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7/16/2009 2:46:10 AM

The Future Of UFO Evidence?

Hello all,

I've been a member here for a long time and am sad to see the forums goto hell because of one idiot. I keep trying to contact the admin here to make a proposal, but he/she never replies to emails. Can't say i blame them witht he amount of spam this board gets.

Anyway i have a solution. About one ywar ago i started a UFO Website/Community called UFO Evolution. It's getting very popular. What i'm saying is, why not use my forums for the forums here. It can be controlled and i run a tight ship. No spam gets on the site. In return i will link back to all the great articles on this website. Basically both the websites would be teamed up. his one, being the main content website and UFO Evolution being the forums.

Have a look at my site and you will see it's of high standard and im good to my word. The link is at the bottom of this post.

I understand this website is popular, but i think mine has the potential to be even more popular eventually, so i think it's a good move for both sites. If you are interested, please let me know. If not sorry to bother you.


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subject: The Future Of UFO Evidence?

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7/16/2009 7:02:01 AM

martin it is near impossible to register for your site.passwords are not accepted, and the 6 didgit letters and numbers are also not accepting.
so if you want any one to register you will have to have a look at your rego form again

7/28/2009 5:13:45 AM


I'm sorry to hear that Julie. No one of the 800 other members has repoted any problems when joining. I thought it was quite easy. You answered the anti-spam question didn't you?

10/13/2010 6:14:11 AM

After all the abuse that each of these forums here (on the ufoevidence.org
website) have been subjected to, it is encouraging to know that there are other
websites available to users of this one. In fact, I encourage ufoevidence.org's
users to consider other websites which value their contributions much more than
the owner does here. Why? Although I firmly believe ufoevidence.org's website
is salvageable and still has the potential to be turned around, one just cannot
users to put up with continual (daily) forum abuse.

So.. much of the burden remains on the shoulders of Ufoevidence.org's owner
for not appointing a moderator (or in lieu of that, at least purging all the inappropriate
threads on some sort of regular basis, say once or twice a month).

I can appreciate that Ufoevidence.org's mailbox is probably bombarded by spam and
other unpopular mail, so it might be difficult for the owner to wade through all that
stuff regularly. But ignoring all emails totally, for so long, just isn't entirely excusable.

I don't know how many owners have held onto this website or if it remains in the
same inept hands. It might be a workable idea to simply do away with each of the
forums and survey pages here entirely and just leaving the rest of the site as a reference for articles, outdated as many are. While your suggestion might benefit
both sites, somehow I just don't anticipate that ufoevidence.org's would agree to
teaming up.

Spam, for the most part, has been pretty much eliminated here through the use of a captcha type input; the only outstanding problem being that we are in desperate need
of a moderator to keep the forums (and the survey pages) purged of inappropriate posts.

If this issue were addressed, ufoevidence.org would once again enjoy its past
success. I just don't understand why ufoevidence.org's owner hasn't taken this
step. True, ufoevidence.org's owner shouldn't be expected to grant administrative
access to his site to just anyone... that individual would need to be highly reliable,
trustworthy and dedicated to this website's theme.. but surely, ufoevidence.org's
owner has an acquaintance or friend they could rely upon. Or select someone
to serve as moderator and have them sign some sort of legal agreement which
spelled things out.


12/16/2010 3:00:31 PM

As long as UFO Evidence is maintained it's a good thing. The case summaries are what makes this site great.

12/16/2010 5:44:57 PM

What do you mean, as long as UFO Evidence is maintained it's a good thing?
How has this forum been maintained without the use of a proactive website
owner, who won't appoint a moderator, purge the nonsense posts, update site
content or software? The original poster here is correct in his assessment that the
forums here have been neglected and allowed to go to hell, for all intensive

Some concern and effort on the part of Ufoevidence.org's owner would
undoubtedly be welcomed by many and it would likely revive the website itself
and its forums (possibly to the levels it once enjoyed).

Unfortunately, site content and software have become dated to the point that
even minor improvements could be significant. Primary consideration should go,
and I hope visitors and users alike would support the idea, to incorporating the
use of a moderator, which this software does have tools for.

Case summaries are great as references for newbies and casual users, but by
themselves, they cannot sustain this website indefinitely. In theory, I suppose the
owner can rely upon this idea entirely, since a large library of case summaries
are chock full of keywords, which search engines devour. But this shouldn't
be the basis for completely abandoning user concerns, as it appears to be.


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