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2/5/2004 12:56:26 AM


Okay, I've been reading some of you're messages and notice we all seem to think the same things.

we believe in life outside our own asses LOL. (Sorry to be blunt, but its true)

So, I have put together a little "LINK-MONTAGE" if you will that will prove to be worth your time. Each link is to be clicked or viewed based on the number given! :)

So here we go..

#1. http://www.netro.ca/disclosure/npccmenu.htm
400 credible witnesses from inside the government telling us the truth. It's a lengthy video but amazing. These people ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

#2. http://www.marsnews.com/focus/face/20020911-nasalie.html
Documented proof of NASA either lying or "making a mistake". Haha, NASA doesnt make mistakes.

#3. http://members.cox.net/borobbie2/
This is, perhaps the only questionable moon picture I've ever seen. Well, there are some other ones but not quite as amazing as this one. It's from NASA and is genuine.

#4. http://www.keithlaney.com/TargetMarsHome/Tubes.html
Mar's underground issues. Really a complete unknown. I believe NASA calls these "Sand dunes". They also thought President Bush was a sand dune untill he started to speak... On we go...

#5. http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/imgcat/hires/lo5_h168_2.gif
You know.. I just ran into this image. It's directly from the Lunar-Orbiter 5 program. I guess the gigantic glowing object with a trail is just a "natural formation".

BTW.. I'm actually in the process of writing a screenplay about the alien issue were going to have to deal with someday. I must say, the fact that we've been hiding it this long gives me more material than otherwise would be possible.

Oh, I suppose this is enough links. If you can get through all of this and still believe NASA isnt hiding the truth about Alien life form, then you won't believe it untill the probe is used on you. :))


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Me, Robbie
2/5/2004 2:30:40 AM

Okay, Okay.. that last one might be a boulder.

It does have the sun hitting it causing it to be bright and the trail behind it is nothing unusual.. it looks like it could have litterally rolled down the hill as opposed to a controlled vechicle.

It still looks cool anyways!


Rick Sobie
2/5/2004 4:04:24 AM

Well. I guess that's it then.

I've started boarding up the windows, and I am all stocked up on rice and fresh drinking water.

I imagine tomorrow is going to be pure chaos.

I'm going to keep the kids in the bunker and I will advise neighborhood watch first thing in the morning.

You know of course that angry mobs of people are going to be burning churches and hordes of panicked people will of course try to kill the president. So someone had better warn NATO and the UN and the Red cross.

May God be with us.

Rick Sobie
2/5/2004 9:14:38 AM

Well, its the dawning of a new day by now I guess.

I'm hunkered down in the bunker up here in Canada, and things sound terribly quiet outside. It seems far worst that I expected. Oh the humanity! Is there anyone left out there I wonder?

I don't know if you are reading this or not, but someone has to carry on. Someone has to carry that torch of humanity. I will continue to post, as long as the rice and fresh water holds out.

Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 11:17:32 AM

I am reading you Rick. I too am getting hunkered down in the basement,
as I don't have a bunker. I heard it is starting to head down south from up there.
I have my stock of rice, and a wagon full of beans. I also went out last night
and cleared the shelves of flashlight batteries, lantern oil, and a couple of
Penthouse magazines. I tore around town trying to find every bottle of
Bushmill's Irish Whiskey I could find. Too bad I don't have some of the good
Canadian wacky, as it is hard to find here in Nebraska. Let's hope for the best,
as it looks like certain gloom and doom for us all.

Rick Sobie
2/5/2004 12:02:39 PM


Thank God you are still alive.

Well, they warned us I guess, but we wouldn't listen. I thought I heard this
terrible row outside just a second ago, and it send shivers down my spine.

It might have been a cat, but who knows what devilish form these shapeshifing
monstrousities might take.

I have begun a diary and am trying to jimmy rig a time machine out of a box of wires
and some odds and ends that I found under a cot. Based on the John Titor schematics
which fortunately I saved.

It looks like my only hope. If only I had saved that duct tape!

Can you imagine, being down here without duct tape. And in Canada no less.

Oh well.

Lets not let our spirts get down. We can sing negro spirituals if things get real tough.
If you need a link, I have a bunch of em.

Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 12:43:48 PM

Please send all you can, as I'm sure the internet will be down shortly.

Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 12:53:40 PM

I'm talking about the internet that Al Gore invented.

2/5/2004 3:00:49 PM

Avoiding reality by using humor is a classic case of denial.

I did it for years. However, there is no reason to board up anything. The evidence shows that we are and have been being visited by aliens for years. Just putting the evidentiary evidence on here for honest people who are interested.


Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 3:07:28 PM

You think that because Rick and I fire a few goofballs back and forth
we are in some kind of denial? And you don't think I know that we have
had visitors to this planet for eons? Wake up. I have had more experiences
in my lifetime than I could wish upon you.
Any you speak of evidentiary evidence? Just where did I read that in your

2/5/2004 9:06:47 PM

I honestly did not read either one of you're entire post's.

They were irrelevant. Just making sure you understood who this information was for.


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