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8/7/2011 6:58:53 PM

UFO Festival Held In Exeter NH

The 3rd Annual UFO Festival is being held thiis Labor Day (2011) weekend in Exeiter, NH. It would be an interesing event if Philip Imbrogno were there as a surpise guest speaker. The other speakers will include Bud Hopkins, Kathleen Marden, Betty and Barney Hill's niece, Steve Firmani and Stanton Friedman. In addition a first time viewing of a movie documenting the Barney and Betty Hill abduction will be shown by Jeff and Jess Finn. Lastly, Richard Dolan an author and historian will be speaking.

A marker in honor of the Hills has been erected near the Indian Head Resort to commemorate the 50th year since the Hills were abducted on September 19, 1961.

Just thought you would like to know.


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