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subject: Ray Santilli

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Philip Edwards
5/6/2005 6:02:43 AM


A link which tells of 7 ufo crashes in New Mexico.

Philip Edwards
5/6/2005 6:04:33 AM


A link which tells of 7 ufo crashes in New Mexico.

Philip Edwards
5/21/2005 3:01:10 AM

Some more views on the film.


5/21/2005 4:19:53 AM

I have meet Bernard Hugues ( in Marseille, France), it's a very good french Ufolog, who know good Ray.

As you know, mister Santilli show the alien's movie to a panel of french Ufolog in south of France .

As You say, there is maybe not one, but 2 or 3 different moovie of this autopsy; maybe a part of the commercial release are HOAX.

But like the German Ufolog, M.Hesemann think that maybe, a part of the moovie is TRUE, indeed.

Sadly, in french, my article about the case.


Philip Edwards
5/23/2005 1:27:00 AM


Thanks for your reply. The link you gave seems to have been removed, I wonder if you would like to give your comments on the film in English in this thread?

Philip Edwards
5/23/2005 4:26:29 AM

I think it has to be repeated that the autopsy film made it to the public domain, the secret services perhaps cannot sieze or contest it directly as that would be to admit to it`s validity. Perhaps the secret services instead doctored the film at the restoration stage, if there are edit cuts in the film then one has to prove who put them there.

5/24/2005 8:10:04 AM

Here is the Link Again, but of course It's in French


5/24/2005 8:22:28 AM

The Link is working, but you must take it " manualy" ( copy and put in the Adress)

1. first I say that the moovie was showing in Marseilles ( in a military base) , if you will , I will give you the exact date and place.
And That loot of French's Ufologs were there, Jimmy Guieu and J. Pradel, who prepare a Ufo TV Show at that time.

2. The Team of Pradel have found the so-called Barnett, who made a short moovie with Elvis and Pat Boone ,BUT it's only a " namme" taken by an other Cameraman.
This Cameraman have remplaced J.Barnett during day-off of the Universal Studio.

3. Give a loot of Ufologs, who have see the moovie , like Edger Rothschild Fouché.

4. give the German's M.Hesemann point of view about the question, like PHENICIANS on the roswell's Stuff.

5. BUT INDEED, the confirmation of Ph. Mantell and that maybe Santili made a commercial version about a true moovie.

For what I know


5/24/2005 12:20:08 PM

Beware from a Frensh-English Translator ( The best I can do)

version Luxury with illustrations:

Since years as Ufologue (amateur) one wonders me this that I think about this fine matter, it is impossible to split, but here always some ideas or notions.

In the spring 1995, the rumor d'un film showing l'autopsie d'un Gray, dead in the crash of Roswell, begins circulating.

"An extremist secret turned film there is meadows of fifty years by American military officers and showing a first rate earthly death will be projected to an international audience of fascinated d'ovni" entitled the "marseillais" of the 29-03-1995 (archives V. V. K)

According to Rock Lagrange (that thinks about a false one, one s'en doubts, no?) May 5 some privileged sorted ones in the environment would have seen this film to the British Museum, of which Jacques Pradel and our friend (deceased) Jimmy Giueu. Pradel was on the way to to create a new transmission TV "Odyssey of l'étrange".
Pradel that had all the means of his team of researches (lost view, famous transmission of the French chain) leaves on the track of the cameraman: the mysterious Jack. BARNETT, to l'origine of this film.

As a reminder, RAY SANTILLI, was on the track of unpublished films d'ELVIS PRESLEY, and had fallen by chance on this cameraman that proposes for him this strange film.

L'équipe of Pradel discovers in a « bible on Elvis » that, of fact, a certain JACK BARNETT had filmed a concert d'Elvis and of Pat Boone... of which the rights come back to a certain Bill Randle. Stronger, Randle confirms to N. Maillard (lost view) qu'il has in does sold rights to a certain Ray Santilli... Santilli, does not lie therefore, but here, Jack.Barnett is dead in 67, then finally, lie?

HESEMANN replies, yes, the cameraman exists, Gary Shoefield (firm polygram), John PURDIE (English television), Philip Mantle spoke to him. C'est a man of 86 years that lives in Florida... but this n'est not the true JACK BARNETT... the Japanese TV published his interview.

