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subject: One beautiful picture

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Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 1:16:23 PM

Allow me to clarify...

Although it is very difficult to do because it takes years of training.
If you knew the archtypes.

That is the archtypes of man, and the archtypes of the Gods, then you
would know these people and their character and their personality.

That is a form of compressed knowledge.

That is to say, that if you wanted to pass a great deal of information to
another person you only need say that he or she is like so and so.

So based on that, the first letter of the name of these archtypes then
becomes the key to that person.

Now all you need is a single letter, placed out of context to refer to
that archtype and voila, you have just told someone elese all they need
to know about who the person is and what you can expect from them,
what their leanings are, and what they can be expected to do,
and even how they would react in any situation, just as you can predict
the behaviour of a friend of yours based on your knowledge of
their character.

Amazing but true.

Now if it was just harmless secret knowledge passed between angels for
some good purpose. Say to assist man. Then that is noble and

But when it used not for good, but for bad, then it becomes perverted,
and evil.

Not every spelling mistake falls into this category, because sometimes a smoke
is just a cigar. But much of the arguments and conflicts on the net
are a direct result of interference from a higher power.

As I stated the angels tell me that it is jealousy that drives them to do
these things.

How sick is that?

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 1:31:19 PM

One last thing about this Bobby and I will drop the subject...

Even if you use a spellchecker, they then switch to grammar mistakes and
do the same thing.

So what does it do? It detracts from the communication between people
and makes it simply their agenda.

And that transformas the communications between people into the
games played by higher powers turning people into puppets and playthings.

Worse still is when it interferes with relationships or groups of people.

So why is it, that in a universe as large as this, we see people piled
on top of each other in this way?

That is to say that a person, has a higher self.

Then that person has a guardian angel.

Then that person is subject to a God.

Then that God is subject to a higher God and so on.

And everyone wants a crack at the frickin keyboard to use it to coimmunicate
with thei own friends or their own people on their own level.

I suppose that the only solution is cooperation.

Even though I know the codes, I ignore them.

I refuse to take part in a process which I do not agree with.

In emmergency, yes. It forms a part of a vital network of communication.

But in every day affairs, it is just not right.

So why? I ask myself. Are there just more spirits that there are bodies?

That appears to be the case.

It is as if, Mars was wiped out in calamity, and their spirits transported here
and our lives have to be shared with them also.

And in a universe of such immense size no less.

Someone somehwere must have screwed up to some truly remarkable degree.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 2:01:04 PM

So regarding this whole Mars thing which on the surface appears to make
no sense whatsoever, it appears to me, that the push to colonize Mars,
and to terraform Mars, is to get these people back, to their own planet.

So you might expect, that they also have that great desire to return home,
and that desire drives them to try and control or speed up the process
and drive that agenda on.

I too would like to see them be able to go home.

But the whole perverted process of lies and deceit and deception
in the process make me want to vomit.

Rick Sobie
1/28/2004 2:13:22 PM

Also if you are aware of Nibiru, there is every reason to believe that it
was not just Mars that came to the same sort of fate.

Nibiru became the asteroid belt.

Possibly when Nibiru was destroyed, fragments took out Mars as well.

You can look at one portion of Mars, and see that terror rained down
on Mars in a cataclysm that wiped out all life - sorry all sentient life
on the planet.

So where are the inhabitants of Nibiru?

(Spirits don't die BTW)

Well I suspect they are here as well. Or maybe worse. But chances
are they are here.

So when you look at the Aricibo crop circle, that appeared in the
field beside the radio telescope, that stated that the population
was not 6 billion, but rather something like 26 billion,
that is perhaps an explanation of that.

1/29/2004 2:39:20 PM

Yep i can see the ghost..creepy

  Replies 11 - 15 (out of 15 total)

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