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2/4/2004 2:42:47 AM

Area 51>>>>>>>>>>

Could it be that it is just a simple secret military wepons base that they just dont want anyone coming near for obvious reasons...WMD and obviously new technology for army equipment, i mean have WE made it into a silly theroy have we just got totally carried away?..........

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Rick Sobie
2/4/2004 4:30:52 AM

If you have access to apeer to peer client such as Kazaa Lite, you can hear the story from one of the people in charge at the S4 part of Area -51

Art Bell - Steve - MIB-TimeTraveler - (09-11-97).mp3

Where Steve calls into Art Bell's Area 51 hotline and tells what is going on there.

Although you may not understand what he is discussing it total, unless you are in the loop. Some of what he says, you would require other knowledge to understand.

You can get a quick overview of the whole situation here...

As far as Area 51 itself, it is probably a test range for advanced aircraft, as has been stated publicy all over the place, but there are other areas within that whole facility
which have other purposes. Or so I have been led to believe.

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