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Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 10:25:40 AM

Flying Entities??

Here is a good one for all to see. What do you think of this? I just received
this email this morning, and thought I would pass it on to everyone.



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subject: Flying Entities??

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Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 11:46:25 AM

I think it is awesome.

It reminds me of Carlos Castenada and his adventures.

I think it also speaks of the need to train law enforcement officers
in Kung Fu, so that they are less apt to feint in the line of duty.

But then who knows how anyone might react when facing something
as bizzare as that.

There is a whole branch of UFOlogy that deals with flying entities.

One case that is particularly interesting is the case involving some sort of
thunderbird man which went head to head with fighter jets in Iran or Iraq.

The US military took a special interest in that case and you can read a
detailed account through freedom of information.

I will look up the link and post it.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 11:53:52 AM

Here is the link to the FOIA docs


And the one I spoke of is mentioned in item 6
``The U.S. Government and the Iran Case'' - IUR Report, .44 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)
and item 17
Joint Chiefs of Staff report concerning the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976, .58 Mb (PDF Format 3.0)

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 12:49:04 PM

Actually I was thinking of this again about that rense reported sighting in Mexico
and come to think of it, I think the same thing happened to me once.

I was walking down a dark alley when a stiff breeze blew an empty
green garbage bag into my face, but luckily, due to my Kung Fu training,
I was able to fend off the attacker. Unlike the Mexican case,
I did not have a camera handy so I was unable to snap off any pictures
as the assailant bag, floated off into the distance.

The picture in Mexico Bobby appears to be a black garbage bag,
and I think what the truth is behind the story, may be that someone recently
insulted Mexico, or at least they percieved it as an insult when this someone
made mention of the Incas and how they were generally too stoned out to
build anything to last.

But that was just humour and not meant to insult them, when the reason they
are less motivated than say the Egyptians were was due to the humidity
as well as the heat.

I have a very good friend in the region who is of Incan decent and she
would have known that this was not an insult but rather a
joke along the Cheech and Chong vein.

Believe it or not, the Mexican people are very sensitive, and care very much
about what people think of them and their cultural heritage.

One time I criticized them publicly about their government and corrupt
police force and it lead to elections and they cleaned up the government.

I could not believe how it all went down. But as I said they were
shamed into cleaning up the corruption quite easily and today Mexico is not
the same place it was 10 years ago. It is perhaps even more honest
and just than America is today. If only we could shame the American
government to follow suit and clean up its act as easily.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 1:05:34 PM

In the off chance that you are still not able to see the connection Bobby,
to the empty bag, and the shamed expression on the boy in blue,
they were telling us that they were hurt by my comments and
they have done much to clean up the pot image that plagued them for years.

Rense.com is spook central in case you didn't know. It is not just
a website and radio talk show, it is a communication medium for
high level communications. I don't know if Jeff is aware that it is
used that way but I suspect he is.

And no, I don't think I will remove or retract the image and comment
for no other reason than to remind them that life is better without
a permanent pot enduced grin, and we should continually be
aware of the potential dangers of drugs such as pot and
cocaine. Not physical dangers as much as the fact that it can
rob you of your motivation and leave you feeling lousy.

Once in a while it is OK, but you have to realize that once in a while turns into
every day, unless there are reminders to help people remember you don't
need it and that you will feel much better mentally and spiritually if you do not overindulge.

Robert L. Sharp
1/26/2004 1:33:23 PM

I'm not sure if I am following what you are saying about Pot and Cocaine.
What is all that about?

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 1:37:42 PM

Hold on I will fetch another link...

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 2:04:16 PM

Actually the link I was looking for was on the bottom of the same page.

See the peyote button wearing a dress.

Carlos Castenada is a well known shaman and drugs of all sorts are used
and have been used over the centuries for many reasons including
for increasing spiritual awakening and awareness and they are
a medicine as well, including pot and cocaine.

However, as you know, anything can become a problem when it
is not taken in moderation or as prescribed or too often.

The recreational use of pot and cocaine and peyote are common
and people do sometimes use drugs to enhance activities
and doing so is part of a persons right to live the life of their choosing.

Having said that, Mexico has had a bad reputation over the years for
being lazy and drinking too much tequila and overindulgence in pot.

if you have ever seen anything by Cheech and Chong for instance
this a mocking comedy about the use of pot to gain a carefree atitude
and that atitude is often associated with Mexico.

Now Mexico has been working very hard over the last few years
to clean up its act and they deserve a great deal of credit for
doing so.

Yet still they have been attacked for illegal entry into the US
and they are having a difficult time shedding their stereotypical

So what does this have to do with rense and the witch and all that?

For one thing they were hurt by comments made and I addressed that.

Secondly they are probably looking for some recognition of their efforts
to cleanup and want us to look again at them to see that we are
not being fair in the way they have been steretyped.

Again, if you want to appeal to the movers and shakers in the world
you need to go where they are and speak to them as others do.

You also need to have people who can communicate on that level using
innuendo and reference.

So often people might post to Rense.com to appeal to the intellectual community
who often visit there to read interesting stories such as the one you referenced.

The reference to the witch and the peyote button face and all the rest
are meant to reference Carlos Castenada and remind us that Don Juan
was a shaman of great renown who was a mexican.

Unless you have some inside training of some sort, or real good 'intuition'
you would not know a message meant for the intellectual community,
or the angelic community or the powers that are.

Did a witch attack the police officer or do you think my explanation
is more plausible using occams razor?

As I said, often times UFO reports or reports such as the above are filed to pass information to the MIB who as you know work fairly secretly.

All that message was, was a comment on the state of affairs and an appeal
to look again at what Mexico has become and to not keep referring to
them as these lazy illegal aliens.

I will tell you something else.

At this time in the world, the very best comedians in the world
are Mexican and mexican american.

If you don't believe me, check out
Pablo Fransisco - Comedy Central Presents (full version).mp3
george lopez - right now,right now- new comedy.mp3

Pablo is awesome. He does Ahnold better than Ahnold and
well I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen him or heard him.

You can also get the full TV comedy special in mpg on Kazaa Lite
and I reccommend it highly. Part of his act is visual.

Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 2:22:42 PM

Just a bit more info...

So lets suppose that you were in the loop and got the message as intended,
as I'm sure many did, then what would be the next logical step?

It would be to take a second look at the state of affairs in Mexico
and you would probably see as I outlined that Bush and co are not giving them
a fair shake and it is hurting them somewhat financially.

So then some might make reccomendation or use their pull to try and
see what can be done about this and see what the real cause of this is,
and you will probably find some Bush company or Carlyle group
or the CIA has moved into some niche and is profitting finacially
by cutting Mexico out of the loop and the whole negative pr
thing regarding the border in Mexico was merely to orchestrate
some plan by these heinous evil doers to take over that market

At that point I might appeal to the World Bank to go easy on their
debt load and that would ease their burden and then I would
remind them there is a plan in the works to build a high speed train
from North America to South America to form a large trading
block and once little Bush has had his day in the sun,
we will be working towards that end.

And that is basically what that was all about in a nutshell.

  Replies 1 - 8 (out of 8 total)

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