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2/4/2004 9:43:32 PM

Robert Do u want to talk?

I was thinking about you at work today. And yes Im a normal guy and I have a life.

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Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 9:47:53 PM

Just how do you think I can benefit you? What can I say to you to make your
day? If you want to talk about being abducted, I can't possibly arrange that
for you. It will happen when you are least expecting it, and you might be
one unhappy 18 year old. What do you want to talk about?

Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 9:56:04 PM

I don't have any special INS with these folks who abduct people, as far as I know.
I might be able to try, if that's what you would really like. I mean, I don't think I can
call them up or telepathically send them a message and tell them, "hey I know this
18 year old guy that would like to have a 14 inch needle shoved up his pecker".
And if you want me to relate to you exactly what has happened to me as far as
my experiences, I think I will hold off on that for awhile, for my own reasons.

2/4/2004 9:57:14 PM

So you would that alot of times the experiences happen when your not expecting them to? I want to talk about the aliens of course.

Do they have a mean look to thier faces? A cold mean look, or a plain one? Are thier faces more edgy and skinny or fatty and rounded? Have any of them engaged in dialouge with you in the least bit way bordering on conversation?

What happens if you just keep talking mentally to them and never shut up? Do they say "shut up"? Do they ever cuss?

Did you spend time playing with hybrid kids?

How will I be a unhappy 18 year old if I already know how bad it could turn out? Its not ike Im risking my life asking to be kidnapped by a thug drug cartel.

Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 10:00:18 PM

I would opt for the cartel. At least you might be able to catch a buzz.

2/4/2004 10:01:54 PM

Yes Robert I do want you to try and contact them. If you really werent kidding. Call them out now as you think of them in your head. Tell them im on this website, ufoevidence.org on the discussion board.

"bring it on"

Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 10:04:09 PM

They are watching us as we peck away in here. I would sleep with both
eyes open, starting tonight. Really!

2/4/2004 10:06:50 PM

How are they watching us? You literally mean right now? You can feel it before they come? Is that what you mean? Will you please answer me. Im dying to know.

2/4/2004 10:10:53 PM

Of course you were kidding. Im saying that in the context of IF YOU ARE. Please dont get my hopes up. IF thats what your doing.

Robert L. Sharp
2/4/2004 10:14:56 PM

Here's what will happen. You will be asleep tonight, or almost asleep, then the
paralysis will overtake you. You will be completely frozen in place. You will not
be able to move a muscle. Not one. The only thing you will be able to do is use
your eyes. Your eye muscles are the only ones that will be functional.
You will try to cry out, but will not be able to utter a word. You will be scared
shitless, and at the same time pissed because you are powerless to do anything
about the situation. This state can last for as long as an hour or longer. It will seem
like you have never left the bed, but it only seems like that. You are actually in
another place. Do you really want to know more???????????

2/4/2004 10:16:42 PM

Yes TELL ALL. Do you literally mean tonight that this will happen?

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