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3/11/2005 2:16:16 PM

U.F.O. THEORY:Propulsion

U.F.O. THEORY: Propulsion

I have developed a theory that U.F.O.'s are propelled by some sort of magnetic, gravitational, solar, or ionic systems. Ionic systems use low amounts of fuel to achieve really fast speeds, basically it goes forward because of sending magnatizied gases through a magnetic chamber. Solar systems, like solar sails, are powered by the metal, Mylar, micro waves, and stars. Basically, they are solar/microwave powered. The gravitational and magnetic theory rely on magnetic fields. The gravitational/magnetic theory partilly explains cropcircles. As the U.F.O. is suspended in the air by magnetic waves, the magnetic field around the u.f.o. polarizes the grass below,and everyone knows materials that are magnatized the same way end up opposing each other, adding to the magnetic propulsion system. These are just a few theories of mine, but then, theres plasma. Plasma explains the northern lights, but thats natural plasma. Then theres artificial plasmas, which explain the marfa lights, since they appeared out of no where in 1953. My project, project alamo, has classified these Plasma orbs as "Texan Orbs", since they started appearing everywhere in Texas in 1953.

These theories have been compiled in my mind since 2002, when I was 9, and finally, I have released this idea to the public.


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4/6/2005 12:24:02 PM

I think the answer to UFO propulsion is in what is gravity? If time, space and gravity are connected then It seems to me that for some type of artifical gravity to be generated and used to operate a UFO that some how time and space must be involved also.
If a UFO propulsion system uses some form of gravity generator that works against gravity then there must be some time, space distortion as well. May be the answer is that there really is no such thing as gravity, space, time but something that is all three together in a single form. If so any type of UFO propulsion system would have to be able to deal with all three as single unit. If UFOs are real solid operational devices able to move as described by observers I think the above may be true.

It seems that Micro wave energy keeps coming up in any discussion about UFO propulsion systems yet you never hear of a radar system or micro wave oven flying around. May be microwaves are only part of some other process for generating some type of controlled gravity that can be used against a planets gravity for transport.
Could it be that only some types of micro waves interact with gravity, time, space?
Claims by some that high powered radar have caused UFOs to go out of control and or crash have been around since the early 50s. If true could this show a connection between UFO propulsion systems and micro waves?
May be micro waves and time are involved. May be micro waves and space are involved. Maybe micro waves and gravity are involved. May be all three together. May be gravity or what we think as gravity may just be a wave itself normally interacting with space and time creating the world we see around us.

If so could this be a clue to how UFO propulsion systems work?
If gravity is really a wave could a artifical wave be produced that would be similar to what we know as gravity?
What if this wave was controlled, similar in shape, frequency but not phase with the existing normal earth/ universe gravity wave? What if this generated artifical wave could be directed against (down) the existing earth wave with enough output, (out of phase with the earth wave) to cause the generator device to become supended and with the addition of more power to cause it to rise up? Would time and space be affected too?

Would you have your own UFO?

5/7/2005 8:09:27 AM

An update to this post.
Microwaves are used in the process of UFO propulsion,
but NOT as described In my last post. It is only part of a process to do something else. When I figure out the best way to explain how this something else is done is done I will post here.

5/24/2005 11:34:11 PM

Still working on it. One of the problems is the answer is simple so it is hard to explain.
Another problem is I am a technician by trade (35 years) and part of the problem to be explained involves Quantum physics. So I am giving myself a crash course.

Here are some areas I am working on now.
There is a "catalyst" involved.
The Catalyst is used in the process but not part of the result.
Its a short temporary set of conditions through the catalyst that result in a:
"strip, bump, and boost. No it's not what your thinking.
Really I can think of no other way to put it because that is what it is.

Well back to work.


6/7/2005 10:50:38 AM

Still working on it.
One thing is anytime you are working with artificial gravity there is some time distortion involved. Using a pulse process to manufacture gravity is required to cause a timed set of temporary conditions. In addition this keeps time distortion down to a low level so that the gereration of artificial gravity can be useful for example in transportation.

Sorry It is taking so long but this is not as easy as I had first thought it would be.
Here are some areas I am working on now.

1. Variable frequency Magnatron.
2. Modified wave guide distributor.
3. Pulsed magnetic field containment.
4. Modified traveling wave tube or tubes.
5 Stacked mullti layer target materials plus proper layer position in relation to micro wave radiation pattern.
6 Proper microwave frequency to activate stacked mulit layered target materials.
7.Correct timing of modified wave guide distributor with pulsed magnetic containment field.
8. Artificial gravity amplifier output control for artificial gravity wave.
9. Phase shift of pulsed amplified gravity wave.

