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subject: U.F.O. THEORY:Propulsion

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1/16/2006 5:23:09 PM

Well thanks PE, but that's a job for engineers and designers. Being a researcher I will just stick to research.

An update:
In the process of raising my level of understanding of the gravity extraction process from 95% to 96% several other things have come to light causing me to toss out the paper I was working on once again. But this is ok as I have a lot of paper and a large trash can plus this is to be expected.

Here are some new items:
Since this is new ground, there are some blanks due to a assignment of names that will not be confusing in future work.

Remember from past posts that gravity is instantaneous. Being instantaneous there really is NO gravity wave but a "blank".
Also remember from past posts that the now gravity "blank" is NOT part of the atom.

I have known for a while that there is no wave involved, but used the term "wave" for lack of a better term. The reason this is now being changed has to do with a new understanding of the gravity extraction process. There is NO wave involved.

The gravity "blank" consists of two parts, "blank" and "blank".
This involves time,
Time displacement, gravity "blank" generation with variable time displacement.

Think of a variable frequency such as cycles per second.
Think of variable time displacement such as now and later.
Closer to now and some what later than now,
Variable time displacement.
Manufactured gravity out of step with natural gravity.

Think of a "normal" atom.
Think of a short term "abnormal atom"
Think of "normal" time.
Think of short term "abnormal" time.
Now remember that gravity is instantaneous whether "natural" or generated.

It is much more involved than this of course but this is the general direction.

Well back to work.

1/31/2006 11:38:02 AM

When thinking about gravity amplifying systems, I think its important to discuss
the concepts of interconnectedness and non locality.
I've been studying quantum physics for many years,and I've come to think of the
'strong force', or the space between protons, neutrons, electrons, as the
basis for what we call gravity. This force seems to be the unifying factor of the universe. It keeps my body serarated from everything else, yet on a quantum level
I am connected to every physical object through this space. I think of this force
as a vast sea of energy, where the components of every atom are hollow 'bubbles'
which take shape when viewed by living creatures. Rather like when a laser is
shined through a piece of holographic film, creating a tangible, three dimensional image. Assuming this is true, and everything is connected, locality is merely a figment of
our perception, as is time and space. Down that line of reasoning, gravity is our physical representation
of the force that resides in and around the very building blocks(atoms:protons,neutrons,electrons) of our existence. Therefore, harnessing gravity
would be to control the 'strong force', which makes gravity, and indeed our very
existence possible. And if my own thought process is of no help to this
discussion. It may be worth while to look up ; Davd Bohms' thoeries on holographics. Sincerely, Kronos

2/3/2006 10:50:40 PM

K, thank you for the input.

The more I research gravity generation the more I understand natural gravity.
In addition there is as in the past during my research, problems with the current theory of atomic structure. So actually I am working on three related things at the same time.
Manufactured gravity, natural gravity and a new model of the atom.


Even though manufactured gravity requires a special process to extract full gravity "Blank" from the atom, according to the modified 2+ 1 theory, the (and this is important) atom (and actually) every atom (more or less) for lack of a better word " leak" a small amount of gravity "blank" .

In other words, the gravity extraction process really is just "boosting" the "normal" natural gravity "blank" "leakage" that ocurrs normally more less in every atom.

Some atoms due to their structure "leak" more than others.
Some conditions cause some atoms to "leak" more than other atoms.
Some special conditions cause really "leaky" atoms to "flood" gravity "blank".

In addition there is time displacement involved. Even though this is a small amount of time displacement it is important in the gravity generation process and the usefullness of the manufactured gravity "blank".

Or: A little time displacement is all that is required.

Of course it is more complex than this but this is the general direction at this time.


Ga kar
2/5/2006 8:42:47 AM

If you want to know how the propulsion systems work then take the trouble to read a book called
The Physics of a Flying Sauce, by Ted Roach B.E (civil), M.I.E
ISBN 0-9594088-2-7, I have read it quite a few times
He tries to combine the three laws to gather Magnetic, Gravity, time.

There also a member of Bufora that’s gives a lecture on ufo Propulsion, I have sat through it and some going to hear him talk, it's a more than one lecture sitting you need.
I don't think it on DVD yet or that he is still giving lectures on the subject.

I think when we crack the propulsion systems that Alien crafts use we will laugh about how simple it is and yet we could not see it. My accountant once told me “don't look for the hard answers they not there, the problem is always the simplest answer”

2/5/2006 9:32:11 AM

ga kar:

The first axiom of alchemy states:

"Whatever can be accomplished with a simple method, should not be
attempted by a complicated one."


2/20/2006 1:34:27 PM

Ga and ON thank you for the input.
And I could not agree more simple is always better. This is why if I can not explain gravity generation in three pages or less I feel this means I really don't fully understand it yet.

As this is my goal I am really trying to refine the process down to it's basics.
While there are still many unaswered questions, each time one part is solved it fills in the gaps in my understanding, causing a new door to open up. Then it just starts all over again, but with a much better understanding the next time around.

I have been told that "research" is what you are doing when you don't know what you are doing.
I think this is true.


In the work of raising my level of understanding of the gravity extraction process from 95% to 96%, something new:

I have now raised my understanding of "time displacement" during the generation of manufactured gravity from 50% to 75%.

According to the modified 2+1 gravity theory:

Natural gravity and manufactured gravity "blank" are both instantaneous.

