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subject: Weird incident in Berlin 1993

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1/30/2004 1:30:05 PM

Bose Stereo and Plama TV sounds good to me. Of course we also need a fully equipped fridge too, maybe a bar, whirlpool ... hmmm

I once talked to Mr. von Ludwiger (MUFON-CES) about that autobahn incident. He was actually the one mentioning that French case when i asked about similar cases.

Yes i understand that no need to convince thing. I'm also not trying to convince people of that stuff, except Don of course *g*, thats more or less a lost cause unless there is real publicly available hard evidence as in "A big UFO landed today on the Red Place in Moscow inviting Moscows public to take part in a sightseeing tour around our solar system" or something like that.

And even then there will still be sceptics.

I have another one.

I once had a friend having a restaurant in Munich. She had a barkeeper from South America, Argentina. Usually when i visited her i was sitting at the bar talking to the barkeeper while waiting for her finishing her business. We became somewhat friends. Also people tend to trust me after some time. Well i'm a good listener and treat everyone respectful unless someone calls for war.

One day, the guests were mostly gone, only the two of us near the bar, he showed me something that i really wouldn't believe if i would get the story told. He put a wine glas on the bar. Then he moved his hand close to the glas, maybe distance of like 10 cm (~4 inches) and moved the glas along the bar at a moderate speed without touching it, in other words, i got a first hand demonstration of telekinesis. No there was no liquid on the bar, nor do i know any trick how this would have been possible else. And his hand was behind the moving direction, not ahead of the glass, so no way to pull it. Anyway my face was as close as maybe 50cm or roughly 20 inches, if there would have been anything i would have seen it. And i know both sides of the bar, not only that one a guest usually can see *g*. He did it as if it is nothing, simply self understanding like we move our limbs or whatever.

Then he said, though didn't get a life demonstration for it being already a tad late, that for example he can sense when guests sit down outside. You need to know that the restaurant was in the basement but there were some tables outside on the sidewalk in summertime.

He said, all that "comes from here" pointing somewhere to his lower head from behind.

Thats all.

You know, such things happen suddenly and without any warning and when it happens it happens as if it is the most natural thing in the world. And later you ask yourself whether this really happened.

I'm by no means psychic or anything, so can't tell on own experience. I believe that a lot of things that are contributed to telepathy have other, simplier, less exciting explanations. Nevertheless, phenomenon like in this case at least kind of telempathy and telekinesis do exist, at least for me and all that telethis and telethere is within the range of possibilities for me, as usual, have to check each single case.

I have asked quite some people about unusual events in their life. I actually think most people have unusual experiences but don't tell about them. I've heard some quite weird stories, yet have to believe them, all first hand weird little stories of unexplainable phenomenon.

I know that at least 10 x more poeple are reading and lurking here than posting messages. Come on guys, lets hear your weird little experiences.


Robert L. Sharp
1/30/2004 3:02:08 PM

Interesting story. I have heard of people doing this, although I have never
seen it. One thing I can do is this: Wet my index finger and run it around the rim
of a wineglass, and it makes a high pitched whining sound. Drives my wife crazy.

I am sure that there are 10x the people lurking and watching instead of posting
and replying in this forum. Usually they are the debunkers needing a good laugh,
and some are government types snooping around to see what is being talked
about, and the rest, well they are probably people who are interested in the
subjects, but are too timid or afraid to actually say something. That is sad, because
I know there are millions of odd experiences that people would like to share,
but might be afraid of what others will say or think. I guess they can leave a
note and then get out anonymously, as we have seen before. I just don't care too
much for the ones that want to espouse their unending knowledge of Physics
and the Universe in one sentence and then leave anonymously, never to be heard
of again. Like we are supposed to be overly impressed with their one sentence
Einstein brain power, that says nothing to all who read it. Just my guess.


Rick Sobie
1/30/2004 6:23:43 PM

Hi Doc, Robert, others, lurkers et al,

This is an interesting thread, and it sounds as though both of you have had
some incredible experiences. (Robert and Doc) I envy Robert having seen
a flying disk so close at hand, and fortunately to have other witnesses,
and Doc, to see that telekinesis, must have been an amazing sight.

