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5/26/2005 2:58:00 PM

Are UFOs Real?

I usually do not get involved in conversations on whether UFO’s are real, but this interests me. Let’s go to the question whether UFO’s were real. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. The very word tells you that the object is unidentified and it is in flight. Is it a bird, a plane, what is it? The word UFO begs for inquiry and a reasonable observer to analyze, if there is enough curiosity. Otherwise, do not bother with it. If one cannot explain it then it is a UFO. My curiosity in you conversation was not to state the obvious but to add to it.

During my three (3) year military obligation, I was attached to ARADCON, an air defense component of the North American Air Defense System for the U.S.A. My duty as a NIKE Crewmen in a nut shell was to protect the air space over this country. The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army were at the ready to intercept any missile the enemy (The Soviet Union) may hurl at us. To make a long story short, there were occasions that scrambles were called, U.S. fighter jets took off, pursuit was establish, either visual or by radar coordinates and these so called weather balloons (or is it whether) out maneuvered, out ran and tauntingly twirled around the pursuit planes. This high flying, high speed, no logo turn on a dime, cigar shaped weather balloons were considered UFO. I dare give my opinion that any artifacts as photo or wreckage would be classified as Top Secrete. In laymen words, not for you eyes Dariuosnoir. The prevailing thought of those who protect us may be “If we can’t explain it, how can it exist.”

If I were not so cynical about the stock market, I would place my money on the weather balloon makers instead of the U.S. aircraft makers to make jet fighters since they manufacture a no logo, cigar shaped weather balloon that the U.S. Government claims turn on a dime, are high flying, high speed and tauntingly twirled around the pursuit planes.

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5/26/2005 4:21:58 PM

wv welcome to the forum. your opinion is ok. I have only seen one ufo up close, at 35 yards, but on my back to tennessee from manhatten N.Y. I saw this thing hanging over FT. KNOX
KY. that was not conventional, and it had too much light and power to be a blimp.
I was on a greyhound bus and everyone on the bus saw it . It woke people up from the
uproar of wow. It was a brilliant orb. I dismissed as military and probably was. But your knowledge is welcome, continue . What do you know?

5/27/2005 6:25:43 PM

My encounters with UFO during my military years were insignificant. I just mentioned it to show that we are not all that.

Since I can remember, I have been in contact with entities that others consider extra terrestrials. There was a time that I thought that our friendship was normal until my mother discouraged me from relating my experience to others. It may be correct to state that they did the contacting. There were one or two occasions where I completely surprised them.

Their ships appeared smaller from the exterior than what they were inside. Their ships in the interior were dark, a dark blue-green color, and there was an absence of furniture other than what seemed to be essential. The interiors were cold but they were able to manipulate my brain to turn off my sensory feedback. You do not experience movement even though you are in flight. This had nothing to do with sensory manipulation. The concept of time that we are familiar with goes out of the window. Don’t ask. It was hard to explain.

Their gestures as well as posture appeared to be human like although they do not look human. During one of my surprised encounters in the Caribbean, I was scanned by this group of visitors. There were no signs of hostility, even though I showed my anger toward them for trying to make my companions believe that they (the visitors) were something other than what they were. They felt very comfortable with me. In fact, I was treated as long lost family. I was aware that my intellectual capacity compare with theirs was that of something less than an ant but they did not show any disrespect or superiority hang-ups. When scanned, I became aware that they were curious about the entity that co-existed within me (the soul?). They were able to communicate. A word of caution for those who think that they can committee harm to others with impunity and not receive retribution, do I have a surprise for them.

Believe me that they are aware of our terrestrial problems and from time to time provide stimulation toward the road we should take. Presently we are on the wrong path.

I know that I am not the only one who had these experiences. There are many others. I just happen to remember them. I hope to go in more detail when I complete my memoirs.

11/26/2005 2:09:54 PM

Last year I met an interesting female who had similar experiences to yours. She had memory of being taken but did not remember what she was told until the event happened. She described them as you did in their gestures as human like but their physical structures were not at all human. They were tall with large eyes, thin and brown in colour. She described herself at their presence, as helpless and not in control of her body. They communicated telepathically. She said that her son also sees them and that both seem helpless to prevent negative future events related to them.

An Unearthly Child
12/13/2005 4:45:53 PM

What do you have to say about this?

12/19/2005 9:36:47 PM

Unidentified flying objects are real, just that most of them can be identified later on. However, between the time they are identified and unacknowledged about they are unidentified. Skeptics would hardly understand this, normally because they can't even understand themselves.

Nevertheless, extraterrestrial vehicles are of a 10% yes probability when it comes to an unidentified flying object. This is all statistically correct. There is no guarantee that 1/10 of every unidentifed flying object you find in the air is an actual extraterrestrial vehicle and there is no guarantee that any of the unidentified flying objects you see are actual extraterrestrial vehicles.

An Unearthly Child
3/15/2006 7:12:20 PM

WV, do you know what these visitors are looking for and why they communicate with the human spirit?

An Unearthly Child
5/15/2006 8:09:15 PM

Do you know what the visitors are looking for? Are they involved in empowerment or control over our spirit or soul after death? Is this why Iyou seriously warn those who seek to do harm to others that there is retribution?

Space God
5/16/2006 1:20:04 AM

Okay, okay. HYBRIDs seek to control EARTH (our planet). Their allies are the MIBs.

They will control your SOUL and destroy you because they are evil.

ALWAYS BEWARE MIBs. Gottit? Yes? Well done.


An Unearthly Child
6/3/2006 5:15:59 AM

I am just a messenger.

It is understood that ones experience with extraterrestrials may be hard to believe to others who have not experienced these entities. Nevertheless, the warnings should be considered. There is no political or religious agenda to fulfill.

History has proven and governments have denied that there has been contact with superior form s of life through out existence. Their message and demeanor have been consistent. In a nutshell, their message has been “DO NO HARM”.

From what I have witness, these visitors are so superior in there development that they have been able to interact with our spirits or souls that leaves our body after death. Time and time again, they have shown that there is a price to be pay.DO NO EVIL!

An Unearthly Child
10/18/2006 8:09:43 AM

If you think that extraterrestrials do not exist, then look at some artifacts they left behind.


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