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Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 7:57:47 PM

Answer to Robert #3

When I click on post a reply I get a message that says Field Error 800aObcd.
Either BOF or EOF is true , or the current record has been deleted. Requested
operation requires a current record.
I don't know what all that means, thus the new header.
Anyway, I would like to know if you are an author??
I have documented everything to the T about the experiences in my life, and
have sent all this to a reputable UFO investigator about 2 months ago or so.
When I receive word from this person, I will be relating all the experiences
that I have had. I may not receive word from this person for awhile, or it is
possible I won't hear anything at all. Whatever happens, I am going to give it a
few more months, and if I don't hear anything back, I will try someone else.
Until that time, I don't wish to get into the juicy details of anything with anyone
else. I hope you can understand this.
Some of my experiences are in this forum under different headings. I have had
numerous UFO sightings, one, a flying saucer in my face, along with four other
men one night. The other sightings are also documented. The other experiences
I have had, involve many episodes of sleep paralysis, missing time, and the list
goes on. This has been going on for 46 years now.
The reason I asked if you are an author is this: You said in one of your postings
the other day, that you had a keen interest in this subject since the age of 15.
Well, I was in another website yesterday, and it talked of a certain person that
authored a book, and this person also stated he had an interest in the subject
from the time he was 15. I was trying to tie 2 and 2 together. If you are an author,
I'm not sure I want to say much more about anything for now. If you are, just say
so, and we can maybe go on from here.

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