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1/27/2004 5:39:33 PM

One beautiful picture


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Robert L. Sharp
1/27/2004 6:11:36 PM

That was a nice picture. Thanks! However, I didn't notice one rattler
or prairie dog in the bunch. If I drive a short distance North of where
I live here in Western Nebraska, we can see that type of landscape all
day long, up in the sandhills, but we can breath there at least.

Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 6:15:45 PM

Wow. Thanks for posting it. Its just like being there.

I don't want to spook anyone out or anything, but look 2/3rds to the
right. There appears to be a ghost standing before the camera.

Robert L. Sharp
1/27/2004 6:38:34 PM

Sure Rick, I see it, just to the right of the big pumpkin.

Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 11:10:55 PM

Hi Bobby,

You know, I still can't help but wonder why they would choose
to go through all this effort for such a meaningless task.

If pictures is all we need then use a telescope.

If we want to go exploring, then why not choose an interesting site like
Tycho crater.

You know Bobby, it is all a big lie to me. Including free will for the most part.

I notice it in myself all the time and I'm sure that I am not the only one.

In such sinmple things as their and they're

Everyone makes these common mistakes and it doesn't matter how
many times or how old or how careful we are. And the same goes
for spelling. We learn things and then you don't forget them, they
are just conveniently blocked for you by a higher power for reasons
unknown to suit a purpose other than our own.

I would go to the NASA site, and ask them, why they do what they do,
but they have no forum. They do not want to discuss this with the public.

You can go to sci.astro and what you will get is basic abuse.

So much of this world and this life is pure lies.

Meaningless nonsense, bitterness and hatred, death and destruction,
for no higher purpose.

You cannot have respect for a higher power, or the powers on earth
Bobby. At least I don't think so. Any more, than an animal in a zoo
can respect their keeper.

We are zoo animals. That is all we are.

Rick Sobie
1/27/2004 11:35:55 PM

Have you seen these images before Bobby?


You will find this image on that page


That is someone getting their posts edited in real time.

That is how it was then, and things have not changed a bit since then.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 3:22:25 AM

I should point off that I am a little upset over something that occurred today,
and hence my lashing out at the Gods.

I was in sci.physics today and I told a joke of epic proportions
and came away feeling like a dufus.

This was how it went down.

The subject header was something like

"Why isn't Mars smooth like a babies behind?"

And my reply was supposed to be

"They're working on it. These things take time commander"

But the oddest thing happened.

I first typed "There working..."

realized my mistake, and corrected it to "Their working on it"

I thought about that for some time today and remembered distinctly,
the second spelling registering as true grammar.

They're there and their.

All different meanings. Only a dufus or someone who was being mentally blocked
could make such a gramatical error.
If it were my fault, I would not be upset.
But to have a false notion imprinted to force me to believe that 'their'
was the correct grammar, was interference of the 5th kind.

Hence my zoo rant.

Robert L. Sharp
1/28/2004 11:06:10 AM

You were right the first time. They're, means they are. Pretty simple.
There and their are two other entirely different words meaning different
things. Also for here-hear, where-were,to-too,then-than,breath-breathe,
(I misspelled breathe yesterday and spelled breath instead, my mistake),
these-those, and the list goes on. I see it misspelled all the time, and misused.
I have been quick to point it out to some people in here in the past, but it is not
worth the effort. Affect and effect are two others. LOL
I am certainly not perfect, as I have misspelled things quite a bit, but no one
has whipped me for it. Thank God. I makes me wonder though, about the
actual age of some of the people who post in here. I mean, are they really
youngsters, and I can understand if they are, or are they adults that should
know better, and maybe didn't make it past the 8th. grade, but even then, they
should at least know how to spell? I will get off my soapbox now.

Robert L. Sharp
1/28/2004 11:59:01 AM

Those are amazing pictures from the past. Long, long ago. It only proves
they have been here for a very long time. How could their minds even conceive
something of this magnitude back then, if they were not for real?

Robert L. Sharp
1/28/2004 12:39:50 PM

Did I irritate you about the pumpkin? It was just a joke.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 1:00:51 PM

Hi Bobby,

No I consider you a good friend.

I am pissed off a higher powers for depriving mankind of their dignity.

What they do, is interfere with people alot on the Internet and places
like this, and they instill ideas and false memories ona very subtle level
and they communicate amongst themselves using people like you or
I or anyone else.

I was taught the codes.

I know how to read peoples spelling mistakes and what they mean on that
subtle level.

People do not make these mistakes themselves, they are made to make them.

And they form a type of secret language that tells about the person writing.

All without their permission, against their will, and often to their detriment.

And even spoiling groups and relationships in the process.

I can identify with abductees and how they feel raped by the process although
for me, my involvement with these things is on a higher level.

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