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subject: Psychology of a UFO Believer: The Downfall of Rational Thinking

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1/5/2004 10:31:40 AM

Don't you think that this is a time to TRY and prove WHAT ufos are? They could be natural phenomenon or extraterrestrial. It doesn't matter. All that matters is with the increasing advances in technology we have the opportunity to study ufos rationally without jumping to conclusions. If scientists would study the subject without dismissing it as absurd I bet they could find an answer as to what ufos really are. I personally don't know what ufos are, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to the possibilties. I just wish that instead of getting into a pissing contest as to what ufos could and couldn't be, we actually try to study it no matter how hard it may be.

Robert L. Sharp
1/5/2004 11:11:12 AM

Hi Alex:
Just where have you been all this time? You ask: "Don't you think that this is
a time to TRY and prove WHAT ufos are?". Well, for your information, this
country and others, have been trying to do just that for decades now. You
also state that they could be natural phenomenon or extraterrestrial. Without
a doubt, a lot of these sighting ARE natural phenomena and mistaken identification.
The rest are sightings made by thousands of reputable people with impeccable
credentials such as, police officers, teachers, astronauts, and yes, the average
everyday person who may not have all of the so-called credentials.

You also state that it doesn't matter? It most assuredly does matter. It is a
subject of extreme importance to this planet. It takes more than increased
advances in technology to study UFO's rationally without jumping to conclusions.
It takes an open mind, not just from the believers of this, but from the folks who
think that the rest of us are a bunch of mass hallucinating morons.

And yes, you are right--it is a pissing contest of sorts. It actually is a couple of
huge, gigantic firehoses going off at each other. And you say we need to actually
try and study it no matter how hard it may be. I believe the only ones who want to
really study it, is the believers. Scientists only deal with what is so-called real,
and without a doubt. They have to have this "concrete" evidence for everything.
There has to be a smoking gun, or a chunk of metal that can be examined in a lab,
or an actual Alien for all to see. Anything that is witnessed flying through the air
and is unidentified, is not good enough for them.
Robert L. Sharp

Louis Chaput
1/5/2004 4:55:53 PM

Hi. I happeneed by accident into your forum and read a few postings. To me it seems that there is two (2) groups confronting each other on the subject of UFO or aliens life forms or extra terrestrial intelligence, call it what you like. I personnaly am a non-beliver for the simple reason that I believe that any being capable of traveling from the nearest star to earth would possesses such thecnology as not to be afraid of our punny civilisation. Then why don't they show themselfs ?? Then and then only would I believe.
My wife believes in reincarnation (rebirth), my syster believes in God, some believes in the Bermudda triangle, others believe in aliens and UFOs. Theire are six billions of us, most believes in all kind of things but who can prouve me that they possesse the thruth.
That life existe in the universe is a possibility (according to maths, statistics can say anything we want) but probable ?? I doubt it. Considering God and reincarnation, I will soon know considering my age. But Aliens and UFOs, I don't want to be served the arguments of timewarps, worm holes and other sci-fi of the sort. I want proof.


Robert L. Sharp
1/5/2004 5:32:44 PM

Hi Louis:

Yes, you are right. There are two groups confronting each other about the subjects
of UFO's, Alien life forms, and Extraterrestrial intelligence. You already stated that
you are a non-believer. You ask, "why don't they show themselfs"?, verbatim.

For your information, thousands of people worldwide HAVE been shown. You
have not been lucky enough to witness for yourself yet.
You non-believers, nay-sayers and debunkers all ride the same old haggard
horse, with the same old swag about "show me the proof, show me the proof,
show me the proof".

I want proof that they DON'T exist. Show me the proof they don't. Show me proof!

Robert L. Sharp

Boris Monchanus BSC
1/6/2004 3:53:55 PM

Physics is by no means The be all and end all of science. U can't change the rules of Physics???

Why not.

On a different plain of existence whos to say any of our rules apply.

