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subject: MORE proof UFO's (Alien spaceships) dont visit earth!!!!!

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12/25/2003 6:26:16 PM

ok, Don makes a new post, and I take that back.

simon ellison
12/28/2003 11:09:06 AM

Yes, of COURSE Don is right!! I am sure that 'strange' and 'unexplained' things happen BUT these things, so far mis-understood or unexplained, DON'T mean because WE don't understand them, they have to be from 'another' world.
I think we, as a species, are far too vain to believe that we have NO SIGNIFIGANCE whatsover in cosmic terms, hence this delusion that is akin to little children who 'love to be frightened' believing in something which simply does not and has not EVER existed!!
This why some turn to religion....it is a 'prop' for thier egos.
Our lives are so regulated by so-called civillisation, the only expediency seems to be this desire in believing in something 'spiritual' or 'fantastic' to relieve the tedium and restraints we place on ourselves and each other.
As a species, we have evolved TOO fast for our own good, with materialism, greed and foolish ideas above our 'true station'.
Thinking WE are the EPITOME of all creation!! Sorry, we AREN'T. Until mankind (at least the so-called civillised version (!!) ) begins to realise that our destructive lifestyle is turning us into self deluded, self destructed, self opinioned 'masters of the universe' then Im afraid that we will never realise our TRUE potential. Learn from the life lessons of more really 'civillised' races ; The native Americans, South American tribal cultures that we have suppressed and tried to eradicate with our 'missionary' beliefs!!!! THESE people ARE living thier lives in a proper and dignified manner, despite THIER own beliefs and customs, which are an integral part of thier lives. To us, they may appear 'primitive' or at best, merely 'rustic'.....But I believe it is THEY who can teach us the VALUE of our reality and interaction with each other on this gem of a world...Forget your 'aliens' 'god cults' and spiritulism.....see it for what it is, a PROP......then set yourself FREE!! Love yourself, your neighbour your world and above all RESPECT ALL LIFE ON THIS WORLD, there will be time enough in the next life (if it exists) for looking for other intelligence and finding other truths. Regards and best wishes to ALL on THIS world.

12/28/2003 5:15:21 PM


What about all the eyewitness reports of flying discs, lightballs and humanoids? There are just too many.

Even if only one of them was real, the implications are huge.

Mr. Repeat
12/29/2003 5:18:29 AM

Mr. Tago:
It looks like you have already become a "jack of all trade" in space knowledge. Unfortunately for us that your knowledge is wothless in compare to the vastness of the universe. So far, whatever we have achieved in this field are in theoretical stage, moreover most of these theories are shortlived and contradictory to eachother. We talk about warm hole but we dont even know characteristic of it or the nature of time associated with it. The fact is that at this moment, we are fully incapable of carrying out a manned mission in Mars! My point is, our knowledge is extremely limited to disregard any possibility of existance of allien civilization. So the best thing is to keep an open mind in this issue!

1/2/2004 10:00:41 PM

Heresay and conjecture...heresay..and conjecture.
Good for you bud. Not many people can copy stuff from textbooks. Now THAT'S your only accomplishment.

Robert L. Sharp
1/2/2004 10:03:31 PM

Who are you referring to?

1/2/2004 10:04:59 PM

Mr Tago of course.

1/2/2004 10:07:12 PM

exactly hairy


Nick Name
1/3/2004 1:35:07 AM

i think tago is limiting himself by staying at one point..
he is talking about we would need to be harnessing the power of the galaxy to make worm holes possible..and that traveling light speed is impossible..you cant travel to a place and get there before you left because that is impossible..
theorists speculate that it may be possible to travel just under the speed of light..
maybe the least amount of energy is needed for things we thought would be impossible to create or..
maybe there are more species on earth than we know..

all im sayin is theres to much in both arguments for someone to pick a side..
if they werent already here before we began.and if theyre not already here, theyre on there way id say..

id like to think that a star gate could be possible,,a worm hole at each planet in the galaxy..i have more ideas har har

Lan Fleming
1/3/2004 11:45:40 AM

[[The only reason we know other planets exist is because we can see how their orbits affects the stars they circle.]]

NASA has plans to build telescopes that can detect chemicals that are the signature of life in other star systems. If NASA can do it, an ET civilization could have done the same a long time ago and detected signs of life on Earth long before humans appeared on the planet.

[[The oldest stars in our galaxy are the ones that are in the center of the galaxy. So it would be logical any sort of intelligent life would be there, since any life there would have the greatest amount of time to develop interstellar space travel.]]

It would NOT be logical to expect life near the center of the galazy because radiation is far more intense there than it is out on the periphery where the sun is.

[[ Like i said before, there are only two ways aliens can get here. Traveling faster than the speed of light, or worm holes.]]

Nonsense. Spacecraft travelling at speeds much slower than the speed of light can cover interestellar distances. The amount of time it takes for such a trip may be tens of thousands of years, but such crafts could be robotic or piloted by beings who've discovered how to extend their life spans almost indefinitely.

Sorry. What you call "proof" are really just laughably incorrect assertions.

  Replies 11 - 20 (out of 85 total)

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