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1/29/2004 2:04:14 PM

Weird incident in Berlin 1993

Not really related to UFO's but since we have been discussing telepathy and some other spiritual stuff lately i want to tell a weird story about something that happened to me in Berlin.

I visited Berlin 1993 together with a girlfriend to sell an apartment that i had there. (We were from Munich). We spent a night there in some medium hotel (i mean nothing exceptional but also not bad).

In the middle of the night, somwhere around 3 am, we both woke up due to terrible noise coming from somewhere, i guess above us. And i mean really LOUD noise. It was sound like drilling holes in the wall, moving furniture around without caring that there are hotel guests sleeping.

We called reception and they told us to hold on, they'll send a detective. Well the detective took his time to come and the noise was going on until maybe 5 mins before that guy arrived, it took him perhaps 30 mins to get to us (ok understandable at that time). We told him about that and he went exploring. The noise had stopped and he couldn't find anything.

After he left, the noise returned. and we complained again at the reception. Finally they gave us a new room (in another area on the same floor though) and we got at least some sleep for the rest of the night.

Now about the really weird aspects. We both heard the sounds. And as you know, that noise of drilling holes in a wall and moving furniture over some type of floor can be really loud. We wondered, why nobody else on the same floor showed up or has heard what we heard, and reception meant we were the only ones complaining. We really couldn't believe that we were the only ones hearing that.

I actually wasn't thinking about that incident for a long time and not in terms of something unusual. At the time it happened i was just upset, how can someone dare to make that much noise in the middle of night in a hotel with perhaps a bazillion guests sleeping. And then the coincidence that when the hotel detective showed up that the noise was gone (Maybe he was drilling holes or actually knew who it was and told them to hold on for a moment ... ?).

Anyway still hard to believe that we were the only ones. Leads me to the conclusion that there is room for something unusual. Like ghost sounds of some kind, an event that occured long ago or something, kinda haunting that hotel room and whoever is resting there ....

Well just a weird story that returned to my mind triggered by our threads about telepathy and other spiritual phenomenon, time travelling and the like.


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Robert L. Sharp
1/29/2004 2:30:43 PM

That's how it works. Something as bizarre as what happened to you is
initially "blocked" out of your mind, only to resurface years later, to leave
you wondering and bewildered over what happened. And it is very possible
that you and your friend were the ONLY ones to perceive of this for some reason.

1/29/2004 2:38:54 PM

Well at least it didn't harm you...whatver it may have been. Here's a story that will make you feel you're not alone. My sister (now deceased) and her husband saw moving balls of light outside their window in the middle of the night. They wern't fireflies. Now both my sister and her husband were deeply religious and this was something they couldn't explain. I doubt they would tell the 'elder' of their congregation because they probably would have told them it was demons and they must have done something to conjure them up. I believe this changed her and how her religion didn't know everything she was led to believe. Sadly it is my opinion her misguided religious beliefs played a part in her death...but thats another story I won't go into...too hurtful and I'm angry at those who mis-led her into such nonsense.

1/29/2004 4:08:57 PM

On another incident i saw balls of light on my balcony in an apartment where i used to live at that time. Not sure when it was, maybe around 1987 but can't remember the exact year. They were about 50-60 cm in diameter, bright yellow to white, floating a little above the ground and making weird crackling noises. I remember this today as kinda dream, but it's more real than a dream. I went on the balcony. Then i had a black out, can't remember what happened for a while.
My girlfriend of that time is meanwhile dead. She died from a desease that cannot be healed in 1991.
I understand what you say about religion. I'm not religious and what you said is one of the major reasons. If there is a god, i don't need anyone telling me how to communicate with god or what god likes or doesn't like.


Robert L. Sharp
1/29/2004 5:28:15 PM

I am sorry to hear about your friend. My heart goes out to you.

May I make a comment on your experience? Lots of people have seen
the orbs of light, just like you, only to pass out, black out, go to sleep
and so on, only to find out later that they were actually abducted, taken
aboard crafts, examined and a lot of other things that are not necessarily
nice to think of. A lot of these experiences have been recounted under
hypnosis, and the abduction occurs right after someone witnesses these
lights. I have read story after story of this same phenomenon, that are
told to abduction and UFO investigators. I know that sounds bizarre as
could be to the nay-sayers and debunders, and even to some people that
believe in this scenario, but I think that is what possibly happened to you.
It is only later that you recall small fragments of the experience.


1/29/2004 6:01:50 PM

Well, there it could be a ball of light(I'm not sure what the name is in english) which is simply a lightningball it floats around and moves(Altho I don't think this is the case it's just a thougt)..

1/30/2004 8:38:48 AM


basically i might have been abducted on that light sphere incident but i have absolute no conscious memories about having been abducted. And also none from before or after that incident. Hmmm maybe i didn't pass their test *g*. Thats why i say i'm most likely not abducted.

