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Robert L. Sharp
1/27/2004 11:19:37 AM

New email virus going around!

I know this has nothing to do with UFO talk, but I just read this on Yahoo's
front page.
A new virus detected yesterday called Mydoom, aka "Shimgapi" and
"Novarg" is going around according to Messagelabs. It has been intercepted
in 142 countries so far. It affects about 1 out of 12 emails so far.
DO NOT open any attachments from a message that has a heading of
"Hello" or "Test". Brilliant minds have nothing to do but wreak havoc on
the world, I guess.

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Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 12:29:13 PM

Thanks Bobby,

It is sad that people need to vent their frustration in such negative ways.

But I can bring this on topic quite simply.

I was once in a semi-public forum discussing stargates. I had put up
a site in yahoo with my research and it was quite convincing as well
as quite a bit of evidence of them being destroyed by forces unknown
visiting earth. see Rev 21:21 for instance. The pearly gates stargates.

Such as this one for instance...

at any rate, I was discussing this quite seriously in semi-private and
I showed a bunch of instances such as the above where they
had been destroyed I supposed by the reptoid race or misguided
humans who thought that ET's might come through these gates and
invade, and said that there was one gate left but I wouldn't disclose
its location for this reason.

In fact I said "Those FOOLS! These aren't gates that ET's come through,
don't they understand! If they destroy them all we could be stuck here

And shortly after, I decided, that I would disclose the location of the last gate.

And I said, "Well I am taking a big chance here, but you have a right to know"

and I posted the link.

Seconds later sobig virus hit the net and it almost shut down the Internet competely.

Yahoo's servers went down and out went the lights.

It looked like someone at Esch(you know who) elon had freaked.


I don't know.

But I should tell people that you can't always take everything I say seriously.

Some times we joke around.

Reality needs a way out and people have a right to believe what they want
to believe.

1/28/2004 3:48:16 AM

I think i already got 2 versions of this new versions within 24 hours. They are .pif files which are executed by stupid explorer automatically, one was zipped, the other was sent as .pif directly.

Be careful !

Btw, i'm surfing the web mostly with Mozilla and use Mozilla's email program rather than MS stuff, so there is nearly no danger for me.


Robert L. Sharp
2/11/2004 3:07:05 PM

Hi all:
Just out from Norton. If you get any messages or emails saying there is an attachment
in BINARY format, DO NOT open this up. Delete it immediately. This IS the virus.
It is actually a version of the Novarg worm. Be careful folks.

Robert L. Sharp
2/11/2004 3:12:32 PM

When I said to not open the attachment, don't even open up the message,
let alone the attachment. Just open up the message and you are zapped.

Robert L. Sharp
2/11/2004 3:21:08 PM

Ok everyone, I am dumber than a wad of socks sometimes. Obviously you
have to open up your email. Just don't open any attachments, if in the header
somewhere it states it is in BINARY format. This is the Novarg worm. I hope
I have made sense now. Doc, help!!

2/12/2004 10:10:22 AM

In any case don't open the attached files and delete the mails. Some might be executed automatically when using MS IE or Outlook, then it's too late anyway.


Scott Johansen
2/14/2004 8:03:57 PM

Robert I highly recommend that you don't open ANY unsolicited E-mails. I live by the rule if I dont know who you are or contacted you first and invited your e-mail, you are the enemy. To go one step further My brother inadvertently sent me an e-mail warning of a virus. unfortunately my brother is not that smart and proceeded to forward me the instructions given to him on how to remove the virus. You guessed it!!!! The virus was in the instructions. not only that but I got it the second I opened the e-mail from my BROTHER. My best advice is to send a seperate e-mail describing a virus if neccessary. These guys sit up ALL night thinking up new Trojan Ideas.One really cannot be too careful.

2/14/2004 11:55:51 PM

I'm using Mozilla for surfing and emails. It's perhaps not as easy to set up as MS IE but at least a hell lot safer since email attachments don't necessarely get opened like with MS IE or Outlook.

Mozilla is the open source version of former Netscape.


The current version is 1.6. Not sure this is good or not since i'm using a rather old one currently (1.1) which is better for my purposes to test compatibility with older versions.


2/16/2004 10:59:20 AM

You explained that the sobig virus hit soon after (you know what)(what?)was this the most deadly virus ever to hit earth(netwise)-and is this new one just a puppy in comparison?
Its funny how everything slowly heads towards the net!

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