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2/1/2004 9:41:06 PM

Electromagnetic Fields


During the time of the Philadelphia Experiment there had been a wave of U.F.O. sightings. Perhaps one had crashed befoer the Roswell incident and the gathering of technology from this craft played a part in the Philadelphia. Experiment.
The problem seemed to be that they didn't know how to control this power of electromagnetic fields to make it work in the manner designed. Like the Triangle off the Florida coast where ships and planes disappear. Not all these are the result of mysterious forces, however many I'm sure are connected to something we haven't been able to tap into this energy or even begin to fully understand it's potential.

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Rick Sobie
2/1/2004 11:45:22 PM

Hi Lois,

If you or anyone else is interested in the Philadelphia Experiment, there is an old
Art Bell show from 1993 with Al Bielik that is considered one of the best shows
Art ever did. It is a classic.

Art Bell - 1993-06-20 - Al Bielik - The Philidelphia Experiment - Complete.mp3

available in the archives or on peer to peer.

Most people admit there was Philadelphia Experiment. When I was calling for disclosure along with Steven Greer and everyone the Navy was one of the most cooperative with their release of information. They released tons and tons of stuff, that they had, unfortunately most of it was unreadable. It looked lik the standard gestetnered copy that is just not legible enough to read. I suppose that was their great compromise trying to please everyone at the same time. Release the docs, but don't make them legible.

Oddly enough some people are of this weirdest of belief systems whereby they are convinced that you can create reality using mass belief.

That is to say that if enough people believe a thing to be real, the mass consciousness will make it real.

Silly humans. That only works for people who know the creator. It is called wishful thinking. There is no capacity within man for his consciousness to affect the greater reality unless God does it. If he does it and makes some scientists believe they thought things into existence, it is probably because he doesn't want to affect their free will.

So these people do not release things so that they can use these unknowns to try and create things at various times for whatever reason.

Strange but true.

Myself, if the moon is indeed a battle star, it will not be because I believed it into existence or found enough proof to make it real, it will be because the creator made it so, and there will be a history of fact from a to b and all of it will have very little to do with me.

If I was stranded on a desert island, and my TV broke down, all the kings horses and all the kings men, could not help me put it back together again. So if Ican't fix a TV, I am sure I could not create anything of the complexity of thought form come real.

Due to the physics of looking for a result and creating experiments and finding the result many scientists bought into that fallacy. It is a fallacy and it is just that they do not know the creator or his sense of humor which he excersises some times in their behalf.

We say we create our reality as we go along, my friends and I, and we do, by
wishful thinking planning and actually doing some work, but nothing becomes real, unless he who is and does everything makes it so.

Thanks for the article, I like the Philadelphia Experiment inspite of the gruesome parts.
Lots of people have some fears of that technology. But again, he who is and does everything is doing that too. Thats my opinion at any rate. How else could John Hutchison experiment with that technology for years and years and never have a single injury of any kind or any of his coworkers or associates. And he is not even a trained scientist.


But he is now an honorary doctor, and a famous man, and the one attributed to the Hutchison Effect.

(Another great art Bell show as well)
ART BELL - ANTI GRAVITY - (John Hutchison) - (2002-09-02) (110.25).mp3

2/2/2004 6:38:34 PM

I had looked at the imformation on the Phildeplphia Experiement and decided it was nothing more than a hyped up case about degaussing...until one evening I was having a conversation with a physicist. We were talking about atoms always in motion and the kind of technology it would take to stop the motion of atoms so they no longer appeared to be there. You could do it with zero kelvin but I could not imagine freezing an entire ship plus we have not reached that point. If another method had been discovered than you would have to have magnetism to pull them apart to pass through a solid object...The alleged men in bulk heads. It did make me stop and wonder considering the time period so did it really happen or not who is to say...but even the technology we use today we are out advanced as a general citizen by 25 to 50 years to what is in the testing and development stages.

ps I noticed people here get kind of hung up on spelling and intelligence...rather odd concept I knew a brilliant mathematician who could not spell a world to save his soul.

Robert L. Sharp
2/2/2004 7:09:42 PM

Yes you are right. I am the most guilty of it. In fact, I do it more than all others
combined. I admit to that. It is just a pet peeve of mine I guess.
I wonder about some people though. The ones I am talking about are the ones
that come in and shout, say nothing, truly can't spell or put a sentence together,
and I just wonder what is the use? If they had a rebuttle, it would be different
in my opinion, but I just have to spout off at times at those particular ones.
Again, I am the guilty one for scolding. It probably does look silly to others.
I apologize. Do I have to go sit in the corner now? Here I go.

Rick Sobie
2/2/2004 9:59:03 PM

One thing to consider with regards to the Philadelphia Experiment, is that when under the influence of this field on the ship, which just shifts the frequency of the atoms, the people would be shifted as well as the ship and the relationship between the people and the ship remians the same. So it is possible not to become one with the ship.
However, if you examine the work done by Hutchison, and his experiments, using the Hutchison Effect which is the exact same thing as the Philadelphia Experiment, you will see that he has embedded wood into a bar of metal. So also the metal might turn soft or transparent and the people not, embedding you in the ship. It depends on the frequency of the field.

Embedding wood into a chunk of metal is not possible by any other means other than the Hutchison Effect or this Tesla technology if you wish to call it that.

He has a sample of metal where you can clearly see, the wood is embedded into the metal and that defies the standard model of physics, because to weld or embed wood in metal would normally require heat and the wood would be burned.

Even if the Philadelphia Experiment did not take place at all, John Hutchison has repeated the experiment, and confirmed it can be done, in front of hordes of scientists including the military and he has some thousands of hours of film footage of his work.

Here is the chunk of metal.


middle of the page.

So basically, the evidence is overwhelming to the effect that it must have taken place, as it has been repeated in the laboratory.

  Replies 1 - 4 (out of 4 total)

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