Often the world seems so hum drum, day in day out, same old eat sleep
watch TV and then when you find a subject like this it is frustrating
to find that people hide information or refuse to let the public in on their

It reminds me of Ed Conrad and his battles with the Smithsonian over his
discoveries of man as old as coal and how he can never get through
all the establishment stuff to get anyone to take him seriously because
it doesn't fit in with their world view. www.edconrad.com
Maybe because his approach is commercial and tabloidish, but he had
to do everything himself, he just couldn't get anywhere with the establishment.

For me unfortunately my experiences are never small enough to be
interesting to people on a wide scale. When things happen to me it
seems to affect the entire universe almost. It is almost as if reality
itself takes part in my experiences of an extraordinary nature,
and no one would understand or believe them. I don't need anyone to
believe them as I have friends who know and that is a great comfort.

But even my uncle, the arch angel still thinks I imagined the time that David
was with me, and that comet Kahoutek(sp) was in the sky and it was a
wonderful night, the moon was full and the comet visible, and we were just
marvelling at the beauty of it, and we were talking, he was just there in the
spirit but he was there and he says look at the moon, and then he spun it
around on its axis.

You see that is the kind of thing that happens to me, and there is no way
that I could say, Hey, did you see that? Or phone up my buddy or
something and say, guess what!

Or the cloudmail I used to get. I shared that for a while with some people,
but mostly these things are on such a personal basis, between myself
and God, or the Gods of Godhood, or the Pros from Dover, or
angels most people wouldn't even know them.

And lots of people have experiences like that I suppose. Priests talk
to God all the time. But people don't usually want to hear about religious
type things they want real physical craft of extraterrestrial or interdimensional
origin. Something scientific that you can phone someone up and say
"Hey you wouldn't believe what I just saw" or some videos that
people can share or pictuures, that sort of thing.

Or a guy like John Hutchison and his amazing adventures with science just
as a garage style inventor.

But I have gotten used to it over time and now I don't go looking for the
real big things anymore because I have seen all those sorts of things to the
point where reality becomes too personal an experience. It becomes
just me and everything else is God and at that point, I wonder why I
am even here if it is all God and so malleable in his hands. I mean why aren't
we doing something else more exciting if it is just him and me.
I don't know if you can understand that, but anyway, the best things for
me I suppose are the people. The people I meet on various levels of existence
and who they are and all that it makes the universe so much more wonderful.

And to search for my spiritual relatives and try and find out where we came
from as people and as a race. I love that stuff. Finding some mystery
like all this timetravel business about John Titor and Egypt and all that.

I am almost at the point where I really don't care like I used to whether
or not the government comes forward and discloses the phenomena.
I have enough enjoyment from the material I find now just from the
dribbling out and all that. Thanks to a few people who have brought
forward evidence. The turning point for me, was Steven Greer.
He made a convincing argument and helped people come forward
with their stories. And what great stories and testimonials they

Nowadays I am more like Ed Conrad and I am more interested in secret
archaeology perhaps because it deals with history and mankinds
origins and culture and that sort of thing. Sure I would love to get
a look at some book like the one that supposed was there at the
Roswell crash that told of the universe and all that, but it probably
would seem so foreign to me now that it would be little more than
a curiousity.

I am like John in a way. My family, my spiritual family is the most
important thing in the universe to me next to the creator.

I have learned so much about people and I have come to look at some
people with such amazement. Some people just warm me to a degree
that you would not believe. There are kindred spirits in this world and
when you find them, what a blessing that is. And the beauty and
perfection that I see in some people, it is hard not to fall inlove
with people like that. And well sometimes I do.

It seems to me that by comparison, I don't even feel like the same type
of creation as most people I meet on the street or at work etc.
The things they find interesting, I just cannot relate to. And the things
I find interesting probably make them feel uncomfortable.

Like TV. I just don't care for it anymore, yet I grew up in front of the darn
thing like most people. Now I don't find it interesting. I can't tollerate
commercials and the stories seem so mundane filled with laugh tracks
and al that. No the real world and the Internet and the people I hang
out with and who drop by - even here- just to say hi, or drop a note,
what they are saying is I love you. Plain and simple and this world needs
more of that. What is more improtant than friendships.
Without friendships life is just going through the motions.

