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2/1/2004 6:16:40 PM

Hi Im new to this board......PLEASE READ

Im new to this board and I have just found this website. Let me first say this - I know in all my heart and soul that aliens are real, are abducting people, and vist the earth on a pretty much daily basis. I dont THINK IT, I KNOW IT ! I am not a alien abductee but at about the age of 15 I started researching the subject and came to the conclusion on my own. I am very drawn to this subject and Im going to do some of my own hands-on abduction research in the future.

I have talked with Budd Hopkins already and found him to be a credible person in the field.

I know quite a bit about aliens already but I am early in my crusade and need to learn alot more. So here I am scanning the internet for good ufo sites.
I am only 18 years old and wish to exchange intellect on this board.

Ask me any questions you may have and again Im pleased to be here.

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Robert L. Sharp
2/1/2004 6:44:40 PM

Welcome my friend. You will find a lot of believers in here, and you will
find a lot of disbelievers also. The true disbelievers will offer you a good
run for your money in the way of a rational debate, and actually say
something, whether you agree or not.
However, beware of the guy that calls himself HERMAN, HARMAN,
HYBRID, and Armagddon, all the same person. He is a serious debunker,
although he offers nothing sensible to listen to. He is a ranter and will
try to make you think you are stupid, and I can tell by reading your post that
you are not that way.

I hope you stay around with us, as we need some new ideas, and feel
free to call me goofy if you like, just give me a good reason for saying so please.
Some people like to post things that say nothing, and then leave anonymously,
and hide under the table, waiting, lurking.


Rick Sobie
2/1/2004 6:55:20 PM

Hi Llluminati,

Allow me to welcome you as well. I look forward to discussing the subject with you.

I too am searching for answers to this great mystery. I have been working on a theory myself and invite your comments about it.


(And the comments of others as well.)

2/1/2004 7:06:43 PM

How do I responed to someone elses response? This isnt like other boards.

Robert L. Sharp
2/1/2004 7:06:51 PM

Hi Rick:
Where have you been hiding and lurking? LOL
As I have stated before, I am 58 years old, and have been experiencing
and witnessing since the age of 12, so, I have been at it for around 46
years now, and still don't know the answers, but I will keep on, keepin' on
for the next 46 if I have to. Let' see, I would be 104 by then. Maybe they
will have a shot for us old fogies by then.

Llluminati, do you have any experiences you would like to share on the line
of oddities, or have any questions about things? I realize you said you were
just starting your journey and that you believe in the phenomena, but do you
have an idea as to why you believe in this mystery?

Also, you said you had actually talked to Budd Hopkins? May I ask when you
did that, and how did that go?


2/1/2004 7:09:04 PM

I wish you good luck and great journeys in the research of this topic. You will learn amazing things, and you have to decide what is credible or not. This topic spans many areas of research. Generally I suggest from my own point of view is starting with ancient history, moving forward through time to see how this subject is evolved.

2/4/2004 2:38:56 AM

Hi lluminati,
I am fairley new also it is a great forum the best i have found on the net.

Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 2:39:09 PM

Actually this is the best forum on the entire net. I have looked at a number of
them, and they are totally confusing. There are so many things you have to
click on, log on, go here, go there, just to get to a place to actually post something.
I am a member of a couple of others, and don't go there very often, because it
is a real hassle. And, if some folks think I or another person or two have had
some harsh comebacks, and I admit to doing that, you haven't seen anything
until you become a member of some of these other forums. If you misspell or
say something that doesn't jive with their thinking, watch out, you will be called
everything but a human. It is a humbling experience. I am not sure which planet
these folks come from, but it is far, far out there. So, I will stay in here where I
know everyone hates me.

  Replies 1 - 7 (out of 7 total)

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