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12/30/2003 2:53:57 AM

Anyone that refuses to believe that it isn't possible that UFO's are visiting us here and now must be an idiot

maybe the term idiot is a little strong, but, I just got through reading a post or two from a pompous, arrogant, annoying, non believer. extremely close minded might be a better definition. The evidence is overwhelming if you do some research on the net. There are sightings every day all over the world with multiple witnesses and from credible people. I"ve seen one myself (up close) so I know without a doubt that they exist. I believed in them before i saw one, but there was always that lingering doubt. I'm glad i know for sure now. we seem to be pretty smart creatures we like to think, but remember we have only had civilization for about 10,000 years....try to imagine what our civilation or even our selves will look like in one million years and then realize that it is quite possible that those extra terresterials visiting us may be that advanced. its possible that they may have more to do with us than just distant neighbors as well. who knows maybe they have something to do with us being here. the point is we don't know. i should say i don't know. who knows what you or the government/s might know. a piece of advice for our ignorant friend, the militant non believer....its ok to admit that you don't know something. just because something seems impossible doesn't make it so. that's a fact. if you don't believe that then just look back in history.

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12/30/2003 4:14:21 AM

Hello Bill -
Of course there is life "out there!" Anyone who thinks otherwise is just as blinkered as those who were adamant, not so far back in our history, that the world was flat! We are always going to get these self-righteous nitwits who love the sound of their own voices telling us how things " cannot possibly be." Why? Because they say so? Take no notice! If these people are so contemptuous of the subject, what are they doing on websites like this?
Keep looking up...

Robert L. Sharp
12/30/2003 3:37:50 PM

Hey Bill,

I'm not sure if I understand the question. Are you asking if people believe or
NOT believe, and if it is or isn't possible? The way I read this statement, you are
stating that people REFUSE TO BELIEVE that it ISN'T possible. I'm totally confused.
Don't you mean people refuse to believe it IS possible??


Robert L. Sharp

Gering, Nebraska USA

12/30/2003 3:47:58 PM

yes, after re-reading my subject/title i realize that i said the opposite of what i meant...but that should be obvious to anyone after reading my post....no offense.

Robert L. Sharp
12/30/2003 3:58:31 PM

Hi Bill,
No offense taken. Just funning with you. I knew what you meant, but someone else might take it the wrong way and think you are unsure of yourself. I enjoy the heck
out of reading these forums. There are a lot, or I should say, a couple of folks in here
that want us to believe they are Einsteins or something. Everything out of their mouths
is true Gospel and everyone else is a bag of hot air. They are so intelligent and
informed of the true facts. If they are so wizardly, why aren't they working for NASA
or Area 51? LOL.........

Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

3/23/2004 10:55:42 AM

Well done bill that was exacly the way I feel about this subject,someone with an open mind as the say the truth is out there.

3/24/2004 2:52:15 AM

Bill thier not idiots thier just uninformed. The info on aliens isnt on tv and most people dont trust what a few websites say. Their uninformed and the human mind naturally rejects the notion of aliens.

3/24/2004 4:41:10 AM

iv just read what you have to say and your apsoulutly right we have been around for not so long and yes the aliens might have been around a hell of a lot longer and there advanced technology is probebly greater then yours GOOD ONE

4/27/2004 11:45:42 AM

This is in no way to be taken in an offensive manner, but if I tell you I've seen GOD , I'd expect you to believe me, but of couse, unfortunately that has'nt happened, but I have witnessed three ufos in my 45 years on this planet, thats not many, but I'm positive that I probably would have reported seeing lots more if I had'nt grown up with an interest in spoting different kinds of aircraft, and presently for the past 38 years of my life have always had my eyes wondering up at the sky more than the average person, and currently still work and had worked in Government aircraft flight test projects. I know aircraft when I spot them, anything else is either highly classified projects( that I've seen a couple so far), or genuine ufo's. I'm still waiting for the day that I spot God! UFO'S EXiST believe me.

Don Tago
4/27/2004 5:26:20 PM

It seems half the people that come in here have worked on "TOP SECRET" government experimental aircraft test programs. I guess the people in them dont take the whole "top secret" as serious as some people...haha. Also, there is much proof of UFOs as there is for the Loch Ness Monster, the Yetti, and the continued existence of Elvis Presly. Additionally, the original poster stated that "he believed in them before he saw them." So, he was simply looking for something that could validate his present belief. He was not OBJECTIVE about it at all. He was looking for anything that he could pass off as being a UFO. People see things in the sky, and any little thing that moves a little funny, they immediately call a alien space craft. They jump to conclusions without even giving what they saw any real scritiny. To quote the original poster again "just because something seems impossible doesn't make it so." well, just because something seems possible, does not make it so either. Just because a bunch of ppl see some lights in the sky, and take a few strange pictures, does not immediately mean they are aliens from a far off world.

Also, even if these ARE aliens people are seeing, i am not worried about having their existence hidden from me. I am sure they will reveal themselves to me in their own good time. I mean, why waste the trip. They are kidnapping people, analy probing us, putting on air and light shows for us, and taking us for rides on their space ship, as people claim they have, without planning their eventual unveiling and dramatic entrance. I am sure they are scouting out a good place to have the party and find a good party supplier to deal with before they make their BIG opening. I mean if they are gonna go thru all the trouble to do everything they have done, they must be getting ready for something REALLY big. Either that or some sort of mass slaughter of our species. Either way, i will find out about it, either from yahoo news, or see it on the TV.

4/30/2004 2:05:10 PM

Yes, I definatly believe that it is POSSIBLE. I have never seen a UFO. I am just very interested in the subject. With so much life on Earth, life is almost everywhere, how can it be just here considering the size of the universe!

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