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subject: Hey Robert Number 2 Please read

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Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 9:47:10 AM

A chat room might be a good idea, the only thing, some of us can piss people
off a lot faster then.

2/4/2004 10:01:09 AM

True about the pissing off. But if it would allow to create "private" chat rooms too with selected members then it would work, i mean like regular IRC chat servers usually allow.


Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 10:38:50 AM

Chat rooms would be good, if Raj would set it up, but I doubt if he will.
And talking about pissing off, did you notice the vote heading I posted?
It seems that someone has erased all of the replies for some reason. All
of the YES votes must have irked someone. And if the person by the name
of Hynek, was the real J. Allen Hynek, I don't think he would have posted
such a childish YESYESYES tirade. I wonder what happened to that posting?
It was just a simple fun little vote thingie to find out where people stand. I
guess it wasn't a good idea apparently.

  Replies 11 - 13 (out of 13 total)

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