Note: There is NO antigravity involved. Only the generation and amplification of a artificial gravity wave that if needed can be operated out of phase with the existing Earth gravity wave for various uses such as transportation.

Well back to work.


Philip Edwards
6/9/2005 4:26:05 AM


I have memories which although vague involve an alin telling me there is no such thing as gravity, it is just a distortion of time space. The distortion could be caused by a variety of reasons.

6/11/2005 11:35:20 PM

Microwaves are definately involved. And it is the microwaves that cause the crop damage in crop circles.
I have been researching various uses for microwaves trying to find out the connection. It would seem that microwaves are used in radar, and other imaging equipment, therefore I suggest that the microwaves are being used in a similar way in UFOs, for imaging purposes.
Microwaves are also being used as a weapon, tho I doubt that is the case here, at least not everytime.
It may also be possible that the UFO's energy source could produce microwaves.

6/12/2005 9:47:53 AM

Gravity is a distortion of space and time. But gravity just sounds better as we all use it every day whether we think about it or not.
I got a lot of things going on now but some day I will post a theory of the, atom, space and time.
That is really all there is.


6/12/2005 10:18:17 AM

Crop circles.
Well there are crop circles and then there are UFO "landings and take offs". At airports here on earth there are "take offs and landings".
Anyway both UFO landings and crop circles use the same process it is just a difference in power output.

Two different things are going on at the same time in both cases.
One is the plants are layed down by the artificial gravity wave produced by the UFOs gravity wave amplifier(s) usually in the familiar circle pattern. This is because the gravity wave amplifier(s) are operated in a rotating pulse pattern one after the other around the bottom of the craft. Not all UFOs have this pattern as shown by some UFO landing circles the plants are splayed from the middle out.

See next post.


6/12/2005 11:50:36 AM

The other part is the production of microwaves. Sometimes this cooks plants, burns the ground, hardens the soil. where a UFO has landed / took off.
In crop circles mostly laying over of plants and minor cooking ocurrs. The difference is power output required to lay over a plant in a crop circle and the power required to cause a heavy object such as A UFO to "take off".
The difference is sort of like a little single seat plane leaving the runway as compaired to a 747 taking off. While they are both doing the same thing, but there are two very different amounts of power being used.

The production of microwaves (from a seperate process) are required to create the prduction of the artificial gravity wave in the artificial gravity amplifier(s). The microwaves (along with another process not discussed here) are the driving force behind the artificial gravity wave being generated.
Without going in to detail, when the UFO "takes off" it is about the same as a 747 taking off in that the power systems are operating at full output. Once air born the extra power is cut back as it is not needed.

This full output condition causes an excess of microwave energy that is used in the artificial gravity amplifier(s) to "pass through" the amplifier and radiate down along with the out of phase gravity wave being generated by the amplifier(s) to (for lack of a better word) "push" against the existing natural earth gravity wave allowing the UFO to rise.

This excess microwave energy that "passes through" the artificial gravity wave amplifier(s) is what is cooking the plants, ground on take off.
It is the out of phase gravity wave being generated in the artificial gravity wave amplifier(s) that is doing the "pushing" (laying the plants down in a crop circle application).The microwaves are supplying the power to the amplifier(s).

In Hot Rodders terms the UFO operator is "burning rubber" on take off.


6/15/2005 11:41:15 AM

N: Interesting ideas....Not much more/or better I can relate than this link:


However, the sensations & sounds I experienced were totally unlike any electrical, microwave, magnetic, mechanical,..continue the semantics, I've experienced...not other worldly, either....
And this UFO passed over me @ extremely low altitude, though I didn't & don't feel that I was directly under its center.
Read my link account: The next day @ the last known point of "Instant Disappearance", my trusty/never-fail compass spun wildly in alternating directions until it settled opposite of the UFO's eastward path. Whatever it was reversed my compass when I got it to settle.
As you can see, it is rough terrain but I camped & rode horseback around in there with dogs for another week after it happened & I never found anything else out of the ordinary.....
Over the years, I've seen lights & sky-things I couln't readily identify, but this makes me know there been one UFO...Unidentified, Fly'n, & Object(of some kind)........

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