1/6/2004 9:03:02 PM

louis, to understand why they don't show themselves, understand that they're considerably more intelligent than we are, and then put yourself in their shoes.

if they announced themselves right now, you'd have a huge fraction of the population freak out. in spite of the fact they if they had hostile intentions they could have creamed us at any time, they didn't. that won't stop lots of people from going paranoiac and screaming we gotta kill them before they kill us. picture everybody crashing into each other in the movie independence day.

then the fundamentalists (of all varieties, jewish, christian, muslim, hindu) would start saying, i can't find them in my bible, they must be enemies, demons, satanic. kill the demons. picture the fanatic who blows up the travel device in the movie contact.

then at the other extremes the airheads will try to worship them and make them be the solutions to all our problems. they might be helpful, but saviors? they will politely refuse.

the debunkers and pseudoskeptic dogmatics will either slither into a corner or tell people they knew it all along and those of us who told them they were real are still idiots.

don't get me wrong, i'm no apologists for the people who believe they can subvert constitutional law and conceal the truth. i just want to point out why your argument that nobody showing themselves proves they don't exist. paradoxically, it's almost more an argument for them than against.

Doc Allen
1/6/2004 9:28:11 PM

Louis, there is plenty of 'proof'. Carefully read the posting 'Quote on UFO Evidence by Dr Steven Greer'...you'll be amazed...

Robert L. Sharp
1/7/2004 11:01:24 AM

Hi peakquester:
You are undoubtedly correct in your assumption that the Aliens are
probably much more intelligent than us, and we should try and put
ourselves in their shoes. What would they think if they came down
in droves to this planet, and announced to all, that they are really here?

Do you really think there will be a huge part of the population that will freak
out as you say? I think this is correct to some extent. I have said before,
and I will say again. If that happens, the strong will have to help the weak.
I stated before that this is NOT 1938 when Orson Welles was on the radio
and announced that we were being invaded by Aliens from outer space.
There was indeed panic in the streets of some cities. But, this is 2004, and
I believe our mindset is much farther advanced, and the vast majority of the
population would be much more receptive to this scenario.

You are right that certain fundamentalists from the various religions would
be scanning the Bible to find an answer to it. No matter what, who or where,
some folks will believe it is nothing more than Devils, Satan, Demons, enemies,
etc, and won't believe, whatsoever. There will undoubtedly be some idiots
who will want to kill, kill, kill. That is our barbaric human nature to do so, when
confronted with something that is bizzare as an Alien or some creature that
we can't comprehend. Kill it, kill it, kill it. However, as you state, with their
advanced knowledge and technology, they just MIGHT have a way to prevent
earthlings from killing. Even if we were to whack some of them, I believe the
vast majority of us will soon realize it is a futile gesture.

You also state that the airheads will want to worship them and praise them as
the solutions to our worldly problems. Probably so. I personally worship my GOD,
and no one else. I believe in my religion, and NO ONE, not even visiting Aliens will
change that. I do think they most assuredly have some solutions to the Earths
woes and faults. Maybe they can help us with our air, water and food polution.
Maybe our countries will stop fighting and killing each other. Wouldn't that be a
wonderful day?

You also state, the debunkers and so on, will slither into a corner and then announce
they knew it all along. I firmly believe there is some validity to this. I feel like the so-
called brains of the world, or at least a number of them, have known all along that
we aren't alone in this universe, and like our governments, have withheld everything
from the rest of us worldly idiots, or sheeples, as some have called us.

Just my thoughts,
Robert L. Sharp

1/7/2004 7:39:49 PM

yeah. i mean i don't want to overstate the case either, there do exist rational people interested in the universe beyond, but you have to tread carefully. people used to say of course we'd never intern the japanese again like we did in the 40's, but look at the suspension of habeas corpus in places like guantanamo today, it's not that reassuring.

yes i do think they offer a great deal to us along the way and i dream of the day of open and free exchange, but i think it's going to take greater collective and individual progress first. how well will people handle the idea of a civilization to which even the mere idea of theft or even meat eating for that matter might be a (scuse the expression) alien concept? well, guess we just work harder at getting our moral and ethical act in gear.

i do believe in our collective moral evolution, i just tend to compare it to a stock market graph: generally upwards, but slowly over time and with a good number of bumps along the way ;-)

5/13/2006 8:36:45 PM


You wanted an argument to your claims so here it is:

1. UFOs are not created as a religious void. Most UFO sightings are by Christians in America, or Muslims in the Middle East.

2. T.V. shows like the X-Files don't make people believe. My dad has seen almost every episode of the X-FIles, and thinks I'm crazy to believe in UFOs.

3. UFOs are visiting this "little Blue Planet" I'm not saying their made by aliens, but they are rea.

E-Mail at hanger18@zoomshare.com

  Replies 31 - 40 (out of 44 total)

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