Natural gravity "blank" output IS "delayed" by a small amount of time from it's natural gravity "blank" generation. Earth gravity for example. This is normal.

Manufactured gravity "Blank" output is NOT delayed. It's output is instantaneous. That is, instant output at the time of it's generation. This is NOT "normal".

The time difference is small but very important in the usefullness of manufactured gravity "blank".

While natural and manufactured gravity "blank" are the same there is a small time difference between them.

"Time displacement" ocurrs at the point where natural and manufactured gravity "blank" meet each other.

In other words "out of step" with each other.

In addition there is another factor in manufactured and natural gravity "blank" and that is "RATE".

That is, the RATE of generation of gravity "blank" whether natural or manufactured.

Normal atoms in "normal" conditions (Earth for example) have a fixed rate governed by the/ it's "normal" atomic structure.

Manufactured gravity "blank" with the correct process applied may have a variable gravity "blank" rate of generation. From a low rate to a very high rate.

In addition there is "amount" of the generated gravity "blank" at that "rate".

For example a large "amount" of Earth gravity "blank" at a fixed "rate".
(a large amount of atoms in the Earth generating gravity "blank" at a fixed rate)

Manufactured gravity "blank" generated at a higher "rate" but using a smaller "amount" of atoms during the gravity "blank" generation process.

Manufactured gravity "blank" generated out of step and at a higher rate than natural gravity 'blank".

Of course it is more complex than this, but this is the general direction at this time.


3/7/2006 3:18:21 PM

Current understanding regarding the attractive force of gravity is not entirely accurate. Gravity is indeed a wave form, however, there exists a type of gravity experienced by only a small percentage of us. This type of gravity I shall refer to as Reversed Altitude Gravity (RAG). In normal gravity, its attractive force decreases as the square of the distance between any two objects. RAG attraction actually increases as the vertical distance increases between those of us so empowered to experience it and any relatively massive object below us. RAG attraction can be easily experienced by going in a high rise building and stopping say every 5 floors to look out the window towards the ground. As you go progressively higher a force will become apparent which increases in amplitude such that at some point (different for each individual) it will no longer be possible to look down without being pulled out the window no matter how tightly you hold on. That is the essence of RAG attraction. I first experienced RAG attraction when taking a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. For the first few minutes of flight we were at an altitude of about 200 feet above the forest below. At this point RAG attraction was not a substantial factor. As we passed over the rim and the vertical distance to the ground increased rather instantaneously to about 4,000 feet, the effects of RAG attraction immediately became apparent. Had I not instinctively reached under my seat and pulled upwards on the seat frame as hard as I could the helicopter surely would have crashed. In this instance RAG attraction was shown to exist as a wave of terror.

Gived the great distances between astronomical objects, RAG attraction would be the system of choice for any rational race of advanced beings. RAG attraction requires no onboard fuel supply and in fact the only design modification to the space ship would be to establish a window through the bottom of the hull so that the occupants could see the great void below them.

Further details available on request.

3/31/2006 11:23:10 PM


The gravity blank is now called in this work "gravity beam".

Asignment of names in this work has been the hardest part so far as to try to avoid confusion because much of this research is new.

Something new:

Manufactured gravity extraction process is a multi step process.

But here is the new part.

One part of this process occurs in "natural" gravity.

In other words "natural" gravity (earth for example) has one part that is in many ways identical to one part of the manufactured gravity process.

Natural gravity of stars and planets uses a "step down" process the closer to the center you get.

This "step down" process involves very small differences in time in each atom as you go from the surface of a star or planet.

The "step down" process increases in intensity the closer to the center of the star or planet.

This small time difference in each atom becomes greater as you become closer to the center.

This time difference acts sort of like a "check valve" that allows gravity to "go down"
So to speak, but not "up".

Down to the next atom that has a "faster time" of gravity beam extraction.

But not "up" to the next atom with a "slower time" of gravity beam extraction.

In other words: this is where the "downward pull" comes from in all planets and stars.

As you may have already figured out from the above: A magnetic field is involved,

In the case of the earth: earths magnetic field through the center of the earth.

In the case of manufactured gravity extraction, a produced "un natural" magnetic field.

A magnetic field is one very important part of the process in natural gravity and manufactured gravity.

Back to work.


4/18/2006 10:27:39 AM


Here is something really not new but I have decided to present it here anyway.
This may be hard to grasp, but I have known for a while that one part of the manufactured gravity process involves a similar or very close to that used in:


The process is similar but on a much smaller scale,
But the output from the telepathic transmission process is instaneous and long ranging.

Biological generation instead of machine generated.

A modulated gravity beam to carry thought transmission.

Remember the 2+1 gravity theory,

The atom

That's all there really is to work with.

Time and space never changes.
Only the atom has changed.

Remember, the gravity beam while located IN the atom is NOT part of the atom.
Without the atom there could be no gravity beam.

Machines are made of atoms.
People are made of atoms.

It is more complex than this, but this is the general direction at this time.

Back to work.


5/15/2006 2:40:58 PM

The work on a new atomic structure has started to make some head way at last.
It is radical and different than the existing one and won't be well accepted, but that's ok.
But at the same time more simple than the existing one in many ways.
I am not sure when this will be finished but it won't be shown here as I would like to have some graphics along with a description of the new atomic structure.

Back to work.

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