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bob smith
2/3/2004 12:05:33 AM

possible sighting

On FEB 3, 04 at 1:00 AM my uncle, my wife, and I watched a very bright object low to the horizon in the southern sky. We live on the Mississippi coast. It seemed to move about in several different directions. It was a ball of very bright white light, but it would change colors to red or blue for short periods of time. All I had was a pair of binoculars, but when I focused in on the object it seemed to have several differnt colors of light radiating from it. If anybody else noticed this, I would like to know. Or if the object is in the same place tommorrow, I would like to know what it could be. Thanks,


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Rick Sobie
2/3/2004 6:57:52 AM

Since we are discussing sightings, I have seen a number of sightings that fall into the lights in the sky category, and even seen planes go out to check it out and etc, and heard of many close up sightings near by where I have lived, in the newspapers etc. One such case was where a disk buzzed a barn about a half mile from my house and it scared their farm animals, and they reported it and it made the local paper.
It flew right over their heads and I knew the people that lived around there and they were simple honest people, who would never make up such a story. It flew over them at about 20 feet.

But what happened to me, was when I was travelling through the US, driving on vacation, my first time there from Canada, on my way to California, and Vegas, and Mexico, and I would drive at night sometimes, but above every interstate highway, at about 1,000 feet, sitting stationary, I would see UFO's. Allways.
Just sitting there stationary, shining and flashing several colors like blue and red, and a bit of green, and a few other colors but mostly blue and red.

Above every single interstate highway. I couldn't imagine that the government would have stationary helicopters just sitting there flashing those colors at 1,000 feet.
I also assumed that if they were UFO's which they looked like to me, surely it would be well known.

Yet you never heard about it.

I arrived at the conclusion that the US must have been somehow involved with ET's perhaps to the point where they monitor the freeways for every day reasons such as traffic accidents or the nations security. There is no other explanation.
Yet no one talked about it or admitted it. I thought well maybe people just don't talk about it for some strange reason, but they could not be more obvious than that.
You would have to be blind not to see them sitting there.

2/3/2004 6:10:39 PM

Hello Bob Smith:
Seems we are neighbors since I live on the Ms. coast also. A few years back I saw a buring object in the northeast sky and it was falling southwest toward the beach. I called the news station and asked if anyone reported seeing this object and their reply was negative.
I would like to see a watch group started here on the coast. Basicly those involved designate an area to meet and watch the sky as a group during a specific time. Wouild you be interested or do you know anyone who would?

2/3/2004 6:12:08 PM

oops...burning object

Robert L. Sharp
2/3/2004 6:47:39 PM

I am not telling you what to do, but I would at least suggest that you write
every bit of this down, word for word what you saw, and have your own
documentation. Then, if you think it is worth your time, report it to a UFO
reporting group or center. Maybe more people saw this object than you
are aware of. If you don't report it now, you at least have the sighting written
down, so you can report it later. Over the years you can forget a lot of the little
details of a sighting. Also, have the other people write down what they saw,
and you can compare notes, just so everyone can agree totally on what you
all saw. Since this was just yesterday, this is fresh in your mind. You may also
find out later on down the road, that there was possibly more to this than just
a sighting. Just a thought, as I am speaking from experience.

Robert L. Sharp
2/3/2004 6:52:01 PM

I guess your sighting was actually today. I must have slipped a day into
the future.

2/3/2004 7:30:06 PM

Documention is very important... especially with more than one person involved to verify each detail.

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