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2/1/2004 5:48:39 AM

Nice new forum but ...

First of all very nice changes to the forum, Raj !

The "Return to Forum Homepage" link should though return to the current selected forum home, not the general. I often use this to get back and latest updates of the current forum but if it always throws me back to general i need more clicks to get back into the forum i was just reading/writing in. Just my opinion.

Also i think we should have some registration. It gets old to fill in the data below (name, email) when writing messages and hopefully that avoids a couple unnecessary junk messages. Also just my opinion.

Best Regards

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2/1/2004 5:49:57 AM

Ooops i forgot one ...

A search function would be nice. Meanwhile we got such a load of threads, partially very long ones, so that it slowly would make sense to have a search function.

More Regards

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