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Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 9:35:16 AM


Thanks to dimensionalstar for posting the link to

Quite a wonderful site. The artwork, the music, the poetry, the story, quite fantastic.

Briefly, the story goes, that a cave was found in New Mexico, which contained
artifacts from an advanced civilization from the distant future. Several private
organizations took over the project from the NSA several years ago.

A man named James has put up a website to tell people this wonderful story
about it and to bring the information out into the open. He sells some copies
of the paintings found there to support the website, and these paintings as
well as some of their music which along with their philosophy, and poetry,
was the message they left for mankind to help mankind rise above the simple
conscious level to higher consciousness.

Beautiful artwork, wonderful colors, and truly someone went to a great deal
of effort to create this website, etc.

Here is a brief quote from the site, which tell those in the know, everything
they might need to know, with regards to that site without even venturing
there. Although I do encourage all to go and partake of this wonderful
cultural experience.

"What was so remarkable was the incredible sense of walking into a surreal world
-- a world that was created by something completely alien. We assumed it was of ET
construction from the moment we stepped out of the "J" tunnel."

Thanks again to James wherever you might be, for bringing this, this wonderful,
colorful, multimedia experience, to the masses. And thanks again to dimensionalstar
for, well, for just being you.

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subject: WingMakers

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Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 9:39:49 AM

They are laughing in heaven right now.

Can you imagine, my brother, pretending to be me.

(Keep this to yourself please)

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 2:09:52 AM

I should point out, that Gods are involved in this site, and you will recieve
benefits of understanding and higher consciousness but not based
on the material.

Simply as a gift.

They want to give gifts of understanding to people to help them
understand life better, and their place in the world and the universe,
but they need a medium to do it.

So they concoct these ways of doing things that are unobtrusive.

Examine the story.

There is no scientific photographs of artifacts in situ.

Examine the paintings and the interview with the Dr. who
speaks 30 languages and desciphered the imagery and,
keeping in mind this is a wonder doctor, he also cleaned and
restored the paintings.

Am I picking flaws in this so obviously flawed story?

Examine the music, made on a synthesizer. Wonderful passible
background stuff pieced togtehr from from some CD clip music or

But you know what?

You will still get your gifts, and come away enlightened to some degree.

And that is difficult to find, in a drive through service.
Most people have to follow masters around for years and wait in parks
in the hope, the hope that one might take a few minutes and
enlighten them to a degree. Or sit in a snowbank in Tibet,
and eat rice, or give away all your possesions to Baba Ram Bass,
or some other guru or like me, practice transdental meditation
for 20 years almost every day.

Only to find that after the 20 years, it was bestowed on me as a gift.

Not learned, just given.

Go figure, go fish.

Check it out for yourself.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 2:16:40 AM

Don't get me wrong Micheal, I meant what I said when I read the glossary,
I am humbled by your talent, but most people could not get past the first chapter because they are not Gods.
But they will struggle through it probably nonetheless and glean some
understanding, but the real benefit will be bestowed. Not because
you are the golden boy and eveyone wants you to succedd,
and not just because of the real serious effort and hard work you
put into it, for the benefit of others, but for a lot of reasons,
all of which are good.

No I'm not jealous actually of your talent, I admire talent like yours.

And your color coordination?

Who is that man behind the curtain?

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 3:14:04 AM

Correction, who is that woman behind the curtain.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 3:52:01 PM

I have been reading a bit more of this and it is truly a wonderful site.

I only wish that perhaps times on earth were different than perhaps they
are today.

This is the sort of subject matter for races who have conquered their base desires
towards greed and pettiness.

It almost seems wasted to see it here on earth.

How can one read such wonderful truths, without at the same time
thinking of George Bush and the Cabals and the Elitists, and
yes, even one starving child in Bangledesh.

But maybe this is a breather of sorts, and maybe it will make a difference
just by its being here on earth.

One can only hope.

This is the kind of material that people discuss when they walk the boulevards,
of paradise, and in heaven.


Somehow it doesn't seem to have a place here on earth, but for me,
it is still a glorius thing, and I thank you.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 4:14:21 PM

As I mentioned before about the heirarchy of Gods, this site is a pretty
good explanation of level 7.

That is to say that I am not of the belief that there are only 7 archtypes of
the creator.

I do not believe that God is limited to just 7 aspects of himself.

My friendship with the creator, has taught me, that he is not that restricted.

Not to raise myself above the Elohim who wrote this, but just that my views
are different somehwat being here on earth, and not in paradise.
As I stated I am awed by the talent exhibited here.

Which I have been to in the past and know people who do reside there
and visit here.

The Sombrero galaxy for me is my home. As it is the home for others of my family
like Stephen, David, Corrine, Zeus, Mary, Steve, John, Bea, my uncle Robert,
and several others. Forgive me if I don't mention you.

But there is a big difference between there and here.

Robert L. Sharp
1/28/2004 4:22:41 PM

Actually, I have always been intrigued by the Sombrero galaxy for
some reason.
I sort of like Gomez's Hamburger too.

Robert L. Sharp
1/28/2004 5:50:25 PM

A little bit of info about the Sombrero Galaxy. It is a highly populated,
and I don't mean people there, but with around 2,000 super dense globular
cluster systems. It is an old galaxy, approximately 10-13 Billion years old, and is about 50,000 KLY from Earth. It is designated as M104, and is in the Virgo Constellation.
Discovered by Pierre Mechain in a letter of May 6, 1783, and then founded
independently by William Herschel on May 9, 1784. May is a good month.
That is a long, long way from here, and I bet your whiskers would be grown
out a little by the time you arrived.

Gomez's Galaxy was discovered by Arturo Gomez from Chile, and only
around 20 years ago I believe. It is around 6,500 light years away, and has
a temperature of 18,000 F. It is in the Constellation of Sagittarius.
I get hungry everytime I view it, as it does look like a hamburger or at least
a sandwich. With the temperature there, we could sizzle up some hamburgers
real fast, even faster than ol' George Foreman does.


Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 11:44:55 PM

Hi Robert,

I do not know exactly how I know that that is where I am from other than I feel
it in my bones, and that is what angels have told me.

Given the time difference I do not know what it might look like now.

I was born on earth, that much I know, but I was reincarnated here.

I have seen visions of home, and I can show you a few pics that remind
me of my home planet. It is not that much different than here except there are
things there which are not here. And it seemed totally manicured.

I won't say what they are in case someone else has a vision and wonders
if it is real. Since it is unique in a way it helps to assure you that it
is a genuine vision and not imagined. Although the vision was so clear
it was like being there. But as time goes by, you begin to question
these things as the memory fades of the vision. But the memory of these
unique things remain, and continue as reminders.

Here are a few pics that remind me of home.


The people there, to me, remind me of an advanced race of Jehovah's Witnesses
from the future. The civilization is quite advanced of this one here on earth.

The JW imagery you see in their literature, as well sometimes reminds me
of home, you know it has that soft patina magical peaceful look to it, but the
above captures the ambiance a bit closer from my perspective of my place
of origiin. Heaven as far as I know has more of the look and feel of
old Greece, at least that is the impressions I have and based on imagery
that I have seen. but basically heaven is a secret place and I don't know if
those visions I've had of heaven are real. The visions of home however,
were very real.

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