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3/12/2005 4:40:04 AM


I have been compiling data over the years and have recently developed this theory...That U.F.O.s and Warfare somehow relate to each other. For example, U.F.O.s have been appearing everywhere durring and since World War 2. Note how the Roswell incedent happened to occur near a town with an Air Force Base, or that White Sands missile range has seen many U.F.O.s, along with Los Alamos( the Nuclear testing site where the worlds first Atomic Bomb was tested). There are also strange, dwindling facts that litter famous U.F.O. accidents, Like The hudson river valley incedent(the hudson river valley is home to the U.S.'s best Army Academy, and Indian Point Nuclear facility).
Here is a list of examples of U.F.O. accidents.

San Antonio,TX, 1987, 15 witnesses report strange lights, and figures in the Olmos Basin Area(San Antonio is home To Lackland, Kelly, and Brooks Airforce Base, and Home to Fort Sam Houston, and Camp Bullis military instellation).

Gulf Breeze/Pensacola,FL, 1987-1990's, Strange U.F.O.s and abductions.
(Pensacola Naval Air Base).

The Redlesham accident,U.K., dec.1980-1981, Strange U.F.O. sightings, landings.(Bentwaters Airforce base, Rendlesham Royal Airforce Base).
**********************************************************************************************************I thus set my point, that U.F.O.s happen to go around military bases due to the fact that we are now a formidable opponent to them(we have nuclear weapons, radar, and supersonic jets/space craft).
This is another theory that I have compiled over the years, and hope the results satisfy anyone who reads this.

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