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subject: U.F.O. THEORY:Propulsion

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6/19/2005 12:03:34 PM

Stopped working on the gravity generator amplifier as there has seems to be something that I have found that I need to look at very close.

One thing, is what I am finding is that some parts of the generator amplifier seems to operate in a way that is not found in existing physics.
For the generator amplifier to work requires a different way of looking at existing physics.
What seems to be happening is: conventional (type) hardware, materials used in a unconventional way to cause a unconventional but useable result.
This is going to take some time but it is better than being able to do something but not know why or how it works.

Then It hit me (I almost dropped my slide rule) that if just this one small part of the amplifier could be at least halfway explained, it just might be able for a person (with enough time) to work backwards and unravel the so called "unified field theory".
Then work forward to modify the existing conventional physics to the point that the amplifier operation could be fully explained.

This is something I am not qualified in, as my training is in a different field, but I am going to try to apply my problem solving skills that I have learned in that field (35+ years) to this. Actually this could be a plus as if I have had formal education in physics I would know better than to try to do this.

It really does not do much good to say "it does this this, this and oh something or ruther over here" without a full understanding of all the processes involved.
It is one small but important part of the process, not the hardware part I don't as of now understand fully.
Somewhere I seen that someone said "when the answer to the unified field theory is finally found it will be simple one". (This may have been Niels Bohr don't know)
Hope this is true.

Well back to work.

Philip Edwards
6/20/2005 4:27:27 AM


Here is another bit of alien information for you to ponder on, I agree I have as yet no proof of my alien contacts but here is the information anyway. When the alien I was talking to told me about another dimension called hyper-space where time does not exist or function properly, I asked him are there any other dimensions and he said yes there are 7 others but they are only small ones. I do not know exactly what small ones means, your guess is as good as mine but our dimension which we exist in now coupled with hyper-space equals 2 dimensions add on 7 small dimensions that equalls 9 dimensions. Unless you want to separate time and space then that equalls 10 dimensions. Or 11 if you want to argue how time functions in hyper-space, I believe it functions at a quantum level in hyper-space. 11 dimensions; I have heard that number before have not you!

6/20/2005 11:27:22 AM

Thanks for the information. But at this point I don't see what you describe operating here with what I am doing.
Yes I have seen the information you are talking about in other web sites, it all seems too complex to me. I think it is much more simple.

There is a theory, one that I tend to think based on my research is closer to the way things really are. It is a simple one. It is based on the theory that there are only three things:
The atom, time and space. This is the basic three legged stool that all else is comprised of.
This is the basis of the world around us. every thing else is a result / interaction of these three things.
So the theory goes is at one point the atom Hydrogen, time, space were locked togather as one balanced bonded monolithic "thing" where there was nothing but this "thing".
At some point this "thing" became unstable, unlocked, became unbonded, tore apart, became three seperate things the atom, space, time.
Now even though this "thing" became unbonded and now there are the hydrogen atom,
space and time seperate from each other the BALANCE between them remained the exact same as when it was when the "thing" bonded togather.
(The "glue" that held the whole "thing" togather is contained in the atom)

But now the atom, space and time were free so to speak to do their own thing.
Space and time stayed the same, they did not change, but the atom did not stay the same, it did change, the change (growing bigger so to speak) of the atom(s) started to upset the BALANCE of the the other two. This continued on, on and on "through a big bang or two?" until it has become what we see around us today.

The atom is the UNSTABLE one of the three and this unstableness is affecting the other two. The original bonding of the three togather depended on the hydrogen atom (actually just some parts of the atom)
Just like Dumpty Dumpty when he he fell off the wall, once this unbonding occured it could not be put back togather again.

It is the atom and its internal parts (and number of) that have changed, not time and space.
The change in the atom is for lack of a better word is/ has "upsetting" "distorting" the original balance of the three.
Even though it could never be put back togather again in nature, the original bonding can be artificially produced. That is, temporarly put back togather, the atom, space, time in a special way long enough to perform usable results.

I did not go into detail, but there is more to this that has to do with the bonding between space, time and the componets of the atom, proton, neutron and their internal bonding / wave interaction between space and time.

So where does gravity fit into all this? well there is no such thing as gravity. What we think of to be gravity is nothing more than atom(s) distorting space and time. In our case the collective atoms of Earth distorting space and time.

I hope this gives you an idea where I am going here. Is the above correct? I have good reason think so, but am not sure yet.

Well back to work

6/20/2005 12:30:51 PM

Its "Humpty Dumpty" not "Dumpty Dumpty",

Philip Edwards
6/21/2005 8:14:47 AM


Well you are right, dimensions is a another issue unless you consider the dimension you try and travel in is responsible for the power or energy delivered to the spaceship when trying to fly faster than light. I was told the universe is full of electricitiy or energy which appears as electricity in our dimension, it is this energy I was told which the aliens tap or use to fly their spaceships. This same energy is available in hyper-space when the aliens fly faster than light.

