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subject: MORE proof UFO's (Alien spaceships) dont visit earth!!!!!

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10/18/2005 2:36:54 PM

r u realy reel?

10/22/2005 4:42:39 AM

If they haven't visited Earth then how come there are no radio signals picked up. I think the aliens have visited Earth as seen in ancient Sumerian text and use what ever means that are necessary to stay away from us. They fear us, because we are seen as barbaric monsters that disregard the feelings of other living beings.

Well wouldn't that be the way you would have seen a human if you were a highly advance organism that respected all forms of life and then you come to Earth and witness a mass slaughtering of cows. What would your opinion be towards the human race after that whole episode? Wouldn't you want to do whatever it would take to keep them away from your people so these monsters won't butcher up your people like they did to the cows? Think about it... Why do all alien reports consist of beings doing research or experiments? Why don't we ever catch aliens trying to do activities we take for granted as fun, like playing video games, surfing, baseball, bowling, skateboarding, and racing.

You want to know why, those kinds of aliens are never reported? Because ain't it obvious that you would never allow skateboarder ten feet near a crockodile? See my point yet?

10/22/2005 5:07:09 AM

You guys should watch Tenchi Muyo, it'll blow your mind away on how aliens might actually be towards humans.

Well here is a small synopsis:

Earth is place in a protective zone by the Juraians, which oddly enough resemble the Annunaki. Since they have god like powers and live for hundreds of centuries with aging quite slightly if at all.

Supposively the Juraians have conquered most of the entire universe, and have had many times in which they have interacted and abducted humans, mostly for experiments and marriage of interbreeding as in if one of the Juraians should encounter a human that they like, then that human would more than likely be abducted and force upon to be that Juraian's mate.

Other than the Juraians is a peace keeping force of a huge difersity of life, which were comicall refer to as the GP, Galaxy Police. You can relate to these beings with that so called alliance of aliens trying to protect creatures from being over taken and enslaved.

There are also many notorious aliens, known as space pirates and researchers which do vaste amount of studies on planets such as our own with creatures such as our own. Washu for instance is an alien scientist that oftenly abduct Tenchi, the star of the show in many of the ways a grey or other alien life forms oftenly abduct humans.

10/29/2005 6:46:14 AM

so what you are saying is there is life out there but they are not smarter than us?
please ,there is millions of planets out there and iam willing to bet that there are life forms that are so smart that we couldnt conceive how smart they are.they probally have done mastered the light speed,worm hol;es,all of that,what gets me is people say cant travel light speed because our bodys cant take it,hello i doubt if their bodys are like ours.all of this scientific proof came from the same people who swore up and down that our galaxy was the only one,remember that?we was the center of the universe,remember?iam just saying just because we havent thought of a way to travel light years that does not mean no one else has.

3/9/2006 6:08:23 AM

Do you have a Alien Spaceship in your garage?

3/9/2006 8:04:45 AM

nasafan must be one of the biggest nay-saying, debunking, non-believing
paid government jack booted thugs to come along in a long time.
I am sure YOU have all the answers though. People like you usually
have all the answers and the rest of us are wackos and nuts who are
crazy out of our minds. Have a nice day Mr. nasa.


4/12/2006 3:20:06 AM

What you have written there is just pure conjecture and is all based on your assumption on how aliens would behave, how they would be biologically formed and that our knowledge of physical scientific laws is upto date.

You don't provide any solution to some of the mysteries that have arisen due to this subject. Certain objects that have been sighted by highly trained observers - including scientists, astronomers, military pilots etc, these objects have been sighted on radar and by multiple witnesses. We have evidence that the US Government classified this topic Above Top Secret (exactly 2 points higher than the Hydrogen Bomb) - are you from the US? If you believe that UFO's are nonsense. You need to ask your locally elected Congress Leader...why are they spending millions of their money on investigating these hallucinations...and why they have plundered millions in the past doing these investigations and come up with nothing they can tell us.

The problem is my friend, 200 years ago people thought that letters could not get around the world faster than a month, because of the speed of a ship on water was snail pace...however 200 years later we have found a way round it and you can see my letter instantly - and we have not broken the laws of physics.

100 years ago the impossible happened - trains were able to go more than 50mph, and a speed limit imposed on the UK Rail Service from London to Waterloo for the 50mph limit. They thought that people would not be able to take the forces in a train if it went over 80mps per hour...based on the same limits of that technology, it was impossible to fly to the Moon. Yet now we have found ways to accomplish the impossibles...again without breaking any new laws...intead we have found new laws that work with our old ones.

IF, and I mean IF, there is something coming to our planet from elsewhere...you cannot assume they are limited by our technology and our current laws. Theres a chance they have found another way without breaking your laws. The only time we have made huge discoveries in the human race was when we stopped believing that SO and SO cannot happen because its impossible. Its that sort of thinking that made modern man man sit on earth for over 5000yrs and get no where...then suddenely in a few 100 years we conquered the planet.

IF you still cannot fathom this...read Timothy Goods book "Above Top Secret" and Nick Popes "Open Skies, Closed Minds"...then come back and re-discuss...case by case.

8/20/2006 3:51:54 AM

actually if theres no alien and all the sightings are fake then who invented the word alien and who started it to make some fake videos.......and for me its real beacuase there's really machines flying in space and exploring the universe...its just like us...... we want to go in space and explore other planets in are solar system but we lack in technologies ....... but the aliens are already advance they already exploring other solar systems and even ours have bee already discovered...

Maybe if we have advance technologies we will explore other planets , solar systems , and galaxies...... and we visit a planet maybe we will find life there a civilized planet and maybe the life that leaves there's may say that we are UFO's because they sa ship's and that is us a high advance tech ship..............


adam flow nemo
11/1/2006 10:19:30 PM

In 1974 we sent a message to the M13 star cluster and YES recieved messages back from ET


Addition info and pics


11/5/2006 5:45:09 PM


Relative to your initial post to this thread:

1. You deduced the wrong result. The fact aliens have visited Earth indicates they are not far away.

2. The fact Earth has intelligent life indicates it's plausible stars in the same neighborhood as Earth (within 20 lightyears) could also have intelligent life.

3. It's likely aliens utilize radio, light, or some other frequency of electromagnetic radiation for communications: which travel at the speed of light. Once they begin a mission, during which they would need to travel nearly the speed of light to actually go anywhere, communications would be either non-existent, or impossible. That means any mission is somewhat autonomous.

4. Utilizing gravity aliens could approach the speed of light: not "shielding" gravity; but using it as a force to attract or repel themselves within the local gravitational field. Once they approach the speed of light, time dilation would cause them to experience a mere fraction of the time we would associate with the duration of their trip. A ten lightyear trip, roundtrip, may seem like 6 months to them. Utilizing gravitational fields would not pose a problem with the concept of momentum increasing due to velocity. Acceleration, as in g forces, is only a problem when you are restrained or propelled by something other than gravity. Astronauts practice in simulated weightlessness in an aircraft performing a steady 1 G dive. They feel weightless though they are accelerating 1 G because nothing is either pushing them or restraining them - they're free falling. A craft that could utilize gravitational fields could have the same effect. A person's body would be attracted or repelled the same acceleration as the craft itself. Since the occupants would be attracted and accelerated the exact same as the craft, it would be like free falling through space. This is as true for 10 Gs as it is for 1 G.

  Replies 71 - 80 (out of 85 total)

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