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1/29/2004 1:26:24 PM

U.F.O.'S during World War 2

I t has been stated in documentaries that during World War 2, pilots from both sides saw these craft and each thought the other had some new, secret weapon of technology. My father-in-law was in the Air Force and flew a B-17 Bomber. Pilots have to be extremely careful when reporting a 'sighting' because it could cost them their entire career...not to mention credibility. They were branded unfit to fly if they insisted telling their story. I haven't questioned my father-in-law as to whether or not he experienced encountering these craft because I don't want him to feel I'm trying to take advantage of our connection by pressing him to release any confidential information he may have been forced to swallow no matter what. I will say this...he believes we are not alone. He is a retired Baptist preacher and a psycholigist.

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