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7/3/2005 7:33:59 PM

if there not real .

yes they are,if not explain the sightings,let me try ,,,its the goverment or its another country.I would like to sit down and have non-beleivers see all the video,then turn to me and explain why they think what they sawis fake or a natural phenom.you expect me and most of the world to beleive in a god we cant see or hold a conversation with,but video is less evidance than some ass on tv or a preacher tellin me what god says,or how to live,,,bite me.more people beleive in ufo's than god.the only time anyone beleives in god is when their dying,or need a "mirical",Im not sayin there is no god becouse I or know one else can prove it but there is more proof of ufos than proof of god or jesus.

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