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subject: MORE proof UFO's (Alien spaceships) dont visit earth!!!!!

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karl 12
11/6/2006 3:25:41 PM

In a purely scientific way I beleive UFOs are very real,there are now hundreds of thousands of radar corellated ,separate group witnessed events from nearly every country on earth.(alltogether there has been over 400million reported sightings)
If an object is plotted on radar travelling thousands of knots per minute,executing right angle turns and displaying completely unprecedented aerial manouverabiltiy and flight characteristics then it truly does not matter if you beleive in UFOs or not,they are there on radar nonetheless.
The sheer number of good quality,radar verified reports,together with expert eyewitness testimony from sober credible professionals goes to show even the most headed sceptic there is some element of truth to this phenomenon.
Sworn testimony from judges,policemen,pilots ect is enough to get you executed in the US. and although this topic is somewhat outlandish,if you look into it in a disspassionate,objective way ,you cannot help but arrive at the conclusion there is some basis of truth to this subject.
UFOcynics I realise, love to use fuzzy logic,muddy the water ,ignore glaring discrepencies and generaly use words to hide behind science .They need to act in a more responsible and mature fashion and become more impartial.
The assumption on the part of the UFO cynic that they originate on other planetsl is misleading.Surely a sufficiently advanced civilisation would live off planet ( where the dangers from earthquakes,floods,volcanoes would not be present.) ,or in a purely specultive way ,if they were interdimensional or brought their destination to them(if their ship is made of light then there is no mass).I realise this is stretching the limits of credulity but when UFO cynics keep assuming things then attempting to pass them off as fact I find it wholly unscientific,unwise and extremely prejudice.
Being a sceptic means having an objective approach to data,impartialy analysing evidence and being open to the truth.
The word sceptic has been hijacked by complete and utter cynics who are hysterically bias,willfully ignorant and childishly obstinate.
The mentaltiy of a UFO cynic is 'I do not beleive in UFOs therefore UFOs cannot be real'
-how scientific!
It is now estimated that globally more people take this subject seriously than not so I am glad to say that UFO cynics are now in the minority.
Cheers Karl

11/12/2006 9:33:51 AM

Why would you presuppose that UFO originate from interstellar space?
Perhaps they orginate from the interior of Earth and humans are mere genetic
experimentation populace that run rampant on ther surface of Earth for both
further genetic experimentation and food source. I remember reading an article in
university about sensitive microphones picking up human like moans and groans deep
in mine shafts where no humans should be. I always thought that odd but not since
coming to realization that Earth is probably hollow and is home base for alien civilization.
What horrors really go on beneath our feet?

karl 12
11/13/2006 5:09:59 AM

Tagos Good point, there is no precedant to presuppose anything.
Accounts from Russian miners concerning blue people were rife in the last century, also in the field of USOs there are countless reports of craft emerging from the water around the areas of Japan and the Carribean.
No matter how outlandish it sounds, there exists quite viable evidence for the moon being semi hollow, also sound tests resulted in metallic echoes and many of the astronauts reported anomalies,the moon itself also has some quite remarkable coiincidences (in size ,structure,composition ect) that lead the impartial observer to hypothesize this might not be as bizarre as it sounds.Footage of UFOs on the moon taken by the lunar orbiter clearly show unexplained lights moving around inside a moon crater(the video is on the thread 'UFOs on moon' in main forum)
There are quite good reasons to beleive underground bases exist on our planet and Although the UFO cynic would laugh at this ,it is only because they have been conditioned to do so.Thanks for the reply Cheers Karl

11/19/2006 9:43:59 AM


If the Earth were hollow, measurements of the gravitational force between Earth and the Sun would be significantly different than what they are.

11/25/2006 5:47:51 AM

Any hollow earth theory that I have read about seems to suggest that the Earth would
have some type of enormous void in the central part of the planet. I do not think
our planet has that type of huge void. Gravitational forces and the existence of
magnetic energy fields dismiss that notion. However, small pockets or cave like
intrusions in the upper crust of Earth would make it possible for limited use of
alien presence within those areas. This would not be detectable with any deviation of
magnetic variants and would also allow occupants of such cave like cavities to live
in complete secrecy and away from intruding human populace. One also cannot discount the enormous area of water on our planet. Do we really understand what occupies every squre kilometre of water> I think not.

  Replies 81 - 85 (out of 85 total)

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