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2/1/2004 6:57:05 PM


HAPPENED AT ALL. Aliens are here and I found out for myself. If you look honestly into the subject and dont allow your ego to block the truth you will know. Its obvious by now that the aliens are here on a massive scale abducting people on a daily basis all across the world.

Many of you non-believers or NON-KNOWERS are just uninformed and thats why you dont know this knowledge. If it was on CNN, FOX news, Oprah, etc. you would start to at least see the info and then decide for yourselves.

The second reason you dont believe or KNOW is because the human mind naturally rejects such a idea as aliens. You cant admit to yourself that number 1 a higher intelligence than us exist, and number 2. they are taking advantage of us and using us.

The idea or notion of aliens also conflicts with religious idealoghy. That humans are GODs only special intelligent creation. THIS IS FLAWED!!!!! WAKE UP, GET A CLEAR MIND and look into the info more and youll come to the DEFINITE CONCLUSION that THIS IS ALL REAL.

Saying aliens arent here abducting people on a massive scale on a daily basis is like saying the 9/11 terrorist attacks NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL!!!

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Josh Ritter
2/2/2004 4:31:29 AM

yes how can any1 deny it, they are here alright and the power they have over us worries me- and what is their real agenda? Also why dont they bring abductees with them and why do abductees report being abducted by human like creatures? We dont have a clue but we know they exist!

2/2/2004 7:30:29 PM

With them where? We know these "human creatures" are modified humans called hybrids.

Robert L. Sharp
2/3/2004 6:28:53 PM

The Aliens doing the abducting are taking the abductees with them on occasion,
and showing them faraway places in the universe, perhaps as a clue to inform
us where they come from.
And the human looking creatures you refer to, are probably what is called

2/4/2004 2:24:38 AM

How can you compare alien abduction and 9/11. One has circumstanial evidence,
"invisible" physical consequences and minor observable impact, while the other has a god damn huge crator in the middle of new york city, 3000 dead, huge civil and world unrest. Comparing the two is a very childish observation. Before everyone shouts at the same time calling me a sceptic, closed minded, blind and all the other usual slurs, I just want to say I do beleive in Aliens, and I do beleive it could be possible they are travelling to this planet on missions beyond our understanding. I am also the first to stand up and say, when other dismiss the idea of faster then light travel, that just because we cant do it - it does not mean it's not possible. But apart from being a beleiver i am also a realist, dont get me wrong I dont want a saucer to fly past my house or anything. I just think we should be a little more selective about what "evidence" we beleive in, and use to prove the existence of aliens. You must understand that alot of people out there make up stories just for attention, or they see something and jump to conclusions (not to mention the mentally unstable people out there).
So before you make outlandish remarks, think.

2/4/2004 2:54:04 AM

I would personally love to camp out one summer night in the Arizona mountins and keep a camera and video recorder with me

2/4/2004 5:58:22 PM

So when hundreds of people see a spaceship, You would call that "minor observational impact" ? You need to wake up if THERES A-N-Y DOUBT WHATSOEVER that aliens are here day after day after day, abducting people on a massive 24 hour scale! In every state across the USA, and its fair to say that they operate in almost all countries.

What the aliens are doing to us is more tragic than 9/11. (for some people at least) Abduction can have dire effect over a persons lifetime, disrupting every aspect of thier lives.


2/5/2004 12:49:09 AM

Thats some very intresting, and strong, views you have LLUMINATI. Obviously I don't want to convince you otherwise or bombard you with evidence against ufo abduction, because I personally beleive there could be something to it all. However there could be a more simpler explanation to alien abduction, and it would be just as tormenting to the individual (and the involved family and friends) as being abducted by aliens. So if you compare the phenomenon thats occuring, be it due to alien abduction or other effect (e.g. involving effects of e.m. waves, background radiation etc on the human brain) then I whole heartedly agree with you, that this phenomenon is just as real as Depression, ME, Aids, 9/11, and even the HALOCAUST.

2/5/2004 5:23:05 PM

Thats your problem, If you cared to look into and research the actual evidence than your mind would come to the conclusion that aliens are here. I mean REALLY LOOK INTO EVERYTHING. Not just browse.

Now if you already did that and you still dont believe, it is because a human mind naturally rejects this idea of aliens. You have to develop insight over it AND COME TO A PERSONAL REVELATION THAT EVERYTHING I SAID IS TRUE.

Look at it this way for a second. If even 1 out of thousands of abduction personal accounts by abductees is true, THEN THAT MEANS ALIENS ARE HERE. If even 1 out of hundreds of photos of disc shaped objects with windows are real, then the aliens are here and its all true.

They is so much I could tell you that you probally dont know. Once you do KNOW like I do, It will make you mad and sad. You will see the world differently and question what it means to be human.

Look into everything. Make phone calls to experts, web research, books, video of ufos, photos, historical reference to ufos and aliens, TALK TO SOME REAL ABDUCTEES, MEET SOME REAL ABDUCTEES.


"we who know this knowledge walk in light and are priviliged over others, for it is our responsibility to allow you to know this knowledge also"

2/7/2004 7:12:33 PM

Did you read that?

Kieran Wilson
2/8/2004 5:55:33 AM

Im sorry to say, that i agree with everything traveller says. Lluminati, you sound like George Bush on coke or something. Do you really think barking out comments like that are going to help anyone? This subject could possibly be the most important in our history. Dont you think it deserves a more subtle, scientific approach?

Without a doubt there are thousands of so called witnesses who just, simply, want to beleive too much. You cannot deny that there is alot of bollocks going around. Before you make up ur minds about me, i do actualy beleive there is alien life and that it has visited, but i strongly beleive that the subject should be researched on a scientific, detailed basis concentrating on evidence. Not some hill billy thinking hes seen the preditor. As for linking ufos/aliens with September 11th maybe you should ask the people who were involved in that unfortunate event. I think you will find your be visiting A and E in no time at all.

  Replies 1 - 10 (out of 44 total)

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