But Doc, since we are putting in our orders for plasma screens
and hot tubs, lets make that hot tub a big one. Because I love so
many people I couldn't think of leaving them out. Mind you, you guys
will have to wait your turn to use it, and we will certainly clean it
when me and the girls ARE FINSIHED ;0

Just kidding. I have such a vivid wild imagination don't I?

Anyways, thanks for sharing your experienes people, I have enjoyed the
stories greatly. And again my compliments to the originators and maintainers
of this wonderful website. A great resource for the study of such an
amazing subject. You are the best. Thanks again.

I hope you don't mind me hanging around here and taking part as I have been.
If I get to be a pain, please do not hesitate to tell me to hit the road.
I have big shoulders, I can take it. And if the odd weirdo comes by and
drops a message and it seems strange, it is just because this subject
is strange, and people sometimes have difficulty communicating
things they want to say in a manner that meets the criteria of the topic
they wish to discuss. If its too weird to tell people straight up,
then you have to be more creative I guess But hey thats all right with me.
We can always use our intuition and try to glean what the person meant.

So please continue to share people, like Robert and Doc said, I too
enjoy hearing the stories.

1/30/2004 6:34:16 PM

There is some thing I wish to mention concerning abduction and that's mind manipulation. After an encounter some people will see an animal which seems to be odd in some respect or out of place. For example seeing an owl in the city or a large black dog which seems to come out of nowhere. Now an owl has large eyes of course and they seem piercing. A large black dog on the other hand could frighten a person. Where the mind manipulation comes in is that the actual experience is replaced with a false image...meaning the large black eyes of the greys are replaced with this memory image to hide the true vision.

Robert L. Sharp
1/30/2004 6:47:15 PM

You are absolutely correct in what you just said. That is their way of covering
their tracks in a way. They replace the REAL with the FAKE. They don't want
you to remember their vision, instead leaving you with a vision of something we
all understand, such as an owl or a doe, or a squirel even. It would be too easy
for them to leave with their vision in your memory, and their vision is not what
they want you to remember. The doe or owl makes more sense to an Earthly
mind and memory, and is not as frightening. They use this method frequently.

Rick Sobie
1/31/2004 2:16:36 AM

Hi Lois,

It is funny you should mention those black dogs. I actually saw an animal
once when I was driving in Northern Ontario one time, cross the highway.
It wasn't a bear, but it looked something like a cross between a bear and
a dog. It went across the road in front of me and I was quite amazed.

I had never seen anything like that before and I, being fairly skeptical,
about these sorts of things, found it very strange. I mean this was an animal
you just don't find anywhere in any book or anything.

It was on a stretch of highway called the Lake Superior Route. A beautiful
windy rural area that goes around Lake Superior. Before I saw this
animal, I felt that there was something weird about this particular area
but I can't remember what it was.

I didn't get abducted or anything like that but I remember it clearly to this
day. I never told anyone about it because I didn't think they would believe

1/31/2004 6:25:56 AM

Interesting story about that petrified bones. I don't think that it has any impact on Darwinism or the concept of genetical evolution in general. It would just add more evolutionary lines. There are quite some biological features that nature developed independently in several species, simply due to the fact that they were successful concepts, like for example fangs for hunting animals or the basic aerodynamic shape of fish and dolphins which developed completely independend, so why not human shaped critters millions of years ago. Also walking on 2 legs isn't really new to humans, quite some dinosaurs did and cangoroos do the same and the dog of my parents does it too when greeting me *g*. And then how many legs do birds have ? Guess 2 legs and two more specialized limbs are a very wide spread natural concept.
Finding the bones alone doesn't say anything about the abilities of these beings though. Would be interesting to find any artifacts from that time.
Reminds me that it really wouldn't be a wonder, if we'd find out someday, that Universe was, is and will ever be full of human like life. Or maybe god was just lacking a bit imagination.
And finally, if time travel is reality and modifications to time lines are possible, you can forget all about history, because it can be modified anytime at any time.

Also interesting stuff about ball lightning. Shows that they seem to behave somewhat intelligent at times. And THEY don't have 2 legs *g*, so something must be wrong. Just kidding.


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