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8/20/2011 6:16:49 PM


Dear UFO Evidence Members,

I see that the message boards are being abandoned and this is regrettable. I hope that some of you are still visiting and participating. It would be nice to see this site be active and productive.

As for research, It would be nice to actually begin a systematic cataloguing and analysis of all of the data that is out there. There are several things that could be done to begin to objectively investigate this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, this field has been the subject of many hoaxes, superstition, and deciet. If there is ever going to be any progress, there must be an objective and unbiased investigation.

As for myself, I am skeptical that there are, in fact, alien vessels visiting earth. I would love for it to be true as it would be one of the most fascinating developments in history, however, I just don't see that as a credible hypothesis. It is still a compelling mystery, and at least some of the best Sci-Fi being written, and perhaps it could be proved to be true after all.

Anyhow, if any memebers would like to work on ways to begin such a project, please get in touch. I look forward to an egaging and enjoyable exercise.

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