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subject: Psychology of a UFO Believer: The Downfall of Rational Thinking

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12/30/2003 11:38:33 PM

thank you, i may look into buying a book or two on the subject but i'm against signing up for online subscriptions as disclosureproject.org requires for any good information. Besides there is plenty of information on the web for free that i've been able to obtain. i'm informed, believe me, im informed. take care.

Kieran Wilson
12/31/2003 2:54:28 AM

Hello. Don i agree with alot of what you say and to be honest i feel that most people just want to see things. However i dont proclaim to be an expert but i do have an interest in the subject and it does seem to me that there are a small percentage of cases that have basically not been explained. If your opinion was right wouldnt you agree that these cases would be explained and that our governments wouldnt hold back any such information about them? Its strange in itself that the authorities dont just give straight answers about the subjects but a blur of mystery inturn fueling irrational explainations. I guess i wont be totally convinced until ive something strange myself.

You cannot deny that if you read about certain cases expecially ones regarding the military that something has happend that hasnt been explained, atleast not to the general public and i dont see any cold wars going on. What people must understand is that this doesnt mean aliens or ufos. However it is a possiblity.

Don Tago
12/31/2003 8:29:55 PM


The authorities dont give us a straight answer on anything. The war, medicare, public policy, weapons of mass destruction, so i have simply stopped expecting straight answers. There is definitely stuff going on that hasnt been explained to us, but this is natural. People always believe experimental military aircraft are spaceships. I dont simply see why people always immediately think they are alien craft. Why dont they think its the Iraqis, or the Sauds, or Koreans with some new type of ship or surviellance vessel. Why does it ALWAYS have to be aliens! For crying out loud, people see what they want to see. People want some excitement in their otherwise dull lives. And seeing aliens is a good way to fill the void, or to at least convince yourself you are seeing them!


1/1/2004 2:35:31 AM

this guy tago is an idiot

1/1/2004 4:10:16 AM

People always believe experimental aircraft are spaceships? You silly man.

Kieran Wilson
1/1/2004 4:13:19 AM

Hello Don. Yes, again i agree with some of your points. I feel that sometimes the military must welcome the hysteria about ufos so that there agenders (eg new aircraft) are kept secret. But, about the small % of cases that cant be explained? What about the radar readings of actual things not clouds or lights or whatever that seem to toy with whatever goes near them, reaching speeds and displaying minovers that science just cant explain. Although you dismiss the subject you have no proof or even ideas to explain what these acould be. If you dont have an answer then you must take every possiblity into account. Again im not proclaiming they are alien craft but when you add other explainations such as metorites or whatever with these cases they dont add up. For example ive never heard of a meterorite go back out to space! Maybe they could be natural maybe not?

Since the collapse of the soviet union numerous officials have admitted interest in the subject of ufos. Would some of the brainiest and most powerful people in the world waste their time with something you feel is so trivial? With no disrespect to the countries you have mentioned i hardly think its plausable for them to reach european or american airspace without getting the hell blown out of them. All im trying to say is there are many things that need to be analysed to explain the phenomenon, including the possiblity of someone not of this earth. It is a possiblity.

p.s hes not an idiot, he could be right!

Doc Allen
1/1/2004 2:32:13 PM

Don, study the credible sources...there are many of them out there...you'll be amazed at what you'll discover. Don, you are not an idiot...just misinformed...

Don Tago
1/1/2004 5:34:58 PM

Mr allen,

I have read account from seemingly credible people. And i believe that some of these people may have seen something. But there is nothing that would tell me from the account that they are aliens from far distant solar systems. I cant explain what they are, and I too have seen strange things in the sky that i couldnt explain, but i didnt automatically think they were aliens. We have no way of knowing WHERE they come from until they land their ships, pick us up, and take us to wherever they came from. Until then, we can only assume we know what and where the things that people are claiming to see in the sky come from.

If i saw a light, or object in the sky, there would be a list of about 1000 things i would go thru to think of what the thing in the sky was, number one would be some sort of airplane, number 1000 would be a alien spaceship. That is the way everyone else should think as well.

Someone who has his own house.
1/2/2004 9:40:08 AM

I think you are too easily trying to lump some believers of the UFO phenomenon with the many crackpots that exist in this society. I am almost 30 and do not live in my basement. I happen to have my t.v. on the Sci-fi channel, yes, but I also know that about 1% of the sightings are unexplained (i.e. extraterrestrial).
I gained an interest in the UFO phenomenon at a young age when my father relayed a story of seeing them on radar in the 1960's. What interested mew was when I was told that they took off from a standstill to 6,000 mph in a few seconds. Now I suppose that this could have been a terrestrial object we were testing,but this was a time of aircraft still in the stages of Mach 2 or 3.
The most important thing about this story was the fact that the radar operators logged the contact in pencil on their log, and later erased it:) Now before you lump everyone in the category of crazy conspiracy theorist you must take the time to celve into what the truth really is. The truth is that there are so many things in this world that can't be explained!
We owe it to everyone to conduct public hearings on the ufo subject, and give immunity from prosecution to anyone who wants to tell the truth. I'm sure that you would be suprised with the number of people that would come forth. Crackpots? Hardly.

1/2/2004 4:22:22 PM

An interesting post, from someone who is obviously NOT a crackpot. Mr. Tago, take note!

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