Philip Edwards
6/22/2005 7:35:36 AM


Just to report again some vague to strong memories of the alien spaceship engine design. There is an advanced power supply which uses heavy element fuel, I think numbers 116 or 118 seem to ring a bell. This supply produces normal electricity of a very high power level, similar to thunder and lightening bolts. Dipole aerials emit this electricity in a specially tuned or focused beam, this causes a hole in normal space to occure and static electricity emitted from time space envelops the spaceship to produce an energy bubble and decoupling the ship from normal space and enertia effects. This free electricity is modulated somehow so that it does not oppose the new energy constanly being collected and this gives the ship an electrical control or throttle control as to whether it wants to moved forwards or backwards. Technically speaking the ship falls down a hole created in time -space and the faster the energy is modulated the faster it will travel or fall down the hole. The dipole aerials can move for steering also the gain on them can be raised or lowered. Hyperspace entry is achieved after yet more complex tuning involving four seperate power levels, this allows the ship to move between dimensions. Hyperspace allows faster than light travel, light itself may even travel faster but I am not certain of that.

Philip Edwards
6/23/2005 1:58:45 AM

I forgot to mention that the power supply of the spaceship is earthed to th hull of the ship so that the high power the internal dipole aerials emit does not destroy the ship.

6/23/2005 4:47:27 PM

Thanks for the information.
Well element 115 It's a long story, but this may be correct with some reservations. But if you read my posts you will see that element 115 is not involved with what I am doing and with a good reason.

One side of the power supply is grounded but for a different reason and only in some applications.

Thankyou foryour help.

6/30/2005 12:35:13 PM

Just a quick note.
Element 115 has received a lot of coverage on UFO web forums in the last few years mostly because of claims by Bob Lazar that it is used to power UFOs.
This very well may be true, I am not sure.

But here is something that when it is all the buzz on UFO forums at some point in the future (remember you seen it here first) is that element 115 is NOT required to generate artificial gravity.

The generation / amplification of artificial gravity is a process that requires a rapid temporary set of conditions through a catalyst that extracts (borrowing) only a force from the catalyst just long enough to do usefull work.
This temporary set of conditions are much like a internal combustion engine with eight cylinders in that even though there are seperate firings of the cylinders during operation the result is one continous power output of the engine.

It is this catalyst and it's interaction with the output of the generator that is the hold up to explaining the complete operation of artificial gravity amplifiers.
It seems to be a complex temporary internal electron stripping and dislocation of parts of (actually involving the neutron(s) / proton(s)) the atom at this point.
There is a internal stacking (linking) gravity wave amplification along with this too.
Actually it is a wave but not a gravity wave, but the term gravity wave sounds better to me anyway.

It just may seem complex because I don't understand it. It could acually be simple once understood. Kind of like the light bulb. Looking back at it, it seems so simple but at the time it was all very complex and confusing.

I have been told that "research is what you are doing when you don't know what you are doing". I think this is true.


7/5/2005 12:54:12 PM

Just a quick note:

Something that I left out of the theory in the posts above, I call the " Humpty Dumpty" theory of the atom, space ,time based on my research is that, space and time are instantaneous but the atom and anything connected with the atom is not (with some exceptions).
Now this takes some explaining for sure but it is important to understanding the Humpty Dumpty theory.
I am going to try to explain It the best way I know how.
Time is always "on" so to speak. It may be become distorted to a high degree but it is always "on". So in this sense it is instantaneous.
Space is always "on" so to speak. It may become distorted to a high degree but it is always" on". So in this sense it is instantaneous.
Gravity or what we think of as gravity is instantaneous, that is it is always "on" it may be stronger, weaker but it is always "on"
In relation to each other time, space, gravity (or what we think of as gravity), are all instantaneous.

But here is where differences begin. When the atom is introduced there is distortion of time and space. Things connected with the atom (with exceptions) are not instantaneous. "Time to do something" is involved. This" time to do something" is distortion of time, space.
This is why any time a atom is involved there is distortion of space and time because it don't "fit in" so to speak.
This is where the speed of light is involved for example, without the atom there could be no light or "speed" of light.
The atom is required to produce the world we see around us. Without the atom there would be no "us".

Well now there are exceptions and here is where the connection, original connection
between the atom, space, time are involved according to the Humpty Dumpty theory.
When atoms are involved "time is required to do things" .

Time, space, gravity or what we think of as gravity is instantaneous.
Neutrons/protons/ electrons of the atom are not the "distorters" of time, space.

The "glue" that holds the neutrons/ protons of the atom togather (known as the strong force in current physics) is even though it is "there" inside the atom it is NOT part of the atom.
The "glue" is actually a wave, A instantaneous wave that is common to the wave "glue" of all other atoms.
This is what we know as gravity. The collective wave "glue" of each atom are in instantaneous "communication" with all other atoms regardless of the type of atom even though the other parts of the atom are not.

It is the concentration of this wave "glue" that gives the effect we know as gravity.
It is this concentration of this wave "glue" that distorts time and space.
If you reread the post above this wave "glue" was the original wave "glue" that bonded time and space togather in the "thing".

I will add more later but I am busy with something.

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