Barnett is dead in 1969, and the true cameraman used this name knowing the latter dead, for s'auto to protect, it had replaced the latter for the studios of l'Universal during d'une strike... Oups

According to John Rock Small, the film is aujourd'hui between the hands of the CIA, through a certain Volker Spielberg. Netsurfers, having poorly read did to circulate on the net one that c'était a production of Spielberg, c'est probably this Spielberg that financed l'achat film to the cameraman.
(Cf. Rock Lagrange: The rumor of Roswell, ISBN 2-7071-2641 ).
The Japanese television did l'interview of this same cameraman.
The Cpt JAMES Mc ANDREW (usa air force) says to know this film.
Mike MALONEY, friend of GORBACHEV (very important, to see his position to l'ONU and in the New one Acts to the Maurice Strong), of Reagan, Onassis well known for have done fortune, says to have seen the film for the group DISNEY, but c'est important, note notorious differences.
"I'm convinced... It's not has fake" Mike MALONEY
Frank SALAS, the technician that transferred the film16 mm on video, gives also his testimony, with, c'est important, the passage mention of BAD QUALITE...
The BUFORA says exactly it same thing, Santilli had the film since years, and l'original... n'est not the even... ah.
Bateman and price-watts (AK music) say having been approached by Santilli, l'été 1994, saying to have a film with a Gray one, alas of poor quality, not did they can in "to do something".
Philip Mantle, saw several times it "film", of which in March 95 in black and white and without his:

"I's have viewed this section of film over and over again... inside... has tent "...

In April, it reviews the film with his spouse:

"Unlike the previous film this was very clear"

There he has from that time an or two films? Does it exist a version general public?
Mantle would have even obtained 8 minutes of film; projected May 20 1995 to the big hotel of SAN MARINO... extracts never make public.

THE Sgt Clifford Stone (heard on ART BELL, and in contact with Steven GREER) testifies also to have seen for him this same film to STRONG LEY.
Joshen TAKANO, museum ufologique of Japan, testify to have seen this film, to the CIA.
Hake ANDREWS and the Dr HOANG YUNG CHIANG that have the film, June 26 1995, testify also to have seen such a film to LANGLEY.
Edgar Albert Fouché Rothschild seems to have had in its family links some lights, Joseph Fouché prime minister of Napoléon, and it was equally guiding d'un first European secret services. Of by its links also with the families russell-rothschild, it is also in high position in the F: .M:., it is one of the sources and a friend of BRAD STEIGER.
It published extracts of l'autopsie: of which the names of the doctors.

" Time of death: 23.30 hours... places of death: 45 miles north-northwest of Roswell places: Roswell Army Air forces Bases"

JESSE MARCEL Jr. obtained "under hypnose" retorts it poutrelles brought back to the house by his father. Ecriture qu'avait analyzed, in his time, Roger LOTHIOIR for the magazine "Publish Shock... " talking about fact d'un link with d'anciennes writings.

"This that I can say without risks too to be mistaken me, c'est that this series of signs resembles a lot to the symbols found on the disc of PHAISTOS" R.L in Publish Shock.

For Hesemann has, him, translates (Roger exchanged with him, as with Desmond Leslie about the case and of l'écriture Adamski; there is a lot to say)...

And no, this n'est NOT as the thought l'horrible reviewed SCIENCES AND LIFE, the word V I'S D E O on the poutrelles... but (in l'autre feels) D (a delta) I'S R E Q H ELE ECE ... the Phoenician one.
Stronger with the modern technique, we are at last able to read the message than held RAMEY in hand "Roswell... 4HS victims of the wreck". Then a ball forecast...

[To See l'agrandissement letter] [To See l'interprétation text]
Bobsled SHELL confirms that the brands that appear allow dating, probably 1947. J's'ai seen the letter of Kodak (this n'est not a false one) that certifies that the film is of 27, 47 or 67.

Stan Wilson, trucage of TERMINATOR 2 and Jurassic Park, confirm the huge means to realize such a film.
The firm MORGAMA had attempted to do a false film, to dismantle the all... but the result is inferior. Then?
Yes, the cables in spiral of the telephone existed; SHEER BRUSH MODEL.

- "ALIEN AUTOPSY, FACT NOW FICTION?" Jonathan Frakes (star trek actor)
- "ENCOUNTERS " exit 1 -October 1995
- "Encounters" exit 14-july 1997
- Special UNKNOWN November

Philip Edwards
5/25/2005 4:29:21 AM


Thanks for your valuable information.

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