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2/3/2004 7:21:29 PM

Robert...thought you'd like to know...

Just wanted to let you know my husband is a Vietnam Vet...1965. ..25th Inf. Div. 65th Eng. Bn. He had prostate cancer form Agent Orange. The gobvernment took away 1/2 of his retirement because he began receiving a compensation check from the V.A. for A.O. Are you familiar with the HR-303 Bill?
I'm making him a quilt block for the" Agent Orange Quilt of Tears Project". When I have completed the block it will be sent to the president of the project and sewn into one of the numerous quilts which are displayed at various times to bring recognition to those contaminated and/or lost their lives by this lethal component. You may also be interested in "The Order of the Silver Rose". Gary Chenett is national director of this. The purpose of the Silver Rose is for veterans who were contaminated by A.O. and aren't eligible for the purple heart ...therefore the Silver Rose was created. The following poem is one I wrote and sent to Jennie (director for the Quilt of Tears) and she said it would go in their Quilt of Tears Memory Book.
"Quilt of Tears"
Each square is sewn with loving hands
Carrying a message far across our land
Of soldiers battling an invisable rival
The war rages on in their fight for survival
Each soldiers name is sewn into the fabric of life
In memory of their courage, honor and strife
They are the heroes un-realized for their contribution
And they are worthy of recognition and restitution
Therefore with each thread creating their name
Their sacrifice will not have been in vain
Rememberance of their struggle with Agent Oranges toll
Sewn into history is their story of un-selfish hearts and brave souls
Fear not my great soldier...for your story shall be passed down throughout the years
Because the fabric of your life is sewn in the Quilt of Tears
Dale Lois Ulmer

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Robert L. Sharp
2/3/2004 8:16:45 PM

I am sorry to hear about your husband. I was what they called a "river rat"
on the Mekong Delta with task force 73. I was on PBRs.
I too saw what Agent Orange did to the country side and the banks along
the rivers. It was sprayed on by the tons. They used to fly tankers over and
spray, just like a crop sprayer here in the states would do to kill the insects
in a corn field. Except over there, we were the insects, and the guinea pigs.
I am familiar with HR303. It was filed as an amendment to what was called
Title 10. I don't have to tell you what it was, but it was an amendment to allow
retirees to receive their retirement, along with disability compensation for those
with injuries, or in your husbands case, a disease from chemicals. It used to
be, before Jan. of 2003, that you received one or the other, and I suspect that
is what happened with your husband. Now, with this amendment, they can't
take away your retirement, or disability compensation. You can receive them
both. That's our government at work, as you know. I believe there are sinister
things in the works that would take away even more perks from the veterans
in the future though. The veterans who defend this so-called constitution, are
the first people to get the old wankeroo, you know where.
One other thing, after they sprayed this chemical, within only about 24 hours,
the green, thick vegetation would be completely gone, with nothing but bare
ground left. I was lucky though, I guess, as I don't have any ill effects from it
as far as I know. I believe it would have showed up by now. They sprayed
this stuff to clear the river banks, so snipers could not hide and ambush the
troops as they came by in the rivers mostly. I heard stories of it being sprayed
on villages, but I don't know that for a fact. I have met a couple of veterans over
the years who were exposed to it on a great scale, and they are a mess. I had
a good friend who I played guitar in a band with, who was a Green Beret, and
he died just a year ago, and they think this is what took his life.

2/3/2004 8:36:27 PM

My brother-in-law died a few years ago from cancer caused by A.O. He served more than 1 tour if I'm not mistaken...received the silver star, 2 bronze stars, Vietnamese (?) bronze star, purple heart. Well it's like I said recently on the Quilt of Tears message board...The problem with the delay of disspersement of these funds over a period of years to correct lost retirement is that many will never see the first payment or never receive full benefits due to their declining health.

2/3/2004 8:45:34 PM

Another 'victory' for these veterans whose names can't be placed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall is the In Memory Plaque...http://members.aol.com/vietwarmem/plaque.htm

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