orders. Pretty much.

But here is an example of a timetraveller, or well atleast a person
who has experienced time travel - time travel not being his primary
role, or focus, but here is an example of a person in 1997,
actually 9/11/97 making mention of it in innuendo. So that people
like us, could refer to it as a curiousity, to draw attention to
him and what he said, and to add credence to what he was
saying without breaking any rules of conduct or changing the
course of history to any great degree.

You need to have a peer to peer client to download

Art Bell - Steve - TimeTraveler.mp3
Art Bell - Steve - MIB-TimeTraveler - (09-11-97).mp3

They are the same file and the file size is 11,197 KB

Robert L. Sharp
1/29/2004 7:22:02 PM

Hi all:
This is an email that I received way back on November 26, 2002. For some
reason I have saved it all this time. I received the same email about a year
earlier in 2001, but deleted it. Here is what is says:

If you are a Time Traveler I am going to need the following:

1. A modified mind warping Dimensional Warp Generator #52 4350a series
wrist watch with memory adapter.

2. Reliable carbon based, or silicon based time transducing capacitor.

I need a reliable source!! Please reply only if you are reliable. Send a seperate
email to me at: (I won't put his email address in here)


2/1/2004 7:32:57 PM

I am wondering about the mention of Dr Anderson in this forum. Is this the Dr Anderson who works for the space program in Europe. It sure sounds like him.

2/1/2004 8:26:07 PM

Your wrong on some of your points in the original post. They arent experimenting on us, and they arent just curious anymore. They have a clear agenda and goal, which is to cross-breed our species. Read the book The Threat.

Rick Sobie
2/1/2004 9:39:35 PM

Hi dimensionalstar,

Dr. David Anderson is a fellow who appeared on the Art Bell show to discuss
his experiments with cryogenics.

Using the same technology that is used for the creation of Einstein Bose condensate,
he creates what he calls a time warp field.

He prefers to call what he is involved in timetravel experiments or time control
or time distortion etc rather than cryogenics as his investors and his business
associates realize that cryogenics has a bad reputation. There have been cases where people have paid companies to freeze their bodies so that later they might be revived just like a person can be revived when they fall into very frigid water.

Unfortunately the earlier experiments of some companies ended up in disaster and the systems failed during power outages or some other reasons. Hence newer companies try to avoid bad press from the past or old baggage from the industry.

His claims are fantastic and he did have a website up called timetravel.com
but I think he has taken his labs which used to be on Long Island and moved his operation underground to avoid interference from whoever.

He claims to be a PhD in physics and he can walk some walk and he can talk some talk but keep in mind he is fairly young and this field is quite large and quite complex and only a few people such as Steven Hawking are well versed enough in most aspects of it to speak about it without having to look things up. Just as a Dr. of medicine needs to look at his reference books or computer.

He also sold videos about timetravel and showed his full operation and claimed to be able to slow down time within the field. Or speed up time in the field he generated with a gas as a reagent and lasers to provide interference which dampens the vibration of molecules or increases the vibration of molecules to speed up or slow down time.

He claimed to be able to take a mechanical clock that had visible bearings in its works and show them slowing down. He also claimed to be able to make plants grow faster.

The intent of his work, is to try and put a desease in stasis until a cure can be administered, or an organ found or this type of thing. As a cryogenic system it shows promise.

I cannot verify anything he said at all, and I have not seen his website or videos.

You can hear him on the Art Bell show archives or on peer to peer networks.

He seems like a decent sort of fellow.

He was looking for answers to the problems in the boundary region at the edge of the time warp field as in this area there was instability which was preventing success of his system. I don't know if he got the help he needed.

  Replies 11 - 17 (out of 17 total)

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