I have another weird experience though, that was even earlier. It was 1980. I was on my way home, again with a girlfriend, from some amusement in Munich. At that time we lived in the countryside some 50km (~ 35 miles) outside Munich.

It was 4 am in the morning, short before dawn, still completely dark. We were driving at around 140 km/h (~ 100mph) on the Autobahn Munich - Salzburg. No other traffic was around, not on our side and not in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, short after passing the exit to Ottobrunn, a black box passed our cars course perpendicular very close to the headlights at very high speed. It was moving from left (center of autobahn) to the right side. It was clearly visible against the light grey background of the asphalt of the autobahn in the light of the headlights. I estimate it's speed somewhere around our speed or faster. It didn't visibly get closer to the car while it passed, and our speed was ~ 38.8 m/s (meters per second). I also guess it was partially moving in our direction or we would have unavoidably crashed into it.

First of all, it was no "biological" shape, it was pretty clearly a box, approx 2x2x1 feet. It was completely black not reflecting any light and extremely good visible against the asphalt lit up from the headlights.

It flew at the height of the headlights or tad below. Now you must know, that on a German autobahn there are guard rails at exactly the height of headlights to prevent cars in case of crashes getting off the autobahn and to prevent blending oncoming traffic. At this height, the box must have an extreme manouverability to prevent crashing into the rail (the left rail which seperates the other direction from our side was maybe 2-3m away). If not would have unavoidably crashed into the rail before getting to our side of the autobahn.

When i saw it, i got my foot off the throttle, but it was so short that i didn't even start to break.

None of us said anything. I was just continuing to drive as before.

Eight weeks later, she asked me, whether i have seen the box in this night. So my girlfriend noticed it too, that was a confirmation of what i have seen and that i didn't dream or something and that it obviously was something really weird. I mean if it would have been a bird, we would have forgotten about it long ago.

Another fact, that i think relates to that incident, is that there in Ottobrunn very close to the Autobahn is a company formerly named MBB (Messerschmidt, Bölkow, Blom), now part of DASA. They and another nearby company have to do with military as well as space stuff, like manufacturing satellites and now building parts for Ariane.

Now my guess is, that this was a probe of some sorts. I don't think it was manmade for a number of reasons, mostly for the weird shape and extreme manouverability, yet of a size not bigger than an airplane model, but definitly no wings, no aerodynamic shape, just a black box.

I've never heard of something similar though, with one exception maybe but i don't know which shape the "probe" on that incident had. There was a case in France somewhere, where a policeman claimed to have been followed by a strange "probe" on his way to work for several days.

If there's anyone out there having seen the same or similar i'd really be interested in knowing.


Robert L. Sharp
1/30/2004 9:34:23 AM

I have never heard of this before. Maybe other readers have though.
It is odd that you saw this near an installation that makes Military and Space
stuff. Did you notice if there was a period of time that you could not account
for? Did you block it out of your mind for a long time, only to recall it later?

I have been mulling over and over in my mind the last 42 years the odd things
that have happened to me. There are some people who have these experiences
throughout their life, and others, most people, never see or experience anything,
and never will. There is a reason for it.

I have had too many things happen to me, and it bothers me at times.
I have seen many, many UFO's, lost time episodes, many sleep paralysis
events, and have been privvy to a flying saucer. It may sound bizarre to
most people, but I actually look forward to the next event that confronts me.

The only thing that really frightens me is the sleep paralysis. It is a terrifying
thing to experience, as I know for certain that there are beings in the bedroom
when it happens. My wife almost freaks out when I "come out" of this state,
whatever it may be. She is totally unaware of it happening to me until I come
to. It bothers me tremendously, as I have a hard time functioning at work, or
anything else for a few days. I am afraid to go to sleep at night for awhile,
until some time has passed. There is a plan, I suspect, although I don't know
what it is. Why have I been picked on like this? If I am being abducted and
experimented with, what the hell do they need from a 58 year old man like me?
One other thing, most of these events have happened in January. Jan. 19th,
Jan 25th, Jan 29th, and I have been having a hard time getting any sleep
during this month knowing it may happen soon. Other times have been during
the month of May, June, and September.


Maybe other readers will have some incite as to your sighting, Doc. I don't know
what to tell you.

Rick Sobie
1/30/2004 9:35:50 AM

Hi Doc,

That is an interesting report indeed. It never ceases to amaze me how
varied these reports are. Obviously that black box must have been
under some sort of intelligent control.

But it was not very aerodynamic, smooth edges as it were, so it
probably wasn't meant to be where you actually saw. It.

You think it might have had some sort of homing device in it?

When you say black box of course that conjures up images of black
boxes as in aircraft etc, but what if it was some sort of black
box of a higher order? It must have had advanced technology.

The thing that troubles me most about these things is how easy it is
to get hurt with these things flying around and then what?

Suppose it crashed into your car, are you going to explain what happened
and are they going to believe you? No, you just have to let it go.

Whatever happened to good stories of this nature? The benevolent
ones, the friendly ones, the kind aliens who take people for a
nice pleasant journey and show them all sorts of wonders
and tell them of the great promise that lies ahead in the future
and all that?

Did they all die with Walt Disney?

This is truly a different world than when I was a child. But then I suppose
change is inevitable. Maybe just being young, is all it was and it was not
the world at all. Maybe growing up, is what happens to people and then they
look at things differently.

My heart goes out to others here in this thread and yourself Doc,
for losing your girlfriend, and Ben, marry the darn girl and have some kids man.

Julie is not going to marry you (nor me), we are not her type. If you
let this girl you will regret it for the rest of your life. MuHaBean girls
are so few and far between and you know it. Play the guitar sing,
surpise her, don''t take out ads. Don't live your life for the paparazzi dammit.
Live the dream.
Hey, when we get back home, you know everything is going to be just as
it was. You cannot turn this world into that one. So grab what love
and pleasure you can while you can because these are fleeting moments.

Oh, sorry. My mind started to wander there.

1/30/2004 11:47:59 AM


no there was no missing time involved in the black box incident, i mean we were driving at around 100mph and the only reaction at the time of the incident was to lift off my foot a little of the pedal. Thats all. I have never seen a "big" UFO (such as these on top of the page) so far, any aliens or experienced missing time that i know off except for the light spheres but don't remember how long that "time out" was.

Another idea about that incident is, that it was kinda accidentaly, we were not meant to see this. Or it was intentionally, something along the line "look, we are here, just so you know". Actually this incident is also the one, that showed clearly to me that in this world some strange things are going on, that we can't explain. And it was the first weird incident i had in my life. I was around 19 years old.

I think from other posts, where i react more sceptic on things, you know that i'm not an easy "believer" of things, i'm basically using a healthy amount of scepticism and try to judge over cases and stuff based on logic, facts and knowledge. First trying to rule out any natural explanations.

I'm not one that "needs that to be true or my worldview breaks down" (a "believer"). I just want truth, i want to know, i want to know how it works, i want to have it myself *grin* (a convertible UFO, for example *broad grin*).

And from these incidents i know for a FACT there is that unexplainable, so basically i'm open minded but not stupidly accepting every hoax that i find on the web for a fact.

I trust every single word in your accounts, Robert and Lois, since i know you are honest and honestly interested in finding truth, knowing whats going on, not abusing it to make money from it, not even telling it openly to anybody to show off what a great person you are with even own contacts to the alien world. Guess you know what i mean.

I trust everyone elses genuine accounts when i have the feeling, that they are not based on "i *want* this to be true" or on "i need this to be true for my pitiful self esteem", but on "i had this experience and now i want to know the truth, i can live with any outcome".

What i don't trust are mostly websites that have price tags and shopping carts and persons in the vicinity of UFOlogy that make a living from that matter, like for example Hoagland and some of his abstruse claims, partially based on completely false foundations like his "The Enterprise Project" (IMO). I mean alone that name was intentionally selected to provoke more traffic on his site by using the word "Enterprise", woohooo Star Trek fans (I know other websites using "RealDoll" to attract more traffic *g*). Also Hesemann is usually one, that i can't accept without reservation, like many others in the pseudo-scientific scene of UFOlogoy. These usually don't do our cause a favour, actually they are mostly responsable for the public opinion that all that stuff is ridiculous and we are flooded by hoaxes and fakes (like that chupacabra picture).

It is very hard to find genuine incidents on the web. I mean told from the ones that had the experience, i mean the "raw" version, not "cooked" by some nut that will sell it in his next book ....

Guess i got a little sidetracked. But had to ramble a little about the UFOlogy scene.


Robert L. Sharp
1/30/2004 12:30:01 PM

Actually I want the model with the Bose Stereo System, and a Plasma TV.
As I have said before, I have had many, many incidents in my life. I don't know
why. It has happened and that is all I know.

I only wish to convey to others some of my experiences. If people don't want
to believe, that is fine. I don't want to "convince" others of anything, because
everyone has their own belief system. I like to hear of things that have happened
to other people, however believable or far-fetched it may seem to ME.

I stated before, I documented and sent to a reputable investigator, all the
events that have occured to me. I also stated to this gentleman that I have
no desire of notoriety, monetary gain, movies, books, or anything along this
line. I just want to find out what has happened to me throughout my life.

The things that have happened to me, have happened to millions worldwide,
I suspect, and there MUST be a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is still to be
found. I just hope it happens before I have my last shot of Bushmills. whoops!

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