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2/28/2010 1:30:37 PM

Hint of things to come?

I noticed a new addition to the main home page, which is a good sign, so perhaps
things will ultimately turn around and get better for this site overall.

Although we forum members have had to endure quite a bit of forum spam and
vandalism over the last year or so, we probably shouldn't rule out the possibility
that UFOEvidence.org's owner just hasn't had the time or resources to apply all
the improvements that we've been hoping for.

I think it's entirely possible that this site, and its forums, can be turned around
to where we can convince quality site / forum users to return. So even some
minor changes would be welcomed and something to look forward to.

At the moment, one improvement that I think would be very helpful, would be to
restrict the 'submit' button on forum posts to just one click, rather than allowing
users to continually press it. This modification all by itself would help to some

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3/8/2010 9:15:21 PM

One click is a good idea. The reason some people repeatedly hit the submit
over and over is because once in awhile the server gets a little sluggish and
the poster gets impatient and keeps on clicking away and before you know it,
he/she has 15 of the same post. I know, I admit I have gotten antsy myself
and have had multiple posts. I just wish I could do multiple other things.
Endtimer (OUT)

3/9/2010 5:31:17 AM

I hear what you're saying, as in some isolated instances, congestion or other
factors sometimes influences the responsiveness of this and other sites. I have
experienced those gremlins in the past as well.

But my longstanding complaint over the years has been that the submit button,
as it was, allowed munchins to continually press it, producing countless threads..
.. or forum vandalism in other words. And a couple of us had to use the same
tactic to push that nonsense off the main page on many occasions.

Fortunately, from all appearances, this issue has been addressed, giving us a
glimmer of hope of resuming some lively discussions. It's far from perfect, but a
welcome start.


  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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