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Clark C. McClelland
12/26/2003 8:57:28 AM

Ets and the USA Space Program!

WHAT IF I said that ET life exists and I KNOW it does? WHAT IF I said I have seen it during my time in the very secured Launch Control Center (LCC) at KSC? Would you believe it? If not, that's OK. I WAS there, you were NOT!
I'm seeking an accomplished writer/editor for the astonishing book I'm writing.
Clark Charles McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida.

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subject: Ets and the USA Space Program!

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12/31/2003 10:41:47 AM


I believe you. You are just like all the others. Plenty of astronauts have seen them either on radar or visually.

12/31/2003 2:33:26 PM

let me get this straight Greg. you say you know that ufo's exist yet you don't believe what i said about the birds, itches, etc. you are in a better position to believe me knowing that they are out there. i have seen a ship myself not 50 yards away. silver, triangular, rounded edges, panels with what looked like might have been bolts....white headlight in the front, blinking red light on the middle bottom of one wing, a green one on the other wing....moving above the treetops at about 20 mph, silent. is it so hard to believe that someone has had more contact than you?

12/31/2003 2:35:35 PM

excuse me, i thought that last message was from someone else.

12/31/2003 2:36:31 PM

what else can you tell us Clark?

Robert L. Sharp
12/31/2003 3:54:18 PM

Hi Clark:

I have talked to you before, and I wish you the greatest success in your
book writing endeavor. I hope you find the writers and editors that are needed
in such a project. I can't wait to read what you are about to reveal to the planet.

A Friend Indeed,

Robert L. Sharp

Gering, Nebraska USA

1/1/2004 5:14:33 PM

@ anonymous,
your UFO had a red light on one wing and a green on the other ?? Thats new to me, i didn't know that aliens nowadays are obeying international regulations for aircraft lights. But they better do, they are using our airspace ... Oh wait, something starts to itch ...

Good luck anyway with the book project. Looking forward to read it, hope you soon find an editor/publisher.


Robert L. Sharp
1/1/2004 5:34:07 PM

Hi Doc:

I happen to be a pilot that flies Piper Archer PA-28(181) airplanes. On the right
wing is a green light at the tip, and on the left wing is a red light at the tip. It
is for directional recognition. For example, if you see a green and red light
in the sky on an airplane, and the green light appears to be on the left side,
it means the airplane is coming towards you. If it appears that the green light
is on the right side, it means the airplane is going away from you.

I would be amazed if a Flying Saucer had these types of lights on it, as it would
appear they were respecting our air/flying requirements. Har de Har!!
It could be possible an extraterrestrial craft could have green or red lights
attached to it, but I'm sure it wouldn't be for directional recognition, or respect
for our air spaces. Don't know for sure though. Maybe they are abiding by our laws.

Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

  Replies 1 - 7 (out